3 Reasons to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

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Chances are that you may be unaware of the fact that you can combine (bundle) your auto insurance with your home insurance and can do so with just one insurance representative. Three of the top reasons to bundle home and auto insurance include:

  1. Discounted prices,
  2. One insurance company, and
  3. One insurance representative.

Not only are some people unaware that they can do this, they’re also unaware of the significant savings they’ll enjoy when they combine the two. Learn more about the benefits of bundling home and auto insurance so you can join in on the action and reap the rewards.

1. Lower Overall Rate – Discounted Prices

As you already know, qualifying for discounts is a great way to reduce your overall premiums on your insurance policy or policies. There are countless discounts available to qualified Canadian drivers and the Multi-Policy Discount is just one of many. Combining your auto insurance policy with your home insurance policy is a smart way to save, whether you make your payments monthly, bi-annually, or annually.

2. One Insurance Company

When you have both your auto insurance and home insurance with the same insurer, this simplifies your life meaning less hassle and aggravation for you.

To make it simpler yet, consider signing up for auto-pay so your payments may be deducted automatically, regularly, and on-time. (Never missing a payment ensures your coverage is always in effect.) It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

3. One Insurance Rep – Say Goodbye to Multiple Insurance Companies

Dealing with multiple insurance companies can be a real headache if something goes wrong. With different insurance companies for your policies, you have to sift through paperwork when you have a question or need help, in search of policy numbers and telephone numbers to call.

When you have the same insurance company handling all of your insurance needs, you have just one person to contact when you have a question or have a problem. Whether you have a question related to your policy, a billing question, or you need to file a claim, you can have peace of mind in knowing that all you have to do is call the one broker who has become familiar with you and your policy needs.

One Call Does It All

To learn more about multi-policy auto & home insurance bundles so you can start saving and enjoy more peace of mind, please contact Mitch at 1-800-731-2228 or email us at info@nullmitchinsurance.com. Our insurance experts would be pleased to help you.

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