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April 9, 2024

The best insurance companies of 2024 for female drivers in Ontario 

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In 2024, everything from rent to groceries is pricier, putting a strain on finances. Female drivers can save money by picking the right car insurance in Ontario. But with so many options, who’s the top choice for them? 

We’ve compared various female driver profiles among some popular insurers we partner with. Remember, while we looked at costs, there’s more to an insurance company than just price. When shopping for auto insurance, other factors matter too. Check out our post on the 2024 best auto insurance companies in Ontario for additional information.  

Our key findings

  • We found that the insurer with the lowest rates for all our female drivers, on average, was Commonwell. Commonwell was about 12% less expensive than the runner-up, CAA.  
  • We found the most affordable insurance provider for our high-risk drivers was Pafco, with Coachman following in as the runner-up with rates just 2% more expensive.  


The auto insurance world is divided into regular market auto insurers that sell coverage to most drivers and high-risk market insurers that sell insurance to those who may have unfavourable driving records or spotty payment histories. High-risk insurers tend to sell their coverage for higher premiums, so to make things fair in our comparisons we’ve separate rankings for both carrier types.  

Table 1. Best regular market insurers for female drivers in 2024 

  1. Commonwell 
  1. CAA 
  1. Intact 
  1. SGI 
  1. Wawanesa 
  1. Economical 
  1. Zenith 
  1. Aviva 
  1. Pembridge 
  1. Travelers 

Table 2. Best high-risk market insurers for female drivers in 2024 

  1. Pafco 
  1. Coachman 
  1. JEVCO 
  1. Echelon 

Meet our drivers

To provide you with an idea of the type of rates that women in Ontario might expect from different insurers, we’ve compiled a list of eight (fictional) female driver profiles that vary by the status of their relationship (married or single), age, location, driving record, and vehicle they own. The drivers we used are fictional, but the prices listed in the table below are a representation of what someone with similar attributes might pay for their auto insurance. 

To ensure that the only variables changing was the age, marital status, vehicle, location, and driving record of the individuals, we kept coverages, deductibles, policy limits, and discounts the same. 

Here are our drivers: 

  • Isla, 23, single, Aurora (L4G), clean record 
    • Drives a 2019 NISSAN SENTRA S FWD  
  • Naomi, 37, married, London (N6B), speeding ticket in 2021 
    • Drives a 2016 MAZDA CX-5 GS AWD 
  • Georgia, 42, single, St. Catharine’s (L2R0), speeding tickets in 2019 & 2022 
  • Freya, 19, single, Belleville (K8N), clean record 
    • Drives a 2015 FORD ESCAPE SE AWD 
  • Camille, 60, married, Mississauga (L5B), at-fault claim in 2020 
    • Drives a 2021 JEEP CHEROKEE SPORT 4WD 
  • Blake, 32, married, Woolwich (N3B), clean record 
    • Drives a 2018 FORD FOCUS SE HATCHBACK 
  • Sloane, 39, single, North Bay (P1B), two speeding tickets in 2022, at-fault claim in 2023 
    • Drives a 2020 BMW 3-SERIES 330i xDRIVE SEDAN AWD 
  • Olivia, 51, married, Thunder Bay (P7E), at-fault claim in 2021, distracted driving in 2024 
    • Drives a 2016 FORD F-150 XLT SUPERCREW 4WD

Quote comparisons

Table 1. Insurance rates compared for females in Ontario1
Insurance Company Isla Naomi Georgia Freya Camille Blake Reg Avg. Sloane Olivia High Risk Avg.
Aviva $3,698 $4,994 $2,253 $4,327 $2,325 $2.437 $3,339
CAA $5,023 $1,857 $1,535 $4.491 $1,895 $2,021 $2,803
Commonwell $3,870 $1,842 $1,967 $3,464 $2,179 $1,714 $2,506
Economical $4,007 $2,759 $2,307 $3,570 $2,721 $1,933 $3,174
Intact $3,672 $2,759 $1,933 $5,910 $3,463 $2,234 $3,281
Pembridge $4,304 $3,588 $3,414 $4,221 $3,408 $2,254 $3,531
SGI $4,601 $2,591 $1,777 $3,605 $2,790 $2,148 $2,918
Travelers $6,552 $5,160 $3,372 $3,900 $5,196 $3,348 $4,588
Wawanesa $3,526 $2,848 $2,385 $5,206 $2,532 $1,946 $3,073
Coachman $8,090 $4,322 $6,206
Echelon $9,390 $5,177 $7,283
JEVCO $8,543 $3,977 $6,260
Pafco $7,643 $4,512 $6,077
1Data source: Mitch auto insurance quoter

These rates may fluctuate over time

In our list of the best insurance companies for female drivers in 2023, the results were somewhat different. This is partly because we’ve used different profiles. However, this is also because no one insurance company will remain the “most affordable” option permanently. Insurers keep a close and frequent watch on the cost of their claims and will compare them to the revenue they generate from premiums. They want to ensure that the premiums they collect are sufficient in covering claims, plus a small amount leftover for profit. 

Insurers offering the most competitive rates for female drivers tend to attract more customers based on affordability. This can prompt other companies to adjust their prices to stay competitive. However, if claim costs and frequency increase for female drivers, insurers with lower rates may need to raise prices to maintain profitability and cover expenses adequately. 

Get the best insurance rates with Mitch

We can’t pinpoint the perfect auto insurance company for you as a female driver without understanding your specific needs. However, we’re committed to helping you discover the most competitive rates consistently. Reach out to a broker at Mitch Insurance. We collaborate with over 70 of Canada’s leading insurers and are dedicated to finding you excellent coverage at an affordable price. Contact us now for a complimentary quote with no strings attached. 

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