Cunningham Lindsey is a global claims adjuster and management firm that serves individual policyholders, businesses, insurers, and brokers with access to complex, high-quality solutions when losses occur.

Canada HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
Global Employees6000+ (2018)
SpecialtiesCommercial, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Financial, Fine art and specie, Liability/casualty, Marine, Personal lines, Property, Risk survey, Third party administration, and Catastrophe Response
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT

Company Overview

Cunningham Lindsey has been in business for over a century. In 2018, the company was acquired by Sedgewick, a risk management firm with assets and subsidiaries all over the world.

Cunningham Lindsey is one of the largest insurance adjusters in the world. Headquartered in California, USA, the company boasts 600 offices in 60 territories around the globe, including a North American branch which serves the United States and Canada.

Cunningham Lindsey Strengths

The company is known for serving clients with a wide range of risk management and claims adjustment services that run the gamut from investigating and analysing claims to serving in an advisory role to risk managers at self-insured companies.

Here are some of the highlights of Cunningham Lindsey’s business model compared to other insurance adjusters that serve Ontario:

  • Resources that are nearly unmatched in the industry. The company’s vast resources are at the heart of their ability to serve clients well. Cunningham Lindsey may not be the largest claims adjuster in the industry, but they certainly are one of the best equipped to handle any given claim. Now with the backing Sedgewick, this ability figures to increase even further.
  • Dedicated response teams in every territory where they operate. Cunningham Lindsey prides itself on the ability to put boots on the ground anywhere where a loss event occurs involving one of their clients as quickly as possible. These local response teams are able to investigate a claim quickly as well as provide compassionate support to the client affected.
  • A diverse team of experts in specific coverage and loss areas that clients can navigate. Cunningham Lindsey has a built a team of experts in a variety of claims areas, which isn’t exactly unique in insurance adjustment company. Unlike many others in the industry, however, Cunningham Lindsey offers current and prospective clients the opportunity to view a directory of different specialists and see their contact info online, allowing clients to ask questions to experts best suited to answer them. It also allows businesses and individuals who aren’t yet clients of Cunningham Lindsey to speak directly with the specialists in their area and make an informed decision whether using the company for its wide variety of services is the right call for their company or themselves.

The Cunningham Lindsey Group

One of Cunningham Lindsey’s most impactful and unique strengths is the company’s truly holistic approach to claims management for clients.

Some claims management companies use groups of specialists to handle certain areas. Cunningham Lindsey uses subsidiaries and third-party companies, entire entities that specialize in different areas of risk and claim management to best serve its clients. The company refers to this collection as the Cunningham Lindsey Group.

Addressing the Risk Life Cycle

The goal of the group is to serve Cunningham Lindsey clients through every step of what it calls, the “risk life cycle”: Loss, Post-loss, Mitigation, and Pre-loss.

Let’s say that a building owned by a Cunningham Lindsey client burns down. The company sends a loss adjusting team to the site of the fire as well as a team from InTrust, a subsidiary trained in dealing with different loss areas on a local level.

After the claim is settled, the company will send in analysts and construction experts like a team from Sergon, another subsidiary specializing in building consultancy to analyze why the fire occurred and how to rebuild to avoid a similar accident in the future.

To further prepare for any loss events in the future, Cunningham Lindsey will send in a team from Sergon to do a complete inspection of the building or from another subsidiary like Vale Training to ensure that building staff is familiar with the applicable protocols to limit the loss when accidents do occur.

By using different experts on a micro level to handle different areas of the claims management and risk mitigation process, Cunningham Lindsey can provide the best possible service to all types of clients.

Cunningham Lindsey Services

The company and its subsidiaries combine to provide a wide array of services involving claims management and risk analysis.

Accident benefits

Cunningham Lindsey adjusters are highly-trained to calculate benefit and investigate liability in accident and personal injury claims.

Auto bodily injury

When a claim is made involving injury from an auto accident, the company dispatches adjusters to ensure that the claim is handled as quickly and easily as possible.

Auto physical damage

The company uses its teams’ experience to analyze auto claims and assess damage liability and benefit for car insurance companies and policyholders.

Building consultancy

The Cunningham Lindsey subsidiary Sergon can provide high-quality consultants to the site of a client-owned building.

Catastrophe response

Cunningham Lindsey uses a large response network from its own company in addition to several expert group members to handle some of the largest floods, fires, and other catastrophes that affect clients.

Engineering, environmental and fire services

EFI Global is a Cunningham Group member established in 2018 that handles:

  • Specialized engineering
  • Fire investigations
  • Environmental
  • Specialty consulting

Forensic Advisory Service

FAS Global is a Cunningham Lindsey group member whose oversight includes:

  • Accident benefits
  • Corporate services
  • Fraud investigation and prevention
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Insurance services
  • Litigation and dispute services
  • Valuation services

General loss adjusting

Basic loss adjustment services include investigating the considerations of the loss and deciding liability

Major and complex loss adjusting

Cunningham Lindsey dispatches teams of specialized adjusters to handle more specialized, complex claim areas, such as:

  • Catastrophe response
  • Construction
  • Energy and mining
  • Fine art/jewelers
  • Global programs
  • Complex liability
  • Lloyd’s and London market clients
  • Marine
  • Public entities
  • Overview of complex and major loss


Adjusters handle a wide range of property claims ranging from renter’s insurance claims to the needs of self-insured property management companies.

Public entities

Cunningham Lindsey has experienced staff to handle the needs of government organizations and municipalities

Transportation and fleet services

TFI is one of the largest areas of commercial insurance, so Cunningham Lindsey has a dedicated division to handle claims relating to claims involving shipping and logistics companies.

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Head Office:
50 Burnhamthorpe Road W, #1102, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C2, Canada
Phone Number: (905) 896-8181

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