What is comprehensive home insurance?

Comprehensive home insurance covers your building and other structures on your property, as well as your personal belongings from all risks, other than specific exclusions.

Buying a home is usually the largest purchase most of us will ever make. So it makes sense to want to protect it thoroughly with comprehensive home insurance, which as the name suggests gives you the most complete coverage against all risks or perils.

With comprehensive home insurance, in the event of a claim the onus of proof on the insurer to prove an exclusion, meaning that claims with indeterminate causes under all perils are often covered sooner and more comprehensively than other policies. This means more peace of mind for you.

What does comprehensive home insurance cover?

Comprehensive home insurance protects your property from all risks (with the exception of standard exclusions).

Types of home insurance compared
  Fire and extended coverages Broad form coverage Comprehensive coverage
Dwelling building Named perils only Yes Yes
Additional buildings Named perils only Yes Yes
Contents Named perils only Named perils only Yes
Additional living expenses Yes Yes Yes
Personal liability Yes Yes Yes
Voluntary medical payments Yes Yes Yes
Voluntary property damage Yes Yes Yes

Exclusions: What’s not covered by comprehensive home insurance?

There are two areas of risk not usually covered by any type of home insurance policy, which are:

1. Uninsurable risks

If damage to your home is due to plumbing pipes freezing in winter, this is not covered or insurable since it is considered to be preventable with proper home maintenance. Other examples of uninsurable risks known as exclusions are:

  • Wear-and-tear
  • Intentional application of heat
  • Animal or insect damage
  • Pollution

2. Additional coverage options

Numerous options known as endorsements are available that allow you to extend your home insurance coverage to include situations or property not covered by a standard policy. The most frequently chosen endorsements include:

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