Voluntary medical payments – what’s covered?

At a glance: If someone other than you or another member of your household is injured on your property as the result of an accident, Voluntary Medical Payment coverage can provide payments for medical costs incurred by the injury victim—whether you’re legally liable or not.

Voluntary Medical Payments offer a quick, efficient home insurance coverage solution to minor medical claims, saving time and money associated with lengthy and complex liability claims. Insurers in Ontario offer coverage for Voluntary Medical Payments that typically range between $5,000 – $10,000, and there is no deductible.

For example, if a houseguest or your child’s nanny slips on a bathmat and breaks his or her leg, the ambulance ride, crutches, and physiotherapy would all be covered, even though you’re not legally responsible.

Payments include medical expenses that are directly related to the accident, such as:

  • Ambulance service
  • Dental care
  • Hospital expenses
  • Extended health services (such as physiotherapy)
  • Funeral costs

If you feel responsible for an injury that occurs on your property, you can ask your insurance provider to make a voluntary medical payment to the victim to cover out-of-pocket expenses that are directly related to their injuries. Voluntary Medical Payments are made at the sole discretion of you, the policyholder, and are available for up to one year following each injury. Only approved expenses qualify for coverage.

What isn’t covered by voluntary medical payments?

Voluntary Medical Payments coverage does not cover:

  • Expenses covered by any medical, dental, surgical or hospitalization coverage
  • Your medical expenses or those of anyone living with you, other than residence employees
  • Any medical expenses covered by Workers’ Compensation
  • Costs related to loss of income – only approved medical expenses are covered

For more information on specific limits and home insurance exclusions, be sure to speak with your broker.

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