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Aviva Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK-based Aviva plc, one of the largest property and auto insurance companies in the world, its roots going back as far as 1696.

Aviva Canada Group

HeadquartersMarkham, Ontario
Employees~ 4,300 (2023)
Canadian Mkt. Share*10.84% (2017)
Insurance ProductsHome, Auto, Specialty and Business Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
ParentAviva plc.
* Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

Aviva Canada is one of the largest general insurers in Canada, providing home, automobile, specialty, and business insurance to over 3M customers across the country. Aviva’s roots in Canada can be traced back to 1835, when Canada Accident Assurance Companywas incorporated, followed by the The General Accident Assurance Company of Canada in 1906.

Since 2009, Aviva Canada has awarded Millions of dollars to hundreds of charities and community groups across Canada through the Aviva Community Fund.

Aviva Canada has offices draws from resources around the world to support its Canadian clients. When a company this big focuses on four lines of insurance, it becomes easier for brokers and underwriters to offer precise solutions that clients need.

Aviva Canada’s Advantages

Aviva Canada makes finding, paying for, and using insurance easier than most other companies in the industry. The company has an extensive social media presence, which includes answering client questions quickly. As a large insurer, Aviva Canada has the financial resources to give options to clients that smaller insurers cannot. For example, there is a disappearing deductible program for the company’s auto insurance offerings that is popular with clients all over the world. Other advantages of Aviva Canada insurance include:

  • Extensive Customer Support – Aviva Canada excels at many levels of customer support including a simplified claims process, operators available to answer questions 24-hours a day, and an extensive customer knowledge library that teaches customers the basics of insurance. Aviva Canada also uses its network of thousands of professional brokers as more points of contact and informational resources for clients all over the world.
  • Vast Financial Resources – The Aviva group of companies has 29 million customers in 16 countries around the world. That kind of success creates a huge pool of financial resources that can be used to innovate new products and offer coverage options that other companies simply cannot offer. A strong financial base allows Aviva Canada to customize solutions for clients and offer premiums that can fit any client’s budget.
  • Fighting Insurance Fraud – One of the reasons Aviva Canada is able to keep premiums low is its proactive battle against insurance fraud. Insurance fraud costs insurance companies around the world billions of dollars, and it is an obstacle in keeping premiums down. But Aviva Canada puts a tremendous amount of resources into identifying and prosecuting fraud, and that is an approach that saves every client money.

Aviva Canada’s Insurance Products

Aviva Canada is an expert in auto and property insurance because that is all the company does. With a laser-like focus on the insurance issues that directly affect every Aviva client, the company is able to develop strong services and effective coverage options.

Auto Insurance

Aviva has developed some of the most comprehensive auto insurance policy options in the industry. When you buy Aviva auto insurance, you enjoy:

  • Roadside assistance 24-hours a day, seven days a week
  • Discounts for bundling your auto coverage with other Aviva insurance
  • A discount of 15 percent if your vehicle has an Automatic Emergency Brake system
  • A discount of 20 percent when you insure multiple vehicles
  • The chance to have your deductible dropped to $0 after five years of accident-free driving
  • The chance to get a 15 percent discount if you avoid driving convictions for three straight years

Aviva auto insurance also offers additional coverage options such as:

  • Collision protection
  • Temporary vehicle replacement
  • Comprehensive liability coverage for theft, vandalism, and other events

Aviva Auto Insurance Rate Changes, 2010 – Present (What’s this?)

Aviva Rate Changes vs. Avg Rate Changes For Ontario Market

Home Insurance

Aviva Canada home insurance offers comprehensive property protection and a long list of coverage benefits that include disappearing deductibles. Coverage is offered for:

  • Home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Tenant insurance for property renters

Business Insurance

Aviva Canada is one of the larger commercial insurance providers in Canada, and it has been offering comprehensive business coverage to Ontario businesses for decades. From the liability coverage you need to protect your business from the kinds of challenges that could cause financial disaster to special protection for your industry, Aviva Canada has it all and can also provide coverage enhancements to get the insurance to fit your specific business needs.

