Crawford & Company is the largest independent claims management company in the world, with 700 offices and 70 countries worldwide, including a branch network of more than 40 locations throughout Canada.

HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia
Employees in Canada1000+ (2018)
Services in CanadaClaims Mgmt, Contractor Connection, Class Actions Admin, Central Intake & Admin, Appraisal Mgmt, Global Technical Ser., Legal Services, & Audit Ser.
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT

Company Overview

Founded in Atlanta in 1941, Crawford & Company built its focus in North America (Canada included) before expanding to other territories, with offices established in Puerto Rico and England by 1967.

When the former claims adjuster for an insurance company, Jim Crawford, opened Crawford & Company’s first office, the focus was on providing claims management services to insurance providers. As they grew, the company began offering services to government entities, corporations, and brokers.

Today, Crawford & Company provides claims adjustment services first and foremost, but also offers a more diverse range of services for their clients worldwide, including claims management and adjustment services, business process outsourcing (BPO), and risk management consulting.

Crawford & Company Strengths

Crawford & Company has grown over the years to offer services that cover nearly every area of potential risk, in a variety of industries. Advantages offered by Crawford & Company include:

  • Resources to meet any entity’s needs:. Crawford & Company takes pride in being able to service accounts in various sectors, including corporations and self-insured entities, governmental institutions, insurance providers, and brokers. This versatility comes from having access to the sheer number of human and financial resources it takes to spread services around nearly every type of client in any industry without sacrificing quality.
  • Great coverage in Ontario: The company enjoys great service worldwide, and with over 20 offices in Ontario alone, you won’t have to worry about having a Crawford and Company representative near you.
  • A holistic approach to managing claims: Many claims adjustment firms simply analyze a claim and assign a value to it for an insurance provider or other company to reconcile with the claimant. Crawford & Company offers consulting services where they work with clients to help prevent and mitigate risk. Additionally, the company offers clients an online database of information and data compiled by the company’s risk science division, which studies risk and publishes findings for clients’ benefit.
  • Industry-leading technology:Crawford & Company has developed an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) suite of tools called called Crawford iQ, which allows clients to manage their accounts, view the progress of open claims, and understand their account data and analytics from desktop and mobile patforms.

Crawford & Company Claims Adjustment Solutions

Crawford & Company offers different, basic claims management services to different types of clients:

Insurance Companies

Crawford & Company handles claims adjustment services for both insurance and reinsurance companies in a way that’s quick and direct, settling claims for those companies’ customers fast. These services range from claims assessment for general liability and casualty to larger, more specialized claims like handling class action claims and more.

The company also offers it’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and consulting services to these clients, aimed at helping insurers handle other activities like medical management, property repairs, and more.

Self-Insured Entities

Most self-insured entities have common claims that can be handled by a basic claims team, but often Crawford GTS is called in to handle specialized cases. Crawford & Company handles claims adjustment and helps clients settle claims and save indemnity losses.

BPO and risk management consulting services are also available.

Government Organizations

Crawford & Company’s teams around the world are experienced at helping government entities manage claims in a variety of large-scale areas. The company also offers BPS and consulting services.

Insurance Brokers

Crawford & Company partners with insurance brokerages to ensure that business clients can handle claims effectively and in compliance with applicable regulations. BPS and consulting services are also offered when needed.

Key Industries Serviced

Thousands of self-insured corporations worldwide count on Crawford & Company to handle very specific claims adjustments in an efficient manner.

The company tailors risk management and claims adjustment solutions directly towards the following industries through its Global Technical Services (GTS) teams, which cover industry-specific using teams with direct industry experience.

  • Agriculture and food: Coverage for common claims including crop loss, pollution, and product recall liability.
  • Aviation: Common claim management services for the aviation industry involve assessing the damage from accidents and conducting investigations to establish liability.
  • Banking and Finance: The claims that arise in the banking sector often involve regulatory compliance or cases of fraud.
  • Building and Construction: General casualty and liability are common in the construction industry, but the company also handles claims in instances of natural disaster and during class action lawsuits.
  • Engineering: While “engineering” is a very broad category that involves many potential risks, Crawford and Company can adjust liability claims relating to injury from equipment and other hazards.
  • Marine and Transportation: When companies deal with on-the-job injuries and cargo loss as well as other risks, Crawford & Company can analyze and assess the value of these and similar claims.
  • Media and Entertainment: Common claims to arise in the entertainment industry include broken contracts and property damage.
  • Mining: Mining firms count on Crawford & Company to adjust claims in cases of tunnel collapses and equipment failure, among other common claims.
  • Pharmaceutical: Product recalls for various reasons are a common claim that pharma companies handle often, but sometimes more specialized claims like class action suits and product tampering arise.
  • Power and Energy: The energy sector is subject to claims that arise involving regional jurisdiction, outages, and use. Crawford GTS can help clients prepare for and manage these, and other claims.
  • Retail: Common claims that retailers should be concerned about are intellectual property and branding issues, as well as employment practices and more.
  • Technology: Crawford GTS dispatches experienced adjusters to manage claims relating to data security and more.
  • Telecommunications: Outages, network issues, and risks that arise during systems maintenance highlight common claim areas for telecom clients.

Crawford & Company offers a claims reporting platform that streamlines the process for clients in an emergency. The CLAIMSALERT team can handle the basic details of a claim, get claims organized in the system, and take crucial information about claims on weekends and after hours in over 140 different languages.

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Head Office:
539 Riverbend Drive, Kitchener, Ontario N2K 3S3, Canada
Phone Number: (519) 578-5540

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