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We’ve got full Airbnb insurance coverage for Ontario homeowners

We work with a number of insurers that offer great coverage for property damage, theft and vandalism by guests and more. Call us today to see how we can help!

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Do you need Airbnb coverage?

Your home insurance policy does not provide adequate protection should you decide to rent your property to someone else. You will need to contact your broker or insurance provider as soon as you charge money for their stay. This scenario applies to the following:


Listing your property or another residence on Airbnb or a similar site


Renting your home or cottage while you are away

Open door

Renting a room to a boarder or student


Renting your condo while you are away.

*Be sure to check with your condominium board to confirm that any type of rental is permitted

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What does Airbnb insurance cover? The basics

An Airbnb policy provides the same coverage as a home insurance policy, plus some additional coverages that only apply to rental properties. Depending on whether your Airbnb property is a house or condo, the following may be covered:

Airbnb home

The building

If your short-term rental is a house, the building is covered for damage from fire, water, wind and vandalism. For a condo unit this coverage applies to fixtures, floors, cabinets, anything that’s not covered under the condo corp’s policy.

Liability umbrella


Liability coverage protects you as a landlord if one of your guests or a service provider is injured on your property or decides to sue you. Covers court awards, settlements and legal fees.


Your belongings

Any belongings you keep inside the house or condo, including furniture, appliances, linens and cutlery is covered for damage by water, wind, fire, theft and vandalism.

Insurance claim

Living expenses

If the Airbnb property is your primary residence and you occasionally list it for short-term rentals, you would have coverage for temporary living expenses if damage to the property forces you to live elsewhere.

Insurance coverage

Fair rental income

If the property suffers an insured loss like a fire or flooding, this coverage reimburses you if you can’t generate rental income for a time whiles repairs are being done.


Other structures

This only applies to a house, if you have a fence, sheds, a gazebo, pool house or detached garage, they are covered for the same perils as the main building.

What does Airbnb insurance cover: Additional risks

Tenants or short-term renters do add potential risk to your property. Some of the following may not be covered by Airbnb insurance, but Airbnb itself offers free insurance for hosts that may help to fill the gap.

Broken window

Damage to the premises or furnishings.

Spray paint can for graffiti

Theft and/or vandalism


Injuries to the renters occurring on your property

Good to know: Common questions about Airbnb insurance

The cost of insuring a property that you rent short-term on Airbnb or Vrbo is usually quite a bit more than you would pay for home, condo or cottage insurance. Airbnb insurance can cost up to twice as much as regular home or condo insurance, and sometimes two to three times as much as you would pay for cottage insurance.

Airbnb insurance is a type of landlord insurance, and the risks covered are generally the same. The difference is that Airbnb insurance accounts for multiple renters coming in and out of the property constantly, without the usual credit and reference checks required for monthly renters. It’s also more likely that the property will be unoccupied at times, which increases the risk of fire and water damage. For these reasons, Airbnb insurance is more costly than standard landlord insurance.

Whenever you rent a property, there is a higher risk of theft, vandalism and other claims. Those risks increase even more when you rent short-term on Airbnb, Vrbo or other rental apps without reference checks on the tenants.

If you don’t let your broker know that you are listing the property on Airbnb or Vrbo, and you insure it as a regular home, condo or cottage, there’s a good chance that any claim you make will be denied, and that your policy will be cancelled for misrepresentation. Incidentally, you should also let your bank or mortgage broker know.

Being an outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurers means we have access to a wide range of insurance solutions at some of the best rates in Ontario. Want to learn more about the coverage options available to you? Here’s a few of them.