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Property protection for commercial managers and real estate owners
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Educational institutions
  • Charitable organizations
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive repair

Companies in the Aviva Canada Group

  • Aviva Insurance Company of Canada: Over 100 years in Canada, offering personal and business insurance products through a network of independent insurance brokers.
  • Elite Insurance Company: Canada’s largest insurer of leisure and lifestyle products.
  • Traders General Insurance Company: Provides group home and auto insurance coverage to large and mid-sized organizations throughout Canada.
  • Pilot Insurance Company: Insurance products and services for Ontario residents exclusively.
  • Scottish & York Insurance Co. Limited: Competitively priced home and auto coverage.
  • S&Y Insurance Company: Auto insurance for Newfoundland and Labrador residents exclusively.

Aviva Canada Insurance Quotes

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Contact one of our insurance brokers to get a quote from Aviva Canada for coverage in Ontario: rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Aviva Canada Reviews

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Document delivery
Aviva Canada
Head Office:
10 Aviva Way, Suite 100, Markham, Ontario L6G 0G1, Canada
Phone Number: 1-800-387-4518
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Don’t bother

Filing a Claim with these people is extremely tough. They take and take and take your money.
but when it comes to file a claim, they make it impossibly difficult.

Desmond Lobo
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Amazing Customer service

Rithi the customer service agent was truly amazing .She was patient and well informed .
Was a real pleasure dealing with her .

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

I had to get a lawyer

Aviva wanted to perform structural repairs to my garage and refused to get a building permit for the work and do the work illegally leaving me liable. I had to hire a lawyer to get aviva to even come close to the actual cost of the repair and even then i'll need to pay out of pocket for the proper repair

David Hynes
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Blindsided by aviva

Aviva insurance dropped me for insurance after 2 years because I made a $3000 claim for a new door when my vehicle was hit and it’s door damaged when I was nowhere around. Beware.
Btw im waiting for my 1000 deductible back that you said when the homeowners insurance pays out for their golf cart that rolled into my car that I would get back. No at fault claims. Just dropped after 2 yrs

Can i give 0 stars?? It’s funny when people who have never made a claim or their claim is not finished and they leave a positive review. Wait until the dust settles. I thought mine went ok too but I was just booted and havent been repaid my 1k. If I had given them my review when they asked 2 months ago id be trying to delete it somehow now.

Kim Schultz
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


I have unfortunately been with aviva 10 to 15 years . Never had a problem until I made a claim. Another driver hit me head on after drifting into my lane of traffic. The force pushed me into the right lane and all the way over past the other set of lights up and over the crosswalk and into the light pole! My dog hit the dash so hard i thought after blacking out and coming too for sure dead and is now so traumatized! This was No fault of mine. Due to the stupidity and carelessness of an 18 year old with g2 license.
They will not give me even half of what my vehicle is worth. They also lie to save themselves more of your money. Told me they will not pay for the new tires I had installed only a month before and barely got to use when I’m paying every month to be FULLY covered! Excuse me but What am I even paying these people for… nothing? And they expect that to be good enough too and dont care how you feel about it either. Disgusting humans. They took the rental away after 2 weeks! 2 weeks! After offering me a ** settlement I obviously wasnt accepting. What a joke! Sooo soooo cheap they are. Its pathetic this company. Don’t bother even speaking to the at fault drivers insurance company who should be paying for my rental ! And to top it off they seriously had the audacity to tell me they are there to help me?! Are you kidding me!? How is that HELPING someone! delusional! They will not do anything but the least amount they absolutely must. It’s disgusting how they scam people and pay their way by stealing your money. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. This company Is nothing but a joke and a big scam! They don’t help whatsoever as they don’t care one little bit. They are only there to help themselves and collect your money and that is clearly all . Horrid and useless company. Run by greedy selfish entitled Liars! Total waste of your money. You’re better off with sonnet or even no insurance at all. Keep it up aviva one day you’ll have no one left to screw over due to all your well deserved ***tty reviews! Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. I had a much worse experience dealing with these people than i had getting into the accident and dealing with the pain and trauma!! Get **nt aviva! just like the pole my car crashed into. 😒 another good customer gone due to your poorly managed scam of a company and horrible treatment and service
My real rating would be – 0!

Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Do not buy your policy from any Aviva owned company

Stay away from any bank or broker that uses Aviva as the underwriter for your policy. Stay away from these companies because they are owned by Aviva: Elite Ins, Traders General Ins, Pilot Ins, Scottish and York Ins, S&Y Ins.

I’ve been with Aviva through RBC insurance for several years and the one time I need them for a major accident I was in that involved my truck rolling over, (I was not at fault and dashcam video proved it) they messed up my claim. The Claims Adjusters Stephanie made no attempt to resolve the problems her company caused.

Buy your policy ELSEWHERE and save yourself the HASSLE of dealing with the horrible customer service. Look at their reviews. It says it all!!!

Brent Thomas
Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Worst Company in Canada AVOID

The most selfish, uncaring, arrogant, insurance company in Canada. I have had a few different insurers, as I have moved provinces, and I worked in insurance as well in Ontario. I will warn you that Aviva is the worst. If you have even a small claim, they send you for repairs to the cheapest, dirtiest repair shop. I know this from experience (a bumper repair). They are known as the worst insurer. Please, don’t trust this greedy, anti customer company. I implore you!!

K Vaillancourt
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Terrific Response Re: Home Insurance

Came home from a weekend away to discover my basement had flooded with a couple of inches of water ruining flooring, insulation, drywall and some furniture. Traced the source to an outside sediment faucet with a garden hose attached. Water had accidentally been left on and the hose split in the sun causing water to run down the foundation all weekend thereby seeping into the basement due to the flat and level grading of the property.

Called Aviva that morning (a Sunday) and they offered to send the adjuster that day. I told them to wait until the next day since the damage was already done and I had identified and shut off the source and therefore, it couldn’t get any worse in next 24 hours. They agreed.

The adjuster showed up the next day before lunch as promised, the claim was filed submitted later that day and remediation began that week. Aviva covered 100% of the cleanup/remediation work. I was given options with regard to how we were to be made whole. I could use their recommended contractor(s), hire my own contractor or take a buyout cheque. I opted to take the cheque that would cover 75% of the estimated damages and do the repairs myself.

I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with Aviva’s prompt response!

Frank Calcagni
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Horrible heartless company

I am a 30 year veteran of personal injury litigation. Aviva is unquestionably the worst auto insurer I’ve ever dealt with. They rarely pay out claims even for very seriously injured clients and threaten to take your home or wages if you dare go to trial to have a jury hear your case. Use any other company. Intact, cooperators, Allstate, gore, portage, cumin, td, certas, wawanesa ! Anyone but Aviva.

Laura M
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Horrible company !!!

Run from this company !!!!! I have dealt with a lot of insurance companies and Aviva is the WORST !!! Over 3 months and my car is still not fixed, I have asked for a manager over 5 times and keep being told one is not available and will contact me, 3 months later and I still have never been contacts or spoken to a manager. They run you in circles just to avoid dealing with your claim. I think they do it intentionally so that people will give up and pay out of pocket. Total scam of a company !!! I would give them negative rating if I could !!

aubrey roy
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


I went on my first plan on my own with Aviva and they offered me a decent rate of 290$. To me being a new driver this price is good so i went for it. Everything was going alright, no issues at all. About a year passes by and renewal time…My renewal was Oct 25th and I did not receive any form of renewal papers or form online stating what my insurance would be for this year. I should have gotten this at least 30 days prior to the 25th but got nothing. Then I had them cancel my policy for the 25th since I found some place cheaper but they went and charged me 350$ as if I stayed with them. Then I filled a complaint to get my refund which took over a week to hear back from them and got an email saying ill get refunded and money back in my account in 2 days then got a paper in the mail saying ill get it back in 10 days… terrible customer service. Will never be going back with them again and would not recommend.

Karin Klassen
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Unhappy Aviva Customer

I lost a bunch of my roof shingles in the last storm – Aviva is only covering the roof repair for the side that lost all the shingles – even though they can’t match the shingles on the rest of the roof anymore. So now unless I fork out a significant amount to fix the roof properly, I will be left with a patchwork of a roof. Extremely poor.

Alyssa Harris
Rating: 4.5 4.5 /5 stars

Not bad

In 2021 when my previous policy was about to renew I went onto kanetix.ca and found Aviva / Scoop was my lowest rate so I went with them. throughout the year i no issues. one time I had a missed payment and I called to ask why the payment wasn’t taken out and they let me know the payment bounced and it’ll be taken on x date with a $50 NSF fee. they didn’t send a letter or email I must note that I had to call. Unfortunately a missed payment happened again and they sent a letter for cancellation stating that if it wasn’t paid by x date they will cancel my policy. I paid by the date and they sent a letter back saying no interruptions will be made with my account and thanks for my payment. I see a lot of bad comments but I haven’t had that bad of an experience with them. My next renewal date is coming up and aviva and CAA are my lowest rates (despite 2 missed payments [which I cleared up before the next payment date] aviva is still one of my lowest insurers.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Stay away from Aviva like plague

Once you give them your payment information, they charge you for anything they want & there’s nobody to answer you, no contact# , or person who can be reached easily to give you a satisfactory answer.
Their offices, which stores no money or valuables, is more restricted than even military nuclear weapon facilities.

After a dispute with Aviva for the baselessly charging me for around $1,700, we agreed to settle the dispute with a payment of $1,059.65 by Aviva to me.

I received the cheque from Aviva (which was sent wrong address) & deposited in my account & shortly after deposit they withdraw the funds from my account.

Amanpreet Gaidu
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Do not get AVIVA

This company is not at all trustworthy. I got into a auto collision and they are taking the whole month to do the investigation and still haven’t got any response yet. And they are making issues due to address i just got my car 4 months back and the other one month is gone already in investigation and we have basically 90 days to change the address and all. I left the place in october and hadn’t even passed the 90 days and they are making issue of that. Totally disappointed. Will cancel with them if i get anything negative from them. Do not trust them‼️

Asheka Scott
Rating: 3.5 3.5 /5 stars

Aviva for the win

I needed coverage for my first ever vehicle buy and aviva offered me coverage. No bad experience so far.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t buy from Aviva. They will lie to you about everything when it comes for them to pay for your claim. Take your money get insurance with a company that is professional and their staff members are honest with the client.

Their client care lied to me over and over. Then I spoke With the manager she acknowledged the service reps went trained properly.

Douglas Schulek-Miller
Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

so far , so good…

took over from old insurer and gave me more coverage at better price… isnt that what you want?

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

AVIVA CAnada – Unreasonable, unethical, fraudulent.

Many years ago they canceled my auto insurance without telling me, while still withdrawing payments from my bank account, because they looked back in my past and saw that I had put a hold on payments for just over 6 months. Now they canceled my home insurance for non payment when my bank (Simplii) permitted them to debit my account on unknown increased payments plus extra $50 NSFees when funds were available! And it’s like nobody at the bank, nor PC Insurance Broker, nor AVIVA wants to resolve nor help fix a mess that was totally out of my control. It’s a living nightmare; the Canadian way of life is so corrupt! ZERO STARS for AVIVA, PC INSURANCE BROKER, & Simplii

Ms Teresa LeMoine
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Too early to tell. Haven’t had any issues or claims. Price was great though. Very friendly.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

