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Event coverage made easy and affordable

We have full event liability coverage for weddings, charity events, conferences, award presentations, festivals, sports events and more – whether the venue is private or public. It includes temporary general liability insurance, with coverage options for up to $5 million on commercial general liability and liquor liability if you need it. We’ll take care of all the details. Call us for a free quote.

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How much is event insurance?

It’s as simple as this: event insurance starting as low as $175 for events of 250 or fewer people, depending on whether liquor is served and the liability limit needed. Even larger events of up to 2,000 people can be covered by simply completing a 1-page application. As an insurance outlet and supermarket for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have access to some of the best event coverages and rates in Ontario. You’ll never have to shop around again.

What does event insurance cover?

Here are some event insurance packages that Mitch offers:

Liquor liability only

General event liability with liquor included

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Sports and live entertainment package (with or without alcohol)

Event cancellation

What kind of events can be insured?

We insure just about any event you can imagine, including:

  • Award presentations
  • Charity auctions
  • Conventions
  • Trade show booths
  • Plays and concerts
  • Golf tournaments
  • Sports events
  • Job fairs
  • Picnics and festivals
  • Speaking engagements
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We also offer specialty coverages like hole-in-one contest insurance, caterer and performer liability, and extended wedding protection that includes general and liquor liability, bridal gown damage, as well as wedding and honeymoon cancellation coverage.

How are event insurance rates determined?

There are four key variables that determine rates for event insurance:

Event location

Rates vary depending on where your event is hosted as well as the geographic location.

The number of guests

We have quick quotes based on groupings of 1-250, 251-500, 501-1000, 1001-1500 and 1501-2,000 guests. We also have custom coverage for larger events.

Is liquor served?

Your rate will depend on whether liquor is being served. Optional Liquor liability insurance covers injuries resulting from a guest being served to intoxication

How much liability coverage is needed?

Liability coverage starts at $1M to cover property damage and injuries – and can be increased to $2M or $5M depending on the number of guests and location of your event.

Good to know: Common questions about event insurance?

We offer coverage for event organizers as well as participants, including event planners, caterers, and performers.

Commercial general liability insurance that is a standard part of a business insurance policy that will include some coverage, for liquor liability, particularly if you host a small party at the office. We generally advise businesses and individuals to purchase event insurance for larger events that are held at a rented venue.

Yes, most packages include tenant’s legal liability coverage, which covers you if you as the event organizer or any of the attendees cause damage to the rented venue.

Businesses that make, sell or transport alcoholic beverages, like bars, restaurants and sporting venues, would usually have primary liquor liability coverage in effect at all times. Host liquor liability insurance is a type of event insurance that is for companies or individuals not ordinarily handling liquor.

Wedding insurance is a special kind of event insurance that not only covers liability for the event itself, but also includes cancellation insurance – for the wedding and even the honeymoon. It also covers physical damage protection for things like rings, flowers, and bridal attire.

Why choose Mitch?

As a supermarket and outlet for over 70 of Canada’s best insurance companies, we have every kind of insurance you need, at some of the best prices around to boot. You’ll never have to look around to compare coverage and rates again! Want to learn more about Mitch? Check it out!