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June 16, 2016

Six surprising auto insurance facts

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There are so many details involved in our lives these days, it’s understandable why no one wants to think about any more of them! That’s what we can rely on experts for – to flag them for us. So here a few auto insurance facts to be aware of in case they apply to you.

1) Using your car to earn extra money

If you or other drivers in your family use your vehicle to earn extra cash delivering pizza or newspapers for example, your personal car insurance does not usually cover usage for any business activity. And driving for Uber or other ride-hailing services does require specific insurance to properly protect you and your customers.

2) Loaning your car to a friend

When you loan your car to a friend, did you know that your car insurance goes with them? So if they have an accident, it goes on your record! Think twice before loaning your car out to anyone.

3) Property insurance for your car!

Auto insurance does cover damage to items attached to your vehicle, such as a bike rack or stereo, but if your bike or golf clubs are stolen from your car, they are not covered without property insurance. This also applies to other personal belongings that may be in your car like your laptop, cell phone, musical instruments, clothing, etc.

4) Is your car modified?

Have you added a custom grille, chrome trim, an upgraded exhaust system? Then you have customized your car from its original condition, and it is viewed as a modified vehicle for insurance purposes. To have coverage for any modifications you have made or are thinking of doing, you need to notify your insurance professional.

5) Limited coverage on electronic accessories

If you added your own GPS unit or installed an upgraded CD player and speakers, be aware that the standard coverage for these items is limited to $1,500. This also applies to factory-installed stereo equipment as well as other electronic accessories you may have added.

6) Renting a car while on vacation

If your vacation plans include renting a car or other vehicle somewhere in Canada or the U.S., it’s a wise move to add optional rental vehicle coverage to your current auto policy. Then you can relax on vacation and save money too since the coverage offered by the rental agency is no bargain.

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