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We have coverage for all kinds of contractors. We’ll listed some of them below. If you need help, reach out to one of our commercial insurance experts. 1-800-371-2228

General contractors insurance

Whether you’re on the road, around heavy machinery or on different job sites, we’ve got your back.

Carpenters insurance

Whether you do trim, cabinets or framing, we have coverage that hits the nail on the head.

Bricklayers insurance

Cake it on. We have awesome coverage at an affordable price for your truck, tools, liability and everything else.

Basement contractors insurance

As an outlet for more than 40 insurance companies, we’ll get you the best coverage for your basement contracting business.

Flooring contractors insurance

Beyond covering tools, trucks and liability, we have coverage that includes materials in transport or waiting for installation.

Drywall contractors insurance

Starting with a solid foundation, we have great coverage and a variety of options customized to your needs.

Painting contractors insurance

Coverage for your shop, tools, paint and liability in case there’s an accident where someone is hurt or property is damaged.

Roofing contractors insurance

Asphalt shingles, steel, slate or whatever kind of roof you install, we have you covered for liability, your tools, shop, vehicles and more.

Plumbers insurance

Whether you do residential or commercial installs, pipe fitting, septic tanks or sprinklers, we’ve got you covered.

Electrician insurance

We have great packages for electrical contractors that includes liability from electric shock, fire, installation issues and more.

HVAC tech insurance

Commercial or residential contractor and subcontractor coverage in case someone is hurt, exposed to asbestos and more.

Landscaping insurance

This coverage includes landscape contractors, designers, architects, arborists, lawn care, irrigation and snow removal pros.

Handyman insurance

Whether you do fence repairs, pool maintenance, yard work, junk removal, gutter cleaning or whatever – we’ve got you covered.

Commercial liability insurance

According to your particular needs, we have commercial liability insurance for businesses of all sizes.

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Good to know: What’s covered by basic contractors insurance?

Whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor or construction tradesperson, when shopping for insurance, here’s a few things to consider:

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Covers property damage, someone getting hurt on site and various kinds of disputes. We’ll sweat the details so you can focus on your business.

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Employees and subcontractors

We can get you coverage for employees or subcontractors who use their own vehicles or tools on-site.

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Business or home office

Property and liability coverage is available whether you have a business office or work out of your home.

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Replacement income

Protection if you’re temporarily unable to work due to a theft, fire or other incident where you can’t operate your business.

How much is contractors insurance and other things that are good to know

How much is contractors insurance and other important questions answered.

Contractors insurance is actually a number of different coverages that are bundled together to meet the needs of your business. The following examples relate to the most common coverages:

General liability – If work done by your plumbing business leads to water damage at a customer’s home, your general liability policy will pay to fix the damage so you don’t have to.

The tools of your trade – If your backhoe is vandalized or stolen while at a worksite, your tools coverage will pay to repair or replace the backhoe, and may cover the cost of a rental in the short term so you can keep working.

Commercial vehicles – If you have a car, van or truck that you use for business purposes, your commercial vehicle policy will pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged, destroyed or stolen. It also includes liability coverage that pays out if your business is sued.

Commercial property – If you have a physical business location, a commercial property policy can pay for damage to the buildings, theft or damage to contents, and lawsuits if a customer is hurt while visiting your office/shop.

Contractors insurance is a type of business insurance that typically includes coverage for:

General liability – Paying out when other people sue you;

The tools of your trade – Protecting hammers, drills, compressors, but also larger tools like excavators and backhoes, from theft, damage or loss;

Commercial vehicles – Protecting cars, vans, trucks, anything that has a license plate, from theft, damage or loss; and Commercial property (if you have a physical business location) – Protecting your office or shop from theft, fire, etc.

Depending on the nature of your contracting business and the types of risks involved, you may want other coverage, including equipment breakdown insurance, product liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, business interruption insurance, and pollution liability insurance.

The cost of contractors insurance in Ontario starts under $1,000 a year and depends on a number of factors, including:

– The specific type of contracting you do
– Where your business is
– The size of your business (annual revenues)
– Whether or not you have employees
– Your years of experience and those of your employees
– Your previous claims

As with most insurance, you can usually reduce your premiums by choosing lower policy limits and higher deductibles.

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In Ontario, contractors are not required by law to have insurance, but may be required to have insurance for the following reasons:

– Subcontractors may need insurance in order to get work from general contractors.
– Banks may require proof of insurance for a business loan.
– Customers may ask for proof of insurance.

Contractors insurance is sometimes called contractor’s combined insurance because it combines a number of different coverages to meet the specific needs of your contracting business. A contractor’s combined package can include any or all of the following:

– General liability insurance
– Tools or equipment insurance
– Commercial vehicles insurance
– Commercial property insurance
– Product liability insurance
– Errors and omissions insurance
– Business interruption insurance
– Pollution liability insurance
– Cyber liability insurance

Contractor’s protective insurance is another way to describe a general liability policy that covers your contracting business in the event that your work or that of your employees leads to injuries, illnesses, damage to property or other losses for a customer or third party.

Pollution insurance is a type of liability insurance that covers your business in the event that someone falls ill or suffers a financial loss as a result of pollution or contamination caused by your work or that of your employees. Even if your business doesn’t handle highly toxic materials, pollution insurance may be a good idea. Examples of pollution claims:

– Improper installation of plumbing contaminates drinking water with mold.
– A homeowner falls ill from breathing welding fumes.
– In an older building, renovations accidentally release asbestos into the air.
– It’s important to note that most general liability policies exclude pollution-related losses.

Contractors equipment insurance, also known as tools insurance, will pay to repair or replace the tools you use in your business if they are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Tools covered can include simple tools like hammers and drills, but also larger, more complex tools like bobcats and bulldozers.

No. If you are a general contractor, you need to insist that all your subcontractors carry their own insurance. If they don’t and you have to make a claim, it could affect your premium.

If you are a subcontractor who is working under a general contractor, you need to have your own contractors insurance in place to ensure that your business and your customers are protected. If your work or that of your employees leads to an injury, damage to property or other loss, you are liable. If you don’t have insurance, the general contractor’s insurer may pay for a customer’s damages, then sue you personally to recover their losses.

Your business is unique, so are your insurance options.

Being an outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies means our commercial experts have access to a wide range of coverage options as unique as your business – at the best rates in Ontario. We sweat the details so you can focus on your business. Want to learn more about the coverage options available to you? Here’s a few of them.