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April 28, 2015

The benefits of using an insurance broker

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There are several differences between an insurance agent and an insurance broker, but there is one key difference that sets them worlds apart: a broker is an insurance expert that works for you, whereas an agent is an insurance expert that works for the insurance company – and one company at that. Since an insurance broker represents many insurance companies, you can relax while they do the shopping around for the best coverage and the best rates for you.

Save time and money

The broker does all of the searching for you on your behalf. All you have to do is discuss your needs with the broker and he or she will diligently determine which type of coverage best meets all of your needs including your budget. This is a huge time saver and money saver for those in need of any type of insurance. Whether it’s auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, or even pet insurance, and many other types of insurance, using an insurance broker can be very convenient and helpful.

Negotiations for competitive premiums

Without a broker on your side, it can be challenging to negotiate your rates with an insurance company, and some people are uncomfortable doing so. Brokers know which companies may be more accommodating of certain circumstances or driving histories and will approach them for you.

Advice and help when you need it

Another advantage of having an insurance broker on your side is in knowing you can count on their expert advice, as your particular insurance needs change. Changes that could affect your insurance needs in the future include:

  • New Home Purchase or Rental Investment
  • Purchase of a New or Used Vehicle
  • Children or Other Dependent Family Members
  • Changes in Career or Travel Needs
  • Adding a Rental Unit to Your Property
  • Retirement

For example, let’s suppose you’re retiring next year, you could enjoy lower insurance rates with a decrease in car usage. Same thing could happen if you switch jobs and have a shorter commute.

Advice and help when it matters most

Although no one ever expects to be in a car accident or have a fire at home, it will be extremely helpful to have expert advice readily available at such a difficult time.

Searching for a qualified broker

To find a licensed broker in Canada, simply visit, to locate one in the community where you reside. You can also use this site to verify if recommendations from family or friends are licensed brokers or not.

Mitch at your service

We specialize in 3 things:

  1. Making insurance easy,
  2. Saving you time and money, and
  3. Helping you with claims whenever it is needed.

If you’ve got questions, we’re ready to answer them. By listening to your needs and answering your questions, we can find you the appropriate coverage at the best rates around. To find out more or to discuss your options with one of our expert brokers, please contact Mitch at 1-800-731-2228 or email us at

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