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Great rates for classic car coverage in Ontario

If you have an antique or collector vehicle, you know it maintains its value over time while other cars depreciate. That’s what classic car insurance is for. We’ll help you insure the full value of your vehicle, often without an appraisal, and save on premiums if your vintage ride is not for daily use.

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Bundle discounts on home and auto insurance

Not only can we help you save on classic car coverage, we can also save you up to $600 through home and auto insurance bundles.

As a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have access to some of the best rates around for whatever coverage you need. Just ask.

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We insure all kinds of antique, vintage and collector vehicles

No matter what kind of classic you drive, we’ll get you excellent coverage for your treasure.

Classic car

Antique classic cars

Whether it’s a classic Bel Air or Carroll Shelby’s finest Cobra, we’ve got great coverage.

Hot rod

Hot rods, replicas and modified

Own a vintage mod? We can help you insure it for what it’s worth.

Antique truck

Classic trucks

Save on insurance for your Lil’ Red Express, Chevy Cameo or Jeep Scrambler.

Ice cream van

Retired commercial vehicles

Refurbished a ’25 Morris Cowley or ’67 ice cream truck? We’ll make sure it’s protected.

Camper van

Collector trailers and campers

We’ve got you covered with excellent options for your vintage Airstream or Teardrop.

Military vehicle

Classic military vehicles

Military buffs, we have coverage for your Dodge WC52, Bantam Jeep or other retired army vehicle.


Antique tractors

Get coverage for the full appraised value of your old Massey Ferguson and more.

Classic motorcycle

Classic bikes and more

We’ll insure that vintage Ducati or other collector motorcycle for what it’s really worth.

Frequently asked questions about classic car insurance

Classic car insurance in Ontario starts as low as $300 a year. On average, most policies tend to cost $600 – $800 annually but the price can be higher depending on the vehicle. Your premium will depend on a number of factors that are unique to you and the value of the classic car you want to insure.

Classic car insurance only provides coverage for pleasure or leisure use of the vehicle. Insurance companies providing classic car coverage require proof that you own and have insured another vehicle that you use as a daily driver. If you want to use your vintage ride as a daily driver, you’ll need regular or standard auto insurance.

This varies between classic car insurers, but generally speaking vehicles need to be at least 20 years old to qualify for classic car insurance. Some insurance companies will cover vehicles that are newer than that if they are considered highly collectible or have limited-edition status. An insurance broker can help determine which types of insurance your prized vintage automobile is eligible for.

To qualify for classic car coverage, your vintage beauty needs to meet a few requirements. Some insurers may have slightly different rules, but generally:

  • Age – We can insure vehicles that are newer that 20 years old so long as they are collectible in some way. This usually means limited production models or cars that the insurers just seem to deem collectible. Examples would commonly include things like Porsches, Corvettes and even small convertibles like Audi TTs and Mazda MX5s. They are even now getting into pickup trucks. Other insurers define classics as 1948 models and earlier, and vehicles older than that may be called vintage or antique.
  • Usage – In Ontario, your classic vehicle should be for limited pleasure use in the summer and not driven in the winter. It shouldn’t be the car you drive every day to get to work and run errands. Some insurers have annual kilometre limits.
  • Storage – Insurers expect that your collector car will be put away and kept indoors for the winter. This helps reduce the risk of damage and maintains the value of the vehicle.

Unlike standard auto insurance, which is based on the declining value of a car, coverage for a collectible car needs to consider the possible appreciation in its value as well as replacement value.

Classic car insurance is also intended for limited pleasure or leisure use. This vehicle is not the car you drive every day. Some insurers only allow a limit of 5,000 kilometres of driving each year.

In most cases, appraisals are not required. That being said, because of the time and money you’ve invested in your prized ride, it may be worthwhile to still get an expert appraisal done to assess its value. You may be able to use this to protect your car based on Agreed Value Coverage, providing extra peace of mind in the amount it’s insured for.

As a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have access to a wide range of insurance solutions at some of the best rates in Ontario. Want to learn more about the coverage options available to you? Here’s a few of them.