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Let our insurance brokers shop for you and find your best price for great coverage. It doesn’t matter if you own or rent, we’re happy to help you protect the place you call home.

Homeowners insurance

Protect your biggest asset with coverage for your home, your valuables, and yourself.

More about Homeowners insurance

Airbnb insurance

If you list a property on sites like Airbnb for short-stay rentals, you’ll need special insurance.

More about Airbnb insurance

Condo insurance

Protection for your unit, stuff and anything else not covered by your association’s insurance policy.

More about Condo insurance

High-risk home insurance

Had a few claims? Buying an older or non-standard home? We have insurance options for you.

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Landlord insurance

All the coverage you need to protect your rental property from the unexpected.

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Mortgage insurance

Buying a home or condo? We can save you up to 50% on mortgage insurance compared to the bank.

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Cottage insurance

We’ve got coverage for your vacation home and all the fun stuff you have there, so you can sit back and relax with peace of mind that you’re covered.

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Tenant insurance

Renting a home or an apartment? Tenant insurance protects all your possessions and more.

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Get a home insurance quote

Our brokerage works with over 70 of Canada’s top insurers, which means you don’t have to shop around for a home insurance quote. We have coverage for every kind of home, and will do all the work to get you some of the best rates and coverage in Ontario. Talk with one of our insurance brokers and get a free quote today.

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Bundle your insurance and save

Let your Mitch insurance broker do the comparison shopping for your home, condo, apartment, cottage or any other residential property you want to insure. They’ll point out stuff like if you combine your home and auto coverage, you can save up to $600.

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What’s covered by home insurance in Ontario?


The buildings

Coverage for your home and other structures like a detached garage, storage shed or pool house.

More about dwelling coverage


Your belongings

Coverage for the contents of your home like your furniture, electronics, clothing and other possessions.

More about contents coverage



Protects you if someone is injured while visiting your property, or if their stuff is damaged.

House and money

Living expenses

Coverage for hotel, food and storage if you can’t stay in your home because of damage or a natural disaster.


Medical expenses

Covers minor injuries to third parties that you may be responsible for, without needing to go to court.

Property damage

Minor property damage

Covers minor damage to someone else’s property that you may be responsible for, without needing to go to court.

Our brokerage works with over 70 of Canada’s best insurance companies. Here’s a few of them.

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Frequently asked questions about home insurance:

How home insurance rates in Ontario are calculated and other interesting questions answered.

The average yearly cost of homeowners insurance in Ontario is $1,452, with rates for tenants insurance being about a quarter that amount (even in the GTA), at $392 a year.

  • Replacement cost – The cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your contents are the main factors that will impact your home insurance rates.
  • Location – You may pay more for home insurance if you live in an area prone to flooding or break-ins.
  • Claims history – Recent claims on your home insurance policy will usually result in higher premiums, and prevent you from cashing in on a claims-free discount.
  • Age of roof – Roofs less than 20 years old are better able to withstand wind, hail and leaking, and will reduce premiums.
  • Credit score – Insurers in Ontario and other provinces in Canada will often take your credit score into account to determine your home insurance rate.
  • Fire safeguards – You will pay less for home insurance if you have a fire hydrant within 300 metres and a fire station within 8 km of where you live.

Learn more about the factors that affect the cost of home insurance.

No, home insurance is not required by law in Ontario. If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender likely will require proof of home insurance. If you don’t have insurance and your home is damaged, you will have to pay for all repairs yourself.

Insurers have found that customers with good credit scores make fewer claims. As such, most insurance companies offer discounts to people with good credit scores, as they expect to pay out less in claims. Allowing your insurance broker to run a soft credit check won’t affect your credit score, and may save you money on your home insurance.

Not always. There are lots of possible causes of water damage, from weather-related instances to burst pipes, water leaks and more. Home insurance policies are all different, so it’s important to compare based on coverage as well as price. Your policy will list the water coverages that are included. Ask your insurance broker specifically about sewer backup, overland flood, and groundwater coverage, which are not always included. Learn more about water damage and home insurance.

If you are renting a home or an apartment, your landlord will be responsible for maintaining the building, and you will be responsible for your own personal belongings. Purchasing tenant insurance provides you with liability coverage as well as coverage for your possessions, up to your policy limit. The price of your tenant’s policy will be influenced by a few factors, such as your claims history, your postal code, and the total value of the contents you would like to insure.

Learn more about tenants insurance.

The best way to save on your home insurance is to have a broker do the shopping for you. You can help keep your premium low by avoiding claims, maintaining a good credit score, and keeping your home up-to-date.

Learn more about how to save on home insurance.

Every insurance company offers a slightly different product, with minor variances in what is covered and what isn’t. There can also be some differences in how they handle claims. Overall, the differences may be too small to affect your choice of insurer.

There are however limits and endorsements within a policy that differ from one company to the next. Depending on your specific needs, these differences might make certain insurers more appealing to you.

For instance, all insurance policies carry a limit for things such as bikes, cash, jewelry and furs. A jewelry limit can range from $4,000 with one company, to $10,000 with another. If you own a lot of jewelry, you may opt for that higher limit.

You may also be interested in coverage for home equipment breakdown, cyberattacks or external service line damage, for instance. These coverages are not offered by all insurers, which is why it’s best to use an insurance broker to help you find the right company for your unique needs.

Learn more about the best home insurance companies in Ontario.

Yes, and there is an 8% provincial sales tax on homeowners insurance in Ontario.

Every home is different, and there are a number of factors that impact the cost of your home insurance.

Because of this, there is no one company that offers the lowest rates for home insurance across the board. The best way to find the cheapest policy is to work with an insurance broker that can help find the coverages, limits, and endorsements that are right for you and your home at the best price available.