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August 5, 2015

Insurance for window and door contractors

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Insurance for window and door contractors is an essential part of keeping your business protected. Working on any job site, whether a building under construction or a pre-existing structure in need of upgrades, poses risks that can potentially threaten your business. As a contractor, you’re in charge of your own livelihood, including your quality of work, reputation, and, of course, protection from damages.

General liability insurance

No matter how careful you are accidents can happen when you’re on a job site. General liability insurance for window and door contractors is designed to protect you from a wide range of hazards, from slips and falls to fires. Even when you plan every project down to the final details, there’s always the possibility of an accident, whether that is due to intruders on the job site or broken glass that causes injuries. Without the right insurance, one wrong move could cost you huge amounts in damages.

Coverage for your tools and equipment

As a window and door contractor, most of your work is done on site. If something happens on that site such as a theft or fire, you will be glad you had sufficient property insurance in place to help you replace your tools and equipment. In addition, many companies will not hire contractors who do not have appropriate insurance to guarantee their property is protected, meaning that inadequate coverage can put both your business and your revenue at risk.

Commercial vehicle coverage

Transportation is a vital function for most contractors. Your commercial vehicles not only carry you from place to place but also carry your equipment and building supplies. A standard auto policy may provide coverage if you’re injured in a car accident, but it will not cover your valuable tools. No one expects to be in an auto accident, but if someone hits you, be sure your commercial insurance will keep your business operational.

Commercial insurance expertise

Insurance for window and door contractors can be a complicated business, so finding the right blend of coverage is important. By combining general liability, property, and commercial vehicle coverage, you can protect your company, whether you’re in transit or on site.

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