What is high-risk home insurance?

It’s coverage for anyone who has struggled to get insurance in the past because of things like payment issues, or a home with something like outdated electrical wiring. Don’t let it get you down, if you’re considered high risk, It doesn’t have to be that way forever – we can help with payment plans to build up your reputation, and home improvement tips that lead to better rates. Call us for a free consultation and no-obligation quote. 1-800-731-2228

Why is my home high risk and what can I do?

Your home can be considered high-risk for a number of reasons, including the age and style of your home, if it uses oil or wood for heating, if it’s vacant or has a claims history. Some vacation homes are also considered high-risk. Not to worry, we can help. As an outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies, we have some of the best options for homeowners who have been considered high-risk. Give us a call and breathe easier. 1-800-731-2228

Good to know: How can I lower the cost of my home insurance?

We believe all everyone has a right to fair insurance. If you’re considered high-risk, we’ll get you back on track. Here’s some starter tips:

Clean up
your yard

Remove dead trees and other objects on your property that could potentially damage your home in a storm.

Invest in
energy efficiency

Install new doors, windows, heating and cooling systems to make your home more energy-efficient and safe.

Update the
roof and siding

Invest in new siding and roofing that is designed to protect your home better and makes it more resilient to weather.

Invest in repairs
and maintenance

Bring in a professional contractors to inspect your home and follow their maintenance and repair advice

Commonly asked questions that are good to know

High-risk home insurance is specifically designed to provide coverage to homeowners who’ve had problems getting insurance in the past, because of things like a home located in an area known for flooding, older homes or ones with oil heating. Other factors include a homeowner’s claims or payment histoy.

High risk home insurance is needed when a homeowner or the property:

Have a history of a of a lot of claims
Cancellations of insurance in the past
Homeowners with two or more mortgages at once
A history of not paying home insurance on time

Even a spotless history, you or your home can be considered high risk if

Your home is located in a rural area known for storm damage
The home is vacant
Vacation homes
Home over a century old
Home with oil tanks or wood heat
An old home with no recent updates

There are things you can do as a homeowner to keep high risk home insurance costs down like:

Removing dead trees and other objects that could potentially damage your home in a storm
Installing new doors, windows, and heating systems to make your home more energy-efficient
Investing in new siding and roofing designed to protect your home better
Having your insurance bills automatically withdrawn from your bank account
Paying off additional mortgages

High-risk home insurance companies we work with include:

Perth Insurance – As part of Economical Insurance, Perth has custom solutions for people who have had multiple claims.
Coachman Insurance – Coachman is a specialty insurance company that helps high-risk home insurance homeowners and small business owners.
Echelon Insurance – Echelon is an Ontario insurance company that specializes in different kinds of high risk insurance like home and motorcycle.