What is collision or upset coverage?

At a glance: Collision or Upset coverage pays for any losses you may incur when you are responsible for a collision with another vehicle, hit an object or your car rolls over.

Although this may sound like a standard part of any auto insurance policy, in fact Collision or Upset coverage is an optional protection you may want to add to your policy.

What is protected by collision or upset coverage?

Collision or Upset coverage reimburses you (after you pay your deductible) for losses up to the current cash value of your vehicle, whether you are at fault or not. It also covers you when you hit something other than another vehicle such as:

  • A light standard
  • A guardrail
  • An embankment
  • The ground

What is NOT covered by collision or upset coverage?

Collision or Upset coverage applies when you hit another car or an object but this does not include damage when something hits you. Examples of such an incident would be a tree branch falling onto your car or garbage can being blown into it. Comprehensive coverage, which is also optional, provides protection for these situations as well as vandalism and theft.

Who needs collision or upset coverage?

Some people decide to skip this option because the vehicle being insured is so old that it wouldn’t be worth repairing if it rolled or was in a collision. If your financial situation can cover repairing or replacing the vehicle yourself, then you might not add this coverage to your policy. Keep in mind this option can be more affordable with a higher deductible, meaning you pay more before your insurer pays the rest.

Questions and answers about collision or upset coverage

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