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Quotes for drone insurance in Ontario

As the commercial use of drones continues to evolve, so does our coverage. We now have specialized products to protect professionals like you!

As a brokerage for over 70 of Canada’s best insurance companies our commercial brokers have access to some of the best rates and most comprehensive packages for drone insurance. Call us for a free quote today.

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Who needs drone insurance?

We have great drone insurance packages for business uses including:

  • Movies and Videography
  • Construction and Surveying
  • Sports
  • Agriculture
  • Weddings and Special Events
  • Monitoring Wildlife
  • Journalism
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What’s covered by drone insurance?

We can help with the details, but drone insurance generally includes the following coverages:

General liability

Provides coverage if one of your drones’ crashes into something or someone causing damage or injuries. Legal fees and court-awarded costs are covered up to a specific limit as well.

Physical damage and theft

Covers theft of a drone and damage due to mechanical failure, tampering or human error. Coverage applies whether the drone is flying or on the ground.

Cameras and other equipment

Electronic equipment like cameras and sensors that are mounted on your commercial drone are not always covered but can be added as an endorsement.

Business coverage options

Ask about including drone coverage on a larger business insurance policy. We offer liability, property and fleet coverage, plus lots of other options.

Frequently asked questions about drone insurance:

At the time this is being written, most personal drones are not big enough to do a lot of damage, so damage or injuries caused by your personal drone are generally not excluded from the liability coverage under home insurance.

In terms of coverage for the drone itself, home insurance excludes damage while the drone is flying, but it should be covered for theft, fire or water damage as part of your contents coverage while it’s on the ground.

Commercial drone insurance premiums can vary quite a bit depending on the value of the drone and what exactly it is being used for. Premiums start around $60 a month.

Deductibles for drone insurance are usually expressed as a percentage of the value of the drone itself. A common deductible is 5%, so if your drone is worth $10,000, the deductible would be $500.

Smaller personal drones don’t generally require any specific training or licensing, but Transport Canada does require that you fly safely, meaning that you keep the drone in sight, only fly in daylight, in good weather, keep the drone away from airports and moving vehicles, and fly no higher than 90 metres.

For commercial drones over 25 kg, the operator needs a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). Commercial drones under 25 kg may be exempt but must meet certain requirements for that exemption, so please check with Transport Canada.

Your commercial drone insurance policy has certain exclusions, meaning circumstances or events that would not be covered. Here are few:

  • Theft or sabotage by employees is not covered.
  • Damage to the drone as a result of regular wear-and-tear are not covered.
  • Costs of regular drone maintenance and operation are not covered.
  • If your drone is being operated by someone without the proper certification from Transport Canada, losses may be excluded.