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Looking for salon or beauty salon or barbershop insurance in Ontario? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a salon owner, rent a chair at a shop, or make visits to clients’ homes we’ve got you covered. Our packages range from out-of-the-box solutions to custom coverages that fit any budget, for all beauty professionals – including:

  • Salon owners
  • Estheticians
  • Nail technicians
  • Piercing technicians
  • Hair stylists
  • Barbers
  • Laser removal technicians

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More options means better rates!

Our team of commercial insurance brokers will get you the perfect policy that meets your professional needs. As a trusted brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s top insurers, we have access to some of the best coverages and prices in Ontario. Get a quote.

What does insurance for salons and beauty professionals cover?

We can help you with the finer details, but most basic beauty professionals and barbershop policies cover the following:

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Commercial general liability

Essential for barbers and beauty technicians, it covers client injuries or accidental personal property damage. It covers legal fees for lawsuits and court-awarded damages.

More about CGL

Professional liability insurance

Coverage for any mistakes or negligence as the result of your work or professional advice that cause things like chemical burns, hair loss, allergic reactions and more.

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Business interruption coverage

This is extra coverage that you can add to a property policy and can reimburse you for lost income if you have to close briefly due to a fire, theft, vandalism or other damage.

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Commercial property

Your building or unit, if you own it, plus any improvements you’ve made to a rented space, are covered. So is any stock of hair and body care products, scissors, brushes, salon chairs, mirrors and more.

Other coverages to consider

Depending on the nature of your beauty care business, here are some other types of coverage that may make sense for you:

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Cyber insurance

Covers breaches of electronic client data like credit card information, as well as technical recovery support, legal and PR if your systems are hacked.

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Commercial auto

If you travel to clients’ homes with tools like hair and body care products, then you’ll benefit from a commercial auto insurance policy.

Additional equipment coverage

If your salon has a laser hair removal machine or other equipment that exceeds $2,500 in value, you’ll need to insure these items separately.

Frequently asked questions about insurance for Ontario beauty and hair salons:

The cost of insurance will vary based on your unique needs. Some policies start at around $1,000 per year, but there are many factors to consider when selecting the right coverage for your business. Give one of our insurance experts a call today to get started. 1-800-731-2228.

Salons and beauty professionals are more prone to general and professional liability claims. Some of these types of claims include:

  • Slip and falls– Injuries to a client after slipping on a wet salon floor or tripping on a footrest
  • Damage to clients’ property caused by accidents, like getting hair dye on a leather jacket
  • Lawsuits brought on by clients who suffer injury and scarring as a result of advice or treatment

Yes, and yes.

If you cut hair, do mani-pedis or waxing from your home, there are a number of risks that your home insurance just won’t cover you for, including slip and fall accidents and damage to skin, hair or clothes from harsh chemicals.

If you travel to clients’ homes, the same risks apply, and you should also consider a commercial auto insurance policy, because your personal auto insurance may not cover you fully.