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Looking for home-based business insurance? We’ve got you covered.

Many awesome companies have started in an apartment, house, or garage. Large or small, if you operate a business out of your home, your personal home insurance policy probably doesn’t cover business-related claims. Not to worry, whether you’re a web developer, daycare provider, massage therapist, or consultant our insurance experts can find you affordable coverage for your unique needs.

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Get a free quote on home-based business insurance.

Home-based business insurance can be very affordable given that you don’t have a physical office or shop to insure. Your premiums will depend on several factors, including whether you need commercial auto insurance, the exact nature of your business and your annual business revenues. Being a trusted outlet to over 70 of Canada’s top insurance companies means we have access to some of the best prices and coverage packages. Talk to one of our insurance experts today.

What’s included in home-based business insurance?

We have insurance packages that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business, but it all starts with this basic coverage:

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Commercial general liability

Essential protection for your home business if you cause damage to someone’s property or accidentally hurt them. Even if you’re not at fault, legal fees can add up fast.

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Commercial auto

If you use your personal car or truck to make deliveries or pick up business supplies, you’ll need more than a personal auto insurance policy. We can help with that.

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Property, inventory, and equipment

If you store business materials and equipment at home, chances are they won’t be covered by your home insurance policy – you’ll need separate business contents insurance that covers theft, damage and more.

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Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is a must if you store electronic client data on a laptop or in the cloud, or if you promote your business online. This coverage provides protection against fines if you lose customer data due to a breach.

Doesn’t home insurance cover me?

Some home insurance policies may cover up to $2,500 in business contents, so long as it’s in the home, but home insurance does not protect you from legal action if it is related to your business activities. It should also be noted that your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover you for business use of the vehicle. The best option is to talk to a Mitch commercial insurance specialist about an affordable package of business insurance. Call today!

Your business is unique, so are your insurance options.

Being an outlet for over 70 of Canada’s top insurers means we have access to a wide range of insurance solutions as unique as your business – at some of the best rates in Ontario. Want to learn more about the coverage options available to you? Here’s a few of them.