5 Safety Tips for Spring Driving

deer on the road in the spring with a car driving towards them

It is starting to feel like spring is really coming, especially when we have to spring ahead to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. Changing our clocks forward an hour can put a lot of us out of sync making Monday morning’s commute a bit more challenging. With other seasonal changes coming, here are 5 safety tips to keep in mind for your spring driving:

1) Wet Roads are Slippery

After getting through another winter of snowstorms and icy roads, you might not think twice about driving in rainy conditions but wet roads can be very slippery. Rain mixing with oil leaked onto roads can make for unexpectedly slick areas and puddles can be hiding new potholes so take it easy when driving in wet weather.

2) Keep Your Snow Tires On Until April

By now we’ve had enough of snow but that doesn’t mean it won’t snow one more time. In Ontario, snow in April isn’t that rare so to be safe and to comply with your snow tire discount, it is best to keep snow tires on until the middle of April.

3) Change Your Wipers

Freezing temperatures and using your wipers in all kinds of winter weather can reduce their effectiveness. Replacing your wipers each spring can improve your visibility during spring showers and worse.

4) Beware of Increased Animal Activity

With the arrival of spring comes the return of hibernating animals. Spring also means mating season so look out for more animal activity when driving near fields or wooded areas.

5) Watch Out for Children and Cyclists

Getting outside to play means excited children may be near roadways. In addition, better weather encourages more cyclists on the road. Two good reasons to drive with caution while all are enjoying the milder temperatures.

One More Tip: Spring Clean Your Car Insurance

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