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Considered a high-risk driver? Don’t worry, we work with every high-risk auto insurance company in Ontario, which means we have access to the best rates out there.

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What makes you a high-risk driver?

All drivers in Ontario (even high-risk ones) have a right to coverage. We can help you lower your rates through telematics and more. Here are some things that might make you a high-risk driver:

Speeding ticket

Three or more tickets

Car accident

Two or more at-fault accidents

Missed payment

Being cancelled for non-payment


A serious conviction like a DUI or distracted driving

Driving suspension

A license suspension

Cancel coverage

Being cancelled for lying

There are combinations as well. For example, one at-fault accident and two tickets might do it. Being under 25 or a new driver won’t make you high-risk by themselves, but they also don’t help.

What can you expect once you’re labelled high-risk?

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Some companies will refuse to insure you, and others may quote you double or triple your old rate, depending on your record.


The good news is that there are insurers that specialize in high-risk auto insurance, and they will offer you the best possible rates given your record.


Saving on high-risk auto insurance may not be as easy as saving on a normal policy, but it’s still possible and we can help.

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We can find you the best high-risk insurance

Mitch works with all the high-risk insurers. So when you call us for a quote, you can feel good knowing that we’ll find the best price that’s out there for you. See the full list of companies we shop on your behalf.

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Frequently asked questions about high-risk auto insurance

High-risk auto insurance – which is also known as non-standard auto insurance – is for drivers who don’t qualify for coverage from the regular or standard market. Drivers can be labelled high-risk for a number of reasons including having multiple tickets or at-fault accidents, DUI or distracted driving convictions, having had insurance policies cancelled because of non-payment or lying on your application, license suspensions and more. Insurers consider high-risk drivers to have a greater likelihood of making a claim, which is why high-risk auto insurance is usually more expensive than a standard car insurance policy.

Your price will depend on your driving record and the reasons why you’ve been classified as high-risk. That being said, high-risk insurance premiums will almost always cost more than a standard car insurance policy. An insurance broker can get you quotes from different high-risk insurers to help find the cheapest rate.

The high-risk label also means that most insurance companies will limit the amount of coverage they offer. You won’t get accident forgiveness.

Here’s how long it takes for tickets and at-fault accidents to come off your record.

  • Tickets (even DUIs) stay on your record for three years
  • Suspensions stay three years from the end of the suspension
  • Cancellations stay for three years
  • At-fault accidents usually stay for six years

Remember that high-risk is not forever. If you’ve been labelled high-risk, adopting safe driving habits and avoiding traffic convictions and at-fault accidents will help you get back to the regular (standard) market sooner. This will make it much easier to save on your car insurance.

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