We take your privacy seriously

You can trust Mitch Insurance Brokers to protect your privacy at all times and under every circumstance. We understand how sensitive your personal information is, and you can rest assured that your confidentiality is, and always will be very important to us. We are committed to delivering exceptional service while shielding your privacy and protecting your personal information.

  1. Your personal information
  2. Why we collect your personal information
  3. How we use your personal information
  4. The data we collect
    1. Information you give us
    2. From third party applications
    3. Cookies
  5. Your consent to use your personal information
  6. Do we share your personal data?
  7. Right to be forgotten

1. Your personal information

Personal Information is data about a recognizable person. Yet, it frequently will not include business contact information when used to connect with an individual in regard to their business role or position. From time to time we may de-identify data in order to use it for internal use in a method which does not identify you or endanger your privacy. For example, we may use your data internally to identify claims statistics.

2. Why we collect your personal information

In order to provide you with accurate insurance quotes and other products and services, we need to collect your personal information. Your personal information is vital to the design of our products and services, and we view you and your input as an asset to this end. We may retrieve information about people connected to you, and anyone we refer to as a client in regards to this Privacy Policy. This individual data may be gathered from you directly, and it can be ascertained by any of our partners, affiliates, or other third parties (such as insurance companies, agents or brokers, driver and licensing agents, financial and banking institutions, employers, insurance companies, medical institutions, etc.

3. How we use your personal information

Your personal information may be used for several purposes, such as to determine whether or not you are eligible for our products and services, e.g., to process applications which are vital to providing you with accurate insurance quotes.

We use your personal information for marketing, billing and administrative purposes, and communicating with you about provided services and products. We maintain your accurate personal information to insure that there hasn’t been any fraud. Our privacy policy permits us to use personal information for fraud prevention and fraud detection. We also use your private data to gather and renew credit information with affiliated third parties, such as credit reporting institutions when exchanges and transactions are based on credit.

We collect personal data to document how our business is performing. We gather claims and perform data analysis and use this information to develop analytic tools to better our products and services. Your personal information is included in the creation of our proprietary databases and other tools. We may incur consulting needs and exchange information during these consultation services with insurance companies. Your information will be used in compliance with regulatory, security, audit, and legal requests and laws.

A primary objective of our business is to understand and gauge the needs of you, our customer. We understand the needs of Clients change and we want to change to suit your insurance requirements.

If there are any other purposes for your information we will disclose this new information to you in our terms of contract, or we will notify you when we gather your information, use your information, or disclose any of your data.

4. The data we collect

i. Information you give us

When you enquire about, apply for, or purchase any service from Mitch Insurance Brokers, we collect your personal information in order to provide you with the best possible service. When you request an insurance quote, apply for coverage, make a payment, sign up for a newsletter or mailing list, or file an insurance claim, information we collect from you includes personal information such as your:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Age
  • Vehicle desription
  • Property desription
  • Marital status
  • Driver’s license & driving record
  • Your banking and financial data

To assess your level of risk, or in the event of a claim, we collect information from insurance companies, claims adjusters, customer reporting institutions and insurance industry associations.

ii. From third-party applications

We use the following applications and services on our website:

  • Google analytics & tag manager – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data
  • Google AdWords remarketing – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
  • External social network widgets
    • Twitter tweet button and social widgets – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
    • Facebook like button and social widgets – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
    • LinkedIn button and social widgets – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
    • Google+ +1 button and social widgets – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data
    • Pintrest “Pin-it” button and social widgets – Personal Data: Cookies and Usage data

iii. Cookies

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone, or other user-device to help our site provide a better user experience. Cookies are used to anonymously tracking data for third party applications such as Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser.

Mitch Insurance Brokers values your personal information and values your consent to our use of this information. We will get your express consent when necessary, either verbally (over the telephone or in person), by letter, or by email.

In some circumstances, your consent is implied, such as if you provide us with your personal information in order to request a particular service or product. Should you need to provide personal information about someone other than yourself, such as a dependent, employee, or employer, you must have their consent to do so.

When providing us with any personal information, you are consenting to our use of your data, including our disclosure to any third parties of your information, for as long as it may be required until such time that you notify us that your consent is withdrawn. Should you withdraw consent, it will prevent us from providing you with our products and services.

6. Do we share your personal data?

Mitchell Insurance will only share your individual data as is necessary and illustrated in this document and policy, or as it is required by law. Our company is bound to withhold Canadian as well as international laws. Our customers are subject to the same laws in their country.

Some of the parties with whom we may share your information include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Claims adjusters
  • Other brokers or agents
  • Financial institutions with interests in your property

Mitch’s data protection officer

Should you like to request that Mitch Insurance Brokers remove your personal data from our records, or for any other matters relating to privacy and data protection, you can contact us:

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd o/a Mitch Insurance Brokers
Attn: Privacy Dept.
1555 Wentworth St. Unit 200, Whitby Ontario L1N 9T6

Last update of this privacy policy May 24, 2018