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Should I get tenants or renters insurance? Heck ya! Protect all the things you love.

Most people forget about all the stuff they have in their apartment. Renters insurance covers your clothing, furniture, electronics and all the other stuff you love from burglary, fire, flood and more. There’s also coverage if someone is hurt during a visit to your place. Let’s hope none of that happens, but in case it does, we’re here to help. 1-800-731-2228

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Save on tenants insurance with bundle discounts

Tenant insurance is already super cheap, but if you bundle it with your car policy, you could save money on auto insurance. As an outlet to over 70 of Canada’s best insurance providers we have access to some of the best tenants and renters coverage at some of the best prices. You’ll never have to shop around again, we’ll do it for you. Call us for a free quote. 1-800-731-2228

Good to know: What does tenants or renters insurance cover?

As we’ve said tenant insurance is super affordable so you get great value for the money. Most policies include:

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Your personal stuff

From your furniture, TV, iPads, cash and jewelry, right down to your toilet paper and toenail clippers. Yeah, we said toenail clippers. There’s coverage for all your stuff.

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Living expenses

If fire, water or severe weather damage forces you out of your place, there’s coverage if you have to stay at a hotel or another accomodation, and for other expenses.

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Coverage is available if you accidentally cause damage to your place or if someone is hurt during a visit. If you’re sued, there’s coverage for legal fees and court awarded damages too.

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Have questions?

Reach out to one of our insurance experts to see which group benefits package is best suited for your company’s needs. We’ll make things easy. 1-800-731-2228.

Good to know: Common questions about Ontario renters insurance

For the price of a pizza, tenant insurance can range from as little as $20 to $55 a month. You can also save you some money on your auto insurance if you bundle it up!

It’s not mandatory in Ontario, but still a great idea to have tenant insurance. Some landlords may ask you to have tenants insurance as a condition of your lease agreement. Be sure to clarify with your landlord, just in case.

A tenants insurance policy may also extend coverage to any permanently attached finishes you may have installed during your tenancy. If you have swapped out lighting fixtures, hung window dressings or refinished flooring during a long term rental, this would qualify as a tenant improvement. Your tenants insurance will help you recover that investment if the finishes are damaged, and you make a claim.

Overland flood coverage (which is any kind of flood or water that enters your place from the outside) is available on tenants insurance policies. We usually recommend it, especially if you’re renting a basement apartment, which have a higher risk of flooding.

Unfortunately, you can’t share insurance. An insurance policy only covers the belongings and property that belongs to that person. Your policy will cover your stuff and your roommate will need their own coverage.

Learn more about roommates and tenants insurance

Tenants insurance is available through a number of different payment methods, including monthly installments. Different insurance companies have different billing methods and procedures. We’ll make sure you get your preferred method – and do the same for your car payments too.

A formal lease isn’t always needed but recommended as it protects both you and your landlord and will outline the coverage and other responsibilities for each of you.

As a tenant, you do not own any part of the building so you’re not responsible for insuring it. You would not be responsible for building insurance unless you have a financial interest in the building like a co-op. Check you lease agreement to see if you’re responsible for the landlords deductible if there was a claim because of something caused by accident.

Homeowners insurance includes coverage for the building itself. In addition to the coverages you’d get in a tenants policy, a homeowner’s policy will ensure all finishes of the home both inside and outside.

With the increasing cost of claims, legal fees and the willingness of society to seek legal action, $2 million in coverage has become the new standard. Often times increments of $1 million in coverage come at a small price difference. To increase your coverage from $1 million to $2 million may cost less than $20/year.