Mitch Insurance

Buying insurance should be a piece of cake and sweet like it too

Another way we make insurance lovable is by embracing each other’s differences and lifestyles. If you live in a converted funeral parlour as your family home (yep, that’s a real thing), operate a kimchi taco truck in Ottawa, or drive a modified Delorean with the licence plate OUTATIME, we’ll get you the best insurance possible and sweat all the details to boot!

Mitch Insurance

Moving hearts and mountains

We’re climbing new heights to make insurance lovable through awesome experiences and unbreakable kindness. If you look carefully, you can see our logo is made up links that form hearts and mountains which represent our culture and way of doing things. With open hearts, we welcome everyone, and help them rise above the clouds, just like mountains. Links bind us because we’re accountable to and for each other, and our customers. While it forms an M our logo represents a blueprint for lovable insurance, at the centre is a heart.

A decades long call of duty

Family owned since 1948, we’re now called Mitch, after the nickname of our founder. Young grandpa Mitchell sold insurance like he lived his life – with a broad mind, big heart and duty bound. We’ve kept those values as we’ve grown into a modern insurance superstore and outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies. We comparison shop rates and coverages to give our customers great insurance at fair prices. If Pop-Pop could see how much we’ve grown and continued his call of duty, we hope he’d be proud.


Here’s to all the things you love, like your mid-century modern dream home and the family you’re starting. Here’s to the cupcake shop you opened and your new roadster. We’re here to help you enjoy those things forever by keeping them safe and giving you an awesome experience. Insurance should be a piece of cake and sweet like it too. Enjoy our video!

Mitch Insurance

We have an amazing team

We have an incredible team, chock-full of licenced experts for all kinds of insurance, like home, business, auto, motorcycle and lots more. Most of them have the same backgrounds and share the same passions as you – from sports cars to home decor, and microbrews to snowboarding. Check out our team profiles and find someone awesome to help you with insurance.


Follow us on Instagram @mitchinsurance. We’re celebrating all the things you love, like your mid-century modern dream home or your bowrider. We’re celebrating neighbourhood cupcake shops, spa getaways and your fur babies. Here’s to all dreams great and small.

How we show up every day

Love all
Accept all

Find solutions no
matter the problem

Do the right thing
even when it’s hard

Have fun
Spread joy

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