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April Canada Insurance is a company that specializes in high risk clients, but also offers a wide range of effective coverage options for both commercial and personal customers.

While April Canada has made its reputation on the strength of its team of 40 specialist underwriters, it is the entire team of underwriters and their years of experience that work together to help April Canada find success. Commercial and residential clients are attracted to April Canada because of amongst other things their:

  • Ability to offer specialized residential coverage, such as AirBnB insurance, that other insurers cannot offer
  • Custom payment plans that are hard to find with other high risk carriers
  • Specialized commercial insurance that can protect digital assets and product issues
  • Habit of constantly adding new coverage options for commercial and residential clients

April Canada Insurance is a full commercial and personal lines insurer that utilizes its worldwide experience in underwriting to create products specifically for each client. This is an insurance company that is not afraid to launch new products that meet client needs, and it is definitely not afraid to customize its current offerings in unique ways to make clients happy.

April Canada’s Advantages

April Canada Insurance is an independent insurance Managing General Agent representing the international APRIL network of insurers. With that kind of backing, April Canada Insurance is able to create solutions for high risk clients that other companies have a hard time developing. There are several advantages to doing business with April Canada Insurance, but the more prominent benefits include:

  • Proactive Insurance Solutions – April Canada Insurance not only benefits from its access to international resources and from its team of 40 specialist underwriters, but it is also not shy about reaching out to other companies that have solutions that might benefit April Canada customers.
  • High Risk Business Protection – April Canada Insurance has become known for its work in digital liability protection, and its ability to insure more high risk business types such as credit card companies, venture capitalists, and mortgage providers. When April Canada Insurance says that it wants to help high risk commercial clients, it is serious about the level of risk it is willing to take.
  • Direct Exposure To Brokers – April Canada Insurance cannot do the work it does without working as close partners with its brokers on every client situation. As a specialist in high risk liability protection, April Canada Insurance must have strong relationships with its brokers to be able to understand and address the needs of each client.

April Canada’s Insurance Products

April Canada Insurance has built its reputation in Ontario and throughout Canada on its ability to insure just about any kind of commercial and personal lines client. The company reviews every client on an individual basis, and creates coverage options that fit every need.

Commercial Insurance

April Canada Insurance prides itself on its innovative approach to commercial underwriting, and the entrepreneurial point of view it uses to create solutions for each customer. April Canada Insurance uses its international network of resources to develop commercial coverage options for business clients of all sizes.

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Digital property and cyber crime insurance
  • Retailer liability protection
  • Coverage for financial services companies
  • Umbrella liability coverage
  • Product contamination liability protection
  • Snow removal insurance
  • Environmental impairment coverage
  • Hospitality industry protection
  • Realty and real estate professional insurance
  • Student housing liability coverage
  • Renovation insurance
  • Construction and contractor liability
  • Product recall insurance
  • Manufacturing coverage
  • Wholesale distribution protection

Residential Insurance

Whether you are looking for home insurance for your personal residence or you have other plans for your property, April Canada can help to protect your property, your investment, and even the people you hold most dear.

  • Seasonal or secondary homes
  • Claims frequency coverage
  • Protection for property owners who live out of the country
  • AirBnB and short-term rental coverage
  • Unique financial situations and needs coverage
  • Rented home insurance
  • Vacant home insurance
  • High value home coverage
  • High-risk home coverage

Boat Insurance

Whether you need coverage for your personal watercraft or a commercial venture, April Canada can write the insurance you or your business needs.

  • Personal watercraft coverage
  • Ocean marine cargo
  • Marine general liability and specialized liability coverage
  • Marina coverage
  • Liability protection for boat dealers
  • Protection for yacht clubs

April Canada Insurance Quotes

Our insurance brokers work closely with April Canada to develop custom solutions for each client.
Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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Greg Bugsley
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars
Dennis Shaughnessy
Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

Were new customers and honestly I’m on the fence. Still waiting to get an issue settled about monthly withdrawals. The fault was on my end, for one of the policy premiums not being withdrawn ( 2 of 3 polices total not withdrawn) as scheduled. But the house ins. premium (which also was never withdrawn) should have come out of my bank acc. as scheduled. As the banking info for both house and my car policy premium is the same. And my car premium was withdrawn as scheduled. Hoping (praying) this gets sorted this week. If this works out then I will gladly give 5 stars.

Jim Murray
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Rip off artists

Paid outrageous premiums on an empty house, house was sold half way through coverage period but no refund for unused coverage term

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Cities only

Wasted time for 2 weeks because they claim to specialize in Bar insurance- finally told that due to a volunteer fire department (despite being 2 doors down literally) that it was uninsurable. They should update their claims to “cities only”.
The country is basically divided into urban and rural- they take a long time and reject you if you’re not urban. Just a tip for the few of us outside cities. Don’t waste your time.

Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

Best price

I got the best rate in Ontario from April. All the other companies told me I was high risk. April Insurance just made my life a whole lot easier!