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August 3, 2016

Information to have ready for your car insurance quote

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Maybe you want to find cheaper car insurance or just got your first car; whatever the reason, now you’re shopping around for car insurance quotes. To save time, it helps to be prepared with the information that will be required. The details needed fall into three main areas: you, the vehicle, and the coverage you want.

Your driving information

Even if you’ve had some tickets or incidents in the past, it is always best to be honest about your driving record. You don’t want a future claim to be denied due to possible misrepresentation when you secured your car insurance. The information to have ready includes:

  • The names of all of the drivers and how long they have been driving. It is usually assumed that any licensed driver in your home will use your car even if just occasionally.
  • Be aware that the driving records of the potential drivers will be checked for prior driving convictions and accident claims in recent years.
  • The history of your driving license (as well as any other drivers) will also be checked to see if there were any suspensions or cancellations.
  • The names of your previous insurance companies.
  • If you have ever been refused insurance or had it cancelled for any reason.

Information about your vehicle

Besides the year, the make, and the model of the car, you will need to provide the following info:

  • The V.I.N., which is the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • The purchase price, or the lease information.
  • Was it bought new or used?
  • The cost of any modifications that have been made to the vehicle.
  • Does anyone else share ownership of the vehicle?

Your insurance rate will vary according to the type of vehicle you choose to drive.

Your insurance needs

How you plan to use the vehicle will determine the level of insurance coverage you need. Will it be used for:

  • Personal use, business use, or both?
  • Commuting to work? If so, what is the daily distance and the estimated total yearly distance? (Subtract vacation days and days you might work from home, if applicable)
  • Carrying paying passengers? (such as an Uber driver)
  • Transporting goods for business purposes?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can decide what level of coverage is necessary beyond what is required by law. You might choose a higher deductible to lower your rates or you might want higher medical coverage or additional liability coverage if you drive to the US often.

Comparison shopping done for you

It’s always a good idea to shop around to find the lowest insurance rates for the right coverage. An insurance broker will do the shopping for you since they represent a number of different insurance companies. Instead of dealing with a bank or an agent who represent only one company, take advantage of an insurance broker who will do the shopping around saving you time and money.

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