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Customized insurance for landscape contractors

Whether you’re an independent lawn care contractor or run a large-scale landscaping or construction company, we’ll find you affordable coverage that’s right for your unique needs while you focus on your business.

We have insurance solutions for Ontario landscaping businesses that include:

  • Hardscape Installers
  • Tree surgeons/arborists
  • Tree/stump removal pros
  • Field servie techs
  • Well contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Groundskeepers
  • Gardeners
  • Irrigation technicians
  • Snow removal

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Get a landscape contractors insurance quote

Being a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies means we have access to some of the best coverages and prices in Ontario, so you never have to search again. Let us do the comparison shopping for your landscaping insurance options.

What does landscaping business insurance cover?

Business insurance packages for landscaping companies in Ontario usually include the following coverages:

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Commercial general liability

This essential coverage protects your landscape contracting business if you or your employees cause injury or property damage. It can include legal expenses, court-awarded payments and more.

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Commercial auto

Coverage if your work vehicles are in an accident or stolen. It can be extended to personal trucks used by you or your employees to transport tools and supplies to job sites. We can help with the details.

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Tools and equipment

Essential coverage for your landscaping business. It covers things like lawnmowers, aerators, chainsaws, blowers and hedge trimmers from damage or theft. It also covers rentals to keep you working after a claim.

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Commercial property

The office, warehouse or storage buildings of your landscaping business can be covered for damage from fire, storms, burst pipes, vandalism, and theft. It also includes inventory, furniture, business supplies and more.

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Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is not just for tech businesses anymore. You probably keep electronic customer data and post on social media. Cyber coverage protects you from costly hacks, online liability, and data breaches.

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Pollution liability

Not included with general liability, this is highly recommended for landscapers and can cover injuries, harm and cleanup after an accident caused by pollutants and chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Frequently asked questions about landscaping insurance

Landscapers insurance is a type of contractor insurance that typically includes:

Some landscape contractors with an office or workshop also have commercial property coverage. If your landscaping business has five or more vehicles, you may also be able to take advantage of a fleet policy, which adds convenience and savings when compared to a standalone auto insurance policy.

Landscapers insurance tends to be somewhat more costly than insurance for other contractors, because there are a number of risks inherent to working outdoors. A landscapers policy can start from as little as $900 a year for a small landscaping business with no office or company vehicles. The total cost of your policy depends on:

  • Whether your landscaping business does snow removal
  • Where your business is located
  • How many employees you have
  • Your annual revenues
  • Your experience in the business
  • Your past claims history

There are four main reasons you might need landscapers insurance:

  • To protect your business against costly lawsuits – working outdoors can lead to injuries if someone wanders onto a work site
  • To protect your vehicles – Even if you use your own personal truck, you need special coverage
  • To protect the tools you rely on – Tools are stolen from trucks and work sites every day
  • To win contracts – Clients and general contractors often ask to see proof of insurance

The most common claims for landscape contractors are related to injuries to third parties that happen when someone enters your work site and hurts themselves on a sharp tool, loose paving stone or uneven ground under repair. If you do snow removal, slip and falls are another common claim.

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Your business is unique, so are your insurance options

Being a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurers means we have access to a wide range of insurance solutions as unique as your business – at some of the best rates in Ontario. Want to learn more about the coverage options available to you? Here’s a few of them: