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Are you taking advantage of loyalty discounts? Insurance companies appreciate your business and want to encourage you to stay with them. To earn your loyalty, insurance companies usually offer a 5-15% discount on your insurance premiums when you renew your policy with them to thank you for your continued business.

Popular thinking suggests that to get the best rate, you need shop around for quotes every year. However, most insurance companies reward their clients for staying with them for a length of time. To make sure you get the best rates and all discounts available to you, Mitch does the shopping for you every year saving you time and money. As a result of this service and our recommendations, we have found our clients switch insurance companies on average about every three years.

Using an insurance broker allows you to easily switch insurance companies when other savings outweigh loyalty. Meanwhile your insurance broker gets to know you and can better represent you should a claim happen, regardless of which insurance company has your policy. They will fight on your behalf> for the best possible outcome of any claims that involve you – their valued client.

Additional benefits of loyalty can include:

  • The insurance company knows your good record in previous years, which can be a positive factor if a claim does happen;
  • An extended rental car period in an auto claim;
  • Having both home and auto policies with one insurer can make that insurer even more determined to keep you as their satisfied customer;
  • And even when you switch insurers, staying with the same broker gives your broker leverage for optimal outcomes with the new insurance company that has your policy.

You will save time and money and gain peace of mind by putting the expertise of an insurance broker to work for you!

Mitch makes sure you get all of the possible discounts you are entitled to (read Insurance Discounts to learn more) in addition to providing professional, expert service for all of our clients. Let’s talk about how we can save you money on your insurance. Please call us at 1-800-731-2228 or email us at

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