Influencer spotlight

Influencer spotlight

54-40: Aim high and always keep pushing forward

July 10, 2023

Multi-platinum selling rock band and Canadian music legends 54-40 have been making songs together for more than 40 years.…

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Sisi Kleiner-Fisman: Inspiring people of all ages

July 4, 2023

Like all kids, 11-year-old Sisi Kleiner-Fisman is excited for summer. But her break is looking a bit different than most…

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Tyler McGregor: Empower and inspire others

April 14, 2023

The captain of Canada’s national Para ice hockey team, a three-time Paralympic medallist and two-time world champion,…

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Dakota Ray Hebert: You never know until you try

April 10, 2023

This year, Dakota Ray Hebert made a promise to herself. The award-winning Dene actor, comedian and writer from Saskatchewan…

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Gurdeep Pandher: Spreading joy, hope and positivity to everyone

December 20, 2022

Last year, Gurdeep Pandher was featured on YouTube billboards nationwide with a simple but very true message: “Taught…

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Matt Basile: Keeping things fresh and staying hungry

October 7, 2022

He may be a renowned chef and food entrepreneur, but Matt Basile actually started his career in a cubicle, not a kitchen.…

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Meet Mitch, the world’s first brand of lovable insurance.

July 11, 2022

Last year we began a journey to modernize our brand in response to the changes happening in our world, and now under our new…

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Alan Cross: Staying lovable in a digital world

July 7, 2022

A self-described “professional music geek,” Alan Cross is one of Canada’s best-loved radio broadcasters, an author,…

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Hannah Alper: Small actions matter

June 30, 2022

So many people want to help drive change, but don’t know how or where to start. We totally get it – trying to figure out how you…

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Brianne Jenner: Writing a new story

June 23, 2022

An 11-year-old Brianne Jenner watched the Canadian women’s hockey team win gold in Salt Lake City in 2002 and dreamed of…

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