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Premier Canada is part of the Premier Group of Canadian insurance companies that offers a wide range of specialty commercial and personal insurance.

Premier Group of Companies

HeadquartersVancouver, BC
Employees in Canada130+
Insurance ProductsProfessional Liability, Environmental Liability, Construction Risks, Specialty Commercial Lines, General Commercial, Property, Commercial Marine, Pleasurecraft Marine, & Personal Lines Insurance

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Company Overview

In a short period of time, Premier Canada has built a very impressive roster of commercial and personal insurance lines that are difficult to find with other carriers. The company has split up its underwriting services to make sure that each customer gets the expert attention and assistance that they deserve.

Established in 1990, the majority of policies in Ontario are sold by brokers through Premier Canada Assurance Managers Ltd., Premier Marine Insurance Managers Group (WEST) Inc., and Oceanic Underwriters Ltd.

The company focuses on marine commercial insurance, but it also has a lot of options in personal recreation coverage as well. People go to Premier Canada when they need:

  • Reliable insurance for recreational vehicles and vacation properties
  • Coverage for their tourism company or adventure tourism venture
  • Specialty commercial insurance for businesses such as health clubs, special events, and beauty parlours
  • Comprehensive commercial and personal coverage for all of their watercraft

Premier Canada Advantages

When looking for the advantages that come with doing business with Premier Canada, it is necessary to look a little closer at the three component companies. Each organisation is set up to deliver quality customer service and underwriting services to specific types of clients. Those companies are:

  • Premier Canada Assurance Managers Ltd. – This arm of Premier Canada offers commercial liability for professionals and contractors. The primary group of customers this entity serves consists of contractors, environmental groups, business professionals, and specialized casualty.
  • Premier Marine Insurance Managers Group – One of the largest insurers of boats and luxury yacths in Canada, this part of Premier Canada specializes in insuring a wide variety of personal and pleasure watercraft.
  • Oceanic Underwriters Ltd. – This is the more exciting part of Premier Canada that writes the policies for commercial marine clients, adventure tourism, and even amatuer sports organisations. When it comes to insuring the big name clients for Premier Canada, this the company that handles that business.

Premier Canada’s Insurance Products

Premier Canada has a long list of coverage areas and plenty of experience in handling every type of policy that is written. The strength that comes from bringing together expertise from the three different companies within the group helps to create comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for every customer.

Professional Liability

Premier Canada covers the activities of everyone from architects to medical professionals.

  • Professional coverage package
  • IT professionals
  • Media – marketing – advertising
  • Architects and engineers
  • Accountants
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Financial planners
  • Insurance brokers and agents
  • Medical malpractice
  • D&O – for profit
  • D&O – non-profit
  • Substance abuse rehabilitation facilities
  • Life agents

Environmental Liability

Any company that is responsible for environmental concerns needs very specific insurance coverage.

  • Environmental impairment coverage
  • Recycling protection
  • Contractor’s pollution liability
  • Storage tank owners
  • Pollution coverage – project by project
  • Environmental engineers

Construction Risks

Premier Canada has a full range of builder’s risk and contractor liability coverage that can protect builders from risk and offer the right amounts of liability coverage.

Specialty Commercial Lines

Premier Canada is known for its specialty commercial lines that include coverage for:

  • Drone usage
  • Protection services
  • Fitness businesses
  • Beauty salons
  • Tattoo parlours
  • Daycare facilities
  • Adventure tourism
  • Hobby clubs
  • Event liability
  • Hole-in-one event coverage
  • Umbrella and excess liability
  • Vacant land coverage

General Commercial Property

Premier Canada offers coverage for all of your commercial land, including theft and property damage protection.

Commercial Marine

Premier Canada is one of the largest commercial marine insurers in Ontario.

  • Marinas
  • Boat dealers
  • Docks
  • Yachts
  • Sailing clubs
  • Boat manufacturers
  • Commercial marine liability coverage
  • Commercial hull and P&I
  • Cargo coverage – ocean and air

Pleasurecraft Marine

Premier Canada has been insuring pleasurecraft marine vehicles since the day it started doing business.

  • Jet boats
  • Small boats
  • Ski boats
  • Sailboats
  • Power cruisers
  • Boats that run in excess of 60 MPH
  • Jetskis

Personal Lines

Premier Canada’s personal lines include most recreational and vacation property.

  • Vacant homes and cottages
  • Hard to place homes
  • Homes with high values
  • Short-term rental homes
  • Personal umbrella coverage
  • Builder’s risk
  • Rented structures
  • Seasonal dwellings
  • Student houses
  • Mobile homes
  • Any property in temporary or permanent storage
  • Vacation trailers
  • Condos
  • Tenant insurance

Premier Canada Insurance Quotes

Get a Quote now

Contact one of our Ontario brokers to get started with an insurance quote from Premier Canada: rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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Premier Canada Insurance
Head Office:
40 University Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1T1, Canada
Phone Number: 416-365-0444
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Premier Canada is a big SCAM!

We bought content insurance for our condo from them for over 4 years. When all our winter clothes, boots and duvet etc. got stolen from our locker in the building, we made a claim. Their adjuster was very intimidating, told us theft is not covered under our policy, only vandals are. We read the policy thoroughly 2 times, nowhere in it states that exclusion. The adjuster told us to withdraw our claim voluntarily, or he will deny it and leave us with a claim record. Laughable! Does he think we will go back to them next year, paying for an insurance only takes your money but covers for nothing?! Will take them to media to expose their gimmicks.

Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

They are working well

They are a good company and do keep you protected.
They are slow but they do move along with the claim.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


IF you are with this company for your boat IMMEDIATELY change providers. When you have a claim they will low ball you. Offer 40-50% of the actual cost of repairs, then send you to the adjuster who in a independent and cannot help you. NO ONE should use this company. Unless you enjoy spending money in court or paying for your own boat repairs

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Don’t buy any insurance products from Premier

Their adjusters bullied customers a lot while processing the claim file and tried their best to deny customer legal claim.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Premier Marine Insurance

We paid Insurance since 2007, we had cosmetic damage to our vessel Premier Insurance did not cover any damage to our boat. Consumer be aware. Adjuster, correspondence where very rude an unprofessional.
If you value your boat do not insurance with Premier Insurance.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

The worst

When it comes time where you actually need their help by making a claim. They refuse and make up lies and find loop holes for themselves

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t bother with Premier Marine – terrible

We didn’t realize when we signed with premier marine that there was a long list of things they did NOT cover. We had a problem with our roof and had water damage inside and they would not cover us. We are now left to cover the cost and with my husband on disability – we may never be able to repair the roof.
Please read the policies before signing anything.
They are NOT listed with the BBB . If they were – I would have reported them!!