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July 5, 2024

Unraveling popular misconceptions about Tag

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With auto theft claims surpassing $1 billion in Ontario, it’s more important than ever that drivers find the right means of protecting their vehicles. 

For many insurance companies, Tag has become the favoured choice for deterring car thieves. However, some drivers are hesitant to install this vehicle tracking and recovery system. Let’s explore the benefits of Tag along with some common misconceptions. 

Tag is an aftermarket theft recovery device that can be installed in a vehicle. When a driver’s car is stolen, they report the theft to Tag (as well as the police, of course) and Tag’s “Tracking Central” contacts law enforcement to dispatch a tracking team to find the vehicle. Tag is self-sufficient and autonomous, meaning it works without connecting to a vehicle’s electrical system.  

Myth vs fact: Here’s the truth

Although Tag presents a great opportunity to deter theft in Canada, some people are skeptical about the product. Here are some of the more popular myths about Tag, broken down: 

Myth no. 1: Tag installation is lengthy and complicated 

Tag’s installation is straightforward, safe and takes no more than 30 minutes. Plus, the installation of Tag is the only cost you will be responsible for (and some insurance providers offer free Tag installation as well!) as there are no monthly or annual monitoring fees for a five-year period.  

Myth no. 2: Tag tracks your driving behaviours and location

Tag does not track any of your driving behaviours. In fact, Tag’s tracking function isn’t active until you report your vehicle as stolen, and at that point it serves as a beacon for law enforcement to find. Its wireless devices activate discreetly upon a car being reported as stolen, and even before any theft attempt its logo etching acts as a deterrent to thieves.  

Myth no. 3: Tag’s installation voids lease agreements and warranties

Tag has stated that the installation of its tracking system will not impact your vehicle’s warranty and usually won’t impact leasing agreements. This is because Tag is self-sufficient and doesn’t modify any part of your vehicle, operating wirelessly without any need to attach to your vehicle’s electrical system. It doesn’t interfere with your vehicle’s functionality. 

While Tag confirms its installation won’t impact a car’s warranty, lease terms can vary. If you’re concerned, we advise reaching out to your leasing company for confirmation.  

Myth no. 4: Tag’s savings aren’t worth the installation costs

Even without considering the potential savings you’d receive from your insurance company, Tag is worth it for its theft mitigation services alone. Not only does it help with your vehicle’s recovery after it’s stolen, but it also deters potential thieves through a visual logo etching. Tag proactively prevents theft, saving you from having to make a claim and protecting your valuable time. With its theft deterrent capabilities, Tag can also help you avoid potential rate increases from having multiple comprehensive theft claims on your record.   

Then, of course, there’s the removal of the high-theft surcharge that many insurance providers apply for vehicles on the high-theft list. Some also grant drivers discounts for implementing Tag, whereas some offer a discounted installation fee. This varies by provider, so be sure to ask your insurance broker what you qualify for when it comes to the installation of Tag.  

Myth no. 5: Tag does nothing to prevent your vehicle from being stolen

Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there is no actual modification to your vehicle itself that prevents theft from occurring, Tag’s installation comes with a logo engraving. This visual marker can deter thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle altogether. Thieves will almost always choose the path of least resistance; stealing cars with limited defenses in isolated areas, that are left unattended and running, and so on. Tag’s windshield etchings demonstrate that the vehicle is protected, so thieves are less likely to want to go through the hassle of potentially having their efforts squandered if the car is later found by law enforcement.  

What are the benefits of Tag?

Tag logo.

Tag is more than just another aftermarket theft-deterrent tool. It’s a tracking device that activates to support the efforts of law enforcement in recovering stolen vehicles, all while serving as a visual deterrent to thieves to prevent theft from happening altogether.  

For many insurers, Tag is also considered the “industry gold standard” in preventing vehicle theft. It’s often the only theft recovery device that insurance companies approve of to remove their high-theft surcharge. Curious about the installation of Tag, or want to know how it can help you save on your auto insurance? Give us a call here at Mitch Insurance. We’d be happy to find you a cost-effective solution for your auto insurance today.  

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