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Get a car insurance quote online. Answer a few questions. Get a price. Save money.

Try our auto quoter to see how much money you could save. If you’re working from home and driving less, you could save big time with MyPace from CAA. As a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have access to some of the best packages and rates in Ontario.

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How can I save on insurance?
And other things that are good to know.

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions:

It’s obvious a good driving record can make a big difference when it comes to your insurance rates. Create safe driving practices like checking travel routes in advance and adjusting your driving for weather conditions. If you’re unlucky enough to get a speeding ticket or in an accident, we’ll work with you to get you back on track for the best possible coverage. Call us: 1-800-731-2228.

We know it’s probably more fun to drive a Maserati than a Toyota, but your Corolla is a lot cheaper to insure. Here are some reasons why certain cars are cheaper to insure than others:
• How well the car protects you in an accident
• Safety features that may prevent accidents
• How often that type of vehicle is stolen
• Cost of car repairs/replacement

Yeppers! A lot of insurance companies give huge discounts to seniors. If you’re over 55, we can probably help you reduce your rates. Call us: 1-800-731-2228.

Fun fact, your child’s strong grades could make them eligible for better car insurance rates. Different insurance companies have different kinds of discounts. Working with over 70 of Canada’s best insurers means we have access to some incredible savings.

You’ll need the year, make and model of the vehicle you want to buy for an accurate quote, but we can help with that. If you’re car shopping and trying to decide between different makes or models, call us and we’ll get you a quote for each of them. But keep in mind that you can’t actually get insurance until you show proof of ownership.

Nope, not in Ontario. Every insurance company that sells car insurance in Ontario needs to get approval from the provincial regulator, FSRA, whenever they want to change their rates. To steer clear of unpleasant rate increases on renewal, avoid tickets and at-fault accidents, make payments on time and always provide accurate info to your broker and insurance company. Call us if you have questions. We can help: 1-800-731-2228.

If you use your car, truck or van for business (includes driving for Uber) you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Click here.

Replacement cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your stuff
Location as some areas are more prone to flooding or crimes like break-ins
Claims history and the frequency of claims on your home insurance policy
Roof age as roofs less than 20 years old do better against wind, hail and leaks
Credit score is often used for your home insurance rate in Ontario and other provinces in Canada
Fire safeguards like having a fire hydrant or fire department near your home
Learn more about factors that affect the cost of home insurance.

No, home insurance isn’t legally required in Ontario. But if you have a mortgage on your home, your bank or mortgage company may ask for it. Regardless, it’s still a good idea to have coverage to protect your investment.

Many home insurers will ask to do a credit check. But this is voluntary and they your consent. Insurance companies have found that customers with good credit scores have fewer claims than those with lower ones. If you have a good credit score, you’ll probably pay less for your home insurance.

Believe it or not, there are different kinds of water damage protection for your home. The coverage you have will be listed on your policy. If you’re shopping around, make sure you compare coverages as well as price because different companies offer different amounts of protection. If this seems challenging, don’t sweat it – we’ll shop around and get you the coverage you need.

If you’re renting a home or apartment, your landlord will be responsible for the building. You’re responsible for protecting all your stuff like your furniture, clothing, electronics and whatever else you brought with you. Tenant insurance not only covers your personal stuff but it also protects you if someone gets hurt at your place by accident. Learn more about tenant insurance.

The best way to save on your home insurance is to have Mitch shop for you. We’re an outlet for more than 40 different insurance companies, so we’ll find the best fit for you.
Learn more about how to save on home insurance.

Most Canadian insurers have similar home insurance products with some subtle differences. Claims are usually handled in similar ways too. But there are differences in limits and the extra coverages they’ll provide. For example, jewelry limits can range from $4,000 with some companies to $10,000 for others. Once again, you don’t have to sweat these kinds of details, we’ll do that, and get you the right coverage at the best possible price. Learn more about the best home insurance companies in Ontario.

There’s an 8% provincial sales tax charged on home insurance in Ontario.

We work with more than 40 insurance companies whose rates fluctuate. So, there’s no single company that offers the lowest rates, all the time. But don’t worry, we’ll shop comparable coverages to get you the best price.