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Something not so blue. We have some of the best rates for wedding insurance in Ontario.

We have some really affordable rates for wedding insurance with prices starting around $100. Final pricing depends on a number of things like which package options you choose, your venue and it’s location, is there an open bar, and a number of other things. Call us for a free quote. 1-800-371-2228

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Get an awesome quote for wedding insurance and let the honeymoon begin!

As a trusted outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have access to the best wedding insurance coverages and rates in Ontario. It also means that you don’t have to shop and compare rates again for wedding or any other kind of insurance again. We’ll do it all for you. We have every kind of insurance you need and for all the things you love. 1-800-731-2228

Good to know: What does wedding insurance cover?

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Liability coverage pays your legal costs and more if someone is injured at your wedding or if a guest has their belongings damaged or stolen.

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Protection if you need to cancel or reschedule your event because of severe weather, illness, vendor-bankruptcy and includes non-refundable deposits.

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Wedding photos
and video

Covers unexpected extra costs if you have to retake your photos if they can’t be reproduced for some reason, or if your photographer doesn’t show up.

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Covers lost or damaged bridal attire once you have it in your care. While there seems to be a lot to think about, not to worry we can help you with all this stuff.

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Covers lost or damaged wedding presents for 24 hours before and after your wedding, while the stuff is in your home, at the reception hall, or during transport.

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You’re covered for things like pre-paid and non-refundable travel costs if you have to cancel your wedding. Hopefully you never have to do that.

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Covers things like non-refundable deposits if any of your wedding goods or service suppliers go bankrupt or have any kind of financial breakdown before your wedding.

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If there’s something we haven’t covered, let us know. We have access to over 70 insurance companies with coverage for just about anything you need. 1-800-371-2228

Why choose Mitch?

As a supermarket and outlet for over 70 of Canada’s best insurance companies, we have every kind of insurance you need, at some of the best prices around to boot. You’ll never have to look around to compare coverage and rates again! Want to learn more about Mitch? Check it out!