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Mileage-based insurance means big, mile wide savings

We carry MyPace from CAA, the first pay-as-you-go car insurance in Canada. It’s great for people who are retired or work remotely and no longer need to commute. If you drive less than 12,000 km a year, you could save hundreds of dollars. Call us if you have any questions about this one-of-a-kind insurance. 1-800-731-2228

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How does MyPace telematics work?

A USB-sized mileage tracker plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. That’s it! Unlike other telematics devices, MyPace only cares about how much mileage you’re putting on your car, not your other driving habits. Plug it in and you could save money. Like we said, it’s great for people who live in the city, work remotely or are retired. Call us for a free quote or to learn more about CAA MyPace. 1-800-731-2228

Good to know: What if I go over my mileage limit and other questions

If you’re paying for insurance based on your mileage through MyPace, here are some things to know:

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Is there a
MyPace app?

Yes. You can map your trip routes, track how much you’ve travelled and see how much mileage is left on your plan.

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How do I keep
track of my mileage?

CAA MyPace tracks how much you’ve driven in 1,000 km increments, and sends you notifications through the app along the way.

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What if I go
over the limit?

If you go over the 12,000 km limit for MyPace, you can convert your coverage to a regular CAA auto policy with unlimited mileage.

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Our insurance experts are happy to answer your questions and provide a no-obligation quote. Call us at 1-800-731-2228.

Good to know: What’s covered by auto insurance in Ontario?

In Ontario, basic coverage is needed to protect you and other people in case of an accident. Here’s what it includes:

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If you’re sued
or liable

Let’s hope it never happens, but you can be covered if you cause property damage or hurt someone in a car accident. There’s coverage for medical costs, lawsuits and other court awarded costs.

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Injuries and

If you’re hurt in a car accident, there’s coverage for any medical costs beyond what’s provided by government health insurance, including rehab and other care. You can get coverage for lost income and more.

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Car and
property damage

In the event of an accident, there’s coverage for repairs to your vehicle, or the cost to replace it if necessary. There’s coverage for all the stuff you have inside your car. Click below for more info.

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Driver with
no insurance

If you get in a car accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance, there’s no need to worry – you can get cas if they had insurance. This coverage can also cover hit-and-runs. Have questions? Give us a call.