Our team of amazing brokers are here to help you.

As a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have almost every kind of coverage you need at some of the best rates in Ontario, so you don’t have to shop around, we’ll do it for you. When you call us, we’ll pair you with a broker who specializes in home, business, auto, motorcycle or any kind of insurance you need. What’s not to love?

Alex Gemmiti, Service team manager.
Alex Gemmiti
Service Team Manager

Alex Hillhouse, Sales team manager.
Alex Hillhouse
Sales Team Manager

Anjali Kaushik, Personal lines service broker.
Anjali Kaushik
Account Manager

Ashley England, personal lines service broker.
Ashley England
Sales Broker

Ashley McCreight, Commercial insurance broker.
Ashley McCreight
Commercial Account Manager

Becky Burnett, personal lines service broker.
Becky Burnett
Sales Broker

Brian Dermody, personal lines service broker.
Brian Dermody
Account Manager

Brody Johnston, personal lines service manager.
Brody Johnston
Account Manager

Cheryl Thornton, personal lines service broker.
Cheryl Thornton
Account Manager

Chris Park, personal lines service broker.
Chris Park
Sales Broker

Daniela Casselman, personal lines service broker.
Daniela Casselman
Sales Broker

Debbie Joubert, Insurance broker, renewals.
Debbie Joubert
Sales Broker

Desiree Laroche, personal lines service broker.
Desiree Laroche
Account Manager

Edith Fiagbe, Personal lines service broker.
Edith Fiagbe
Account Manager

Erin Genereaux, personal lines service broker.
Erin Genereaux
Account Manager

Gareth Payne, personal lines service broker.
Gareth Payne
Renewal Broker

Ian Mewhinney, Insurance broker and QA specialist in operations.
Ian Mewhinney
Account Manager

Ian Mewhinney, Insurance broker and QA specialist in operations.
Ian Mewhinney
Quality assurance specialist, Operations

Jake Hovinga, commercial lines team manager.
Jake Hovinga
Commercial Lines Team Manager

Jeanette Duncan, personal lines service broker.
Jeanette Duncan
Account Manager

Jeff Logan, commercial lines service broker, renewals.
Jeff Logan
Commercial Sales Broker

Jesica Ryzynski, Insurance claims specialist.
Jesica Ryzynski
Claims Specialist

Kari Calver, personal lines insurance broker.
Kari Calver
Account Manager

Kathryn Lebert, Personal lines service broker.
Kathryn Lebert
Account Manager

Head shot of Kizzie, the Mitch Insurance mascot.
Mascot and sassy sweetheart

Kristen Barnes, insurance broker.
Kristen Barnes
Sales Broker

Lisa McLachlin, personal lines service broker.
Lisa McLachlin
Account Manager

Lori Santo, personal lines service broker.
Lori Santo
Account Manager

Lyndsey Dewdney, personal lines service broker.
Lyndsey Dewdney
Renewal Broker

Mark Heinecke, Personal lines insurance broker.
Mark Heinecke
Sales Broker

Meghan Spencer, Sales team leader.
Meghan Spencer
Sales Broker

Nicole Schrader, personal lines service broker.
Nicole Schrader
Sales Broker

Peter Carnochan, Personal lines service broker.
Peter Carnochan
Account Manager

Robert Manson, Commercial insurance broker.
Robert Manson
Commercial Sales Broker

Ronna Pike, Admin assistant.
Ronna Pike
Sales Assistant

Rosie Murre, personal lines service broker, renewals.
Rosie Murre
Sales Broker

Ryan Chester, personal lines insurance broker.
Ryan Chester
Sales Broker

Tevin Forde, Personal lines service broker.
Tevin Forde
Account Manager

Theresa Wicks, service team manager.
Theresa Wicks
Service Team Manager

Tony Sousa, personal lines service broker.
Tony Sousa
Sales Broker

Tracey Gilmore, personal lines service broker, renewals.
Tracey Gilmore
Account Manager

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