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April 14, 2016

ATV insurance Ontario

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For those of us in Ontario impatiently waiting to hit the trails on our ATVs, the season is almost here! Not only is it time to get your off-road vehicle mechanically ready for adventure, but it’s also a good time to make sure that your ATV insurance meets the requirements to legally ride on Ontario’s back roads, trails, and off road passages.

Do you need all terrain vehicle insurance?

Did you know that just like you must be insured to operate a vehicle legally on Canada’s roadways, you must also carry all terrain vehicle insurance for that off road vehicle for the exact same reasons? ATV insurance not only provides the legal protections you need if stopped by a law enforcement officer, but it also gives you financial peace of mind knowing you are covered in the event of an accident or injury to yourself or others.

How does ATV insurance coverage work?

If you ride an ATV, defined as a self-propelled vehicle designed to be driven off road in various conditions, you must have ATV insurance as follows:

  • Liability coverage is mandatory in case of accident that leads to bodily injury or property damage owing to your operation of your ATV.

There are additional coverage options that can be added to your policy:

  • Comprehensive coverage, which protects you against loss due to theft, vandalism, and other hazards on the road, and
  • Collision coverage, which applies when your ATV is damaged in a collision with some sort of object.

You can have a separate stand-alone policy for your all terrain vehicle, or in some cases it can be added to your existing auto insurance policy, which may qualify you for an additional discount.

Enjoy your ATV safely

With all terrain vehicle insurance in place, you, your friends, and loved ones can ride in the great outdoors without any worry of having to pay catastrophic bills out of pocket. If interested, the Canada Safety Council has information on courses available to you and your kids (if you have any) on how to ride safely.

Affordable ATV insurance

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