Ontario liquor liability insurance coverage

Any business that sells or serves alcohol needs the protection offered by liquor liability insurance. Liquor liability coverage mitigate risks of lawsuits due to injuries or accidents caused by someone you’ve provided with alcohol. Businesses that would be deemed responsible for the intoxicated behaviour of their patrons include restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, wineries, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, and companies providing bar tending services.

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How does liquor liability insurance work?

Liquor liability insurance offers you or your business coverage when someone files a lawsuit against you for injuries or damages they caused to themselves or someone else as a result of being inebriated. Your business is responsible for your customer’s drunkenness since you served them or sold them alcoholic beverages. This specific type of insurance also covers special one-day events such as beer tents and corporate occasions.

Examples of liquor liability

Your business is simply at greater risk whenever serving or providing alcohol is involved. So you must play a more responsible role during this activity in order to prevent excessive drinking. Here are some examples of situations where your liability is increased:

  • Serving more alcohol to someone already appearing to be drunk. Your serving staff need to be vigilant and refuse service if necessary.
  • Denying service can be very difficult especially because you cannot use excessive force without being further liable for your patrons’ well-being.
  • At a staff party, the employer is liable for any intoxicated behaviour of their employees.
  • Simply being the owner of the club or restaurant where drinking occurs increases your liability since you are responsible for everyone’s safety.

Do you need liquor liability insurance?

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