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March 20, 2014

What is RIBO?

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RIBO stands for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, which is the self-regulatory body for insurance brokers in Ontario. RIBO was established by the Ontario government in 1981 to protect the public during insurance transactions with brokers. RIBO regulates the licensing, professional competence, ethical conduct, and insurance related financial obligations of all independent general insurance brokers in the province.

What is a registered insurance broker?

In Ontario, the Registered Insurance Brokers Act governs the insurance brokerage profession to ensure the following:

  • Every registered insurance broker is properly licensed by RIBO
  • Every registered insurance broker is subject to a code of conduct
  • Every registered insurance broker must meet certain qualification standards and continuing education requirements
  • Every registered insurance broker must be bonded and covered under an Errors & Omissions policy.

As an independent insurance professional, a RIBO licensed broker may sell general insurance including coverage of your home, business, car or other vehicles, leisure vehicles such as boats or snowmobiles, etc. Licensed brokers can offer product choices from a variety of insurance companies and offer independent advice.

Insurance experts at Mitch

Every employee at Mitch that advises clients about their insurance needs is a licensed, registered insurance broker who has passed the RIBO qualification exams. The ongoing requirements for continuing education ensure our clients receive up-to-date insurance expertise specific to Ontario. As registered insurance brokers, Mitch represent their client’s best interests when negotiating a contract on behalf of their client and the insurer.


    Hi Team. Thanks for your thoughts. I have some questions regarding RIBO certifications. I am newly arrived in Canada with Insurance Claims Management experience in India. I am searching job in Toronto and difficult to find Claims jobs. I find lots of Job profile finds RIBO license. Can you please assist it is worthfull to have this license for Job search.

    Hi Sushil. Thanks for your comment. Welcome to Canada!

    While it’s always a good idea to continue adding to your qualifications, RIBO licensing is a little different. RIBO stands for “Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario”, and the licensing course is only open to people who are being sponsored by an insurance brokerage where they are already working.

    Some brokers, including Mitchell & Whale, may ask for a RIBO license as a condition of employment, because they may be looking for people with previous experience working at a brokerage.

    If you’d like to take courses to improve your insurance qualifications, please check out the Insurance Institute: https://www.insuranceinstitute.ca/

    Thanks again and best of luck in your job search.

    Dear Team,

    Good Evening!

    I am working professional in Insurance Currently in India, Now could you suggest which Insurance course Ideally should I do to get job into Insurance domain in Canada?

    I had applied few jobs on LinkedIn but most of the employer asking to RIBO license.


    Hi Umesh,

    To work as an insurance broker in Canada, it’s necessary to finish a study program and successfully clear the licensing examination in the province where you plan to operate. Provincial regulatory authorities set the educational and licensing criteria, and these requirements differ across provinces.

    The following pages on the IBAC website are good starting points for you:



    We wish you the best of luck Umesh!

    I’m planning to study for the RIBO exam and take it next year. One of the requirements states that I need to find a registered brokerage to get licensed. My question is: how hard is it to apply and get sponsored to obtain your RIBO license? I’m a little bit worried because I don’t have a financial background education, but I do have four years of experience in customer service.

    Hi Mike,

    Insurance can be extremely complicated, and while the majority of our staff have their RIBO licenses, many outside of the industry don’t actually know what their policies cover. There’s tons of courses out there to support you in preparing for the exam (like this list that P&C Learning offers: https://pnclearning.com/ribo-courses-ontario-insurance-broker/) and it can be a good way to get the basic knowledge needed for the exam.

    The best thing for someone aspiring to be a broker is to get real life experience in the industry. You’ll need to pass the exam to obtain your license but it’s just as important to see what you learn in practice. If you’re interested in working in insurance, we’d recommend looking for an entry level job that doesn’t require a license – TSR, Reception, etc. – so you can get some hands-on experience. This can make the test and transitioning into the role of a broker a lot easier.


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