50 NSF fee seems unethical

Oh man… I have a bone to pick with Aviva Insurance Co. (purchased through RBC Insurance) as I feel they are ripping off possibly thousands of Canadians if my case isn’t isolated. Here’s what happened:
We got this letter in the mail a few days ago (image attached).
They said that they were unable to charge my credit card, and they are charging me a $50 NSF fee? The monthly insurance is only $35.66. When we called them to dispute this ridiculous fee, they said that we had to contact our bank (RBC Visa) and find out why the charge was declined. They would only return the $50 IF the bank accepted responsibility for the error. Very odd customer service, but on to the next step.
I called my bank, and while there was plenty of room on the credit card, they said that Aviva had been using a credit card that had a 2017 expiry date on it for the past 3 years of charges. The Aviva rep explained that they had some sort of agreement with RBC/Moneris that expired cards will still be honored, which is why it was still working for 3 years. Well as of the last charge, it stopped working for them. Aviva told us it was due to “insufficient funds”, but the bank says it was because they used a 2017 expiry date that was no longer accepted.
I believe what happened: RBC Visa just issued me a new card, and the 2017 old old one stopped working. The weird part here is it looks like Aviva may have recently updated their system because when I first called in they told me that had the card on file with the 2024 expiry (which we never provided to them), which PROVES that they have an agreement between RBC Insurance and RBC Visa to automatically update the expiry dates when new cards are issued.
My concern here is not so much over the personal $50 charge, but is for the thousands of Canadians that are being charged $50 NSF fees by Aviva / RBC Insurance when a credit card doesn’t work. Through our company, we have over 100 monthly credit card charges that come through, and occasionally, they bounce for whatever reason. Not once have I see a company charge us anything for that… they simply send us a notification and let us know they will try the card again in X days, or warn us that service may be interrupted after a certain date.
Does anyone know the name of the government bureau that I can write to about this?
Does this $50 fee for an expired expiry date seem ethical? Yes, I know that when you get a new card, it is up to you to reach out to all of your vendors, BUT every single other vendor simply lets me know they need the new #, and I’ve never once been charged an NSF fee for that.
Any recommendations on home insurance providers I can switch to that have more ethical payment policies?

Don Doyle
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Good service when i had a motorcycle accident 5 years ago, they also have the best rates for insurance,

Dorin Hankin
Rating: 3 3 /5 stars

vehicle replacement

I recently replaced a vehicle on my policy. As I phoned in I expected a long drawn out experience. Happily I spoke with Judith Ralph who made everything so easy and professional and answered all my questions. Great experience

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Appalling customer service / terrible to deal with

Horrible company to process a claim with STAY AWAY…. I wish I had checked ratings on these guys before doing business with them.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

No, don’t! Better to have no insurance.

I didn’t listen to the reviews and that was a huge mistake. Should be zero stars. Think you’ll save money with AVIVA? You won’t. Customer service representative tells you one thing and approves you for a tow, then a year later AVIVA sends a bill saying they won’t cover it. But not to you. Nope, you’ll get your first inkling when you get a letter from a collection agency. Total rip-off company. DO. NOT. INSURE. WITH. AVIVA. PLEASE. Protect yourself from being abused. Better to have no insurance then AVIVA.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars


Was in a not at fault accident and had to send them the highway traffic act and dashcam video and was still called at fault until the other party’s insurance saw the video and took full fault. The woman dealing with my case was so rude. When I had issues with how it was all being handled and the rental car I was told by their manager that “if I didn’t like the rental car a bus pass could always be supplied.” I have never had such a horrible experience with a company, let alone one I’m spending $4000+ at a year. When my year is up (which can’t come fast enough) I’m getting away from this corrupted company forever!!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

dont buy insurance from this company

fire loss mid December still looking at the mess in my yard and no communication on when the process will start terrible company

Ed L. Hansen
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Don’t buy from Wawanesa Insurance. Very bad adjusters that will keep stalling till they starve you into accepting poor settlement. They may be cheaper till you have an accident, then make up for by ripping you off on settlements. .

I have had a couple ligetimen claims and there was no questions asked that were not reasonable . Repairs were done quickly and no repercussions.
They may not be the cheapest, but I did not have to haggle with an unreasonable adjuster. At no time did I even hear from an adjuster.
I would like to see lower prices on second vehicle especially when insurer is single and principle driver of both vehicle.

Bryan Oliver
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Unprofessional and worst customer service

Don’t use Aviva insurance. Very unprofessional and terrible customer service!

I’ve been with Aviva insurance for about 6 months now. When I signed up with my visa debit card, just like I did with my last car insurance company, I also pay several other bills without any issue. Well in August I couldn’t figure out why my payment hadn’t been taken out on the 16th. So I waited a few days thinking their just late taking my payment out.

So on August 20th, I call to find out it wasn’t taken out yet. The guy says it’s against their policy to accept Visa Debit they needed my checking account info. I said that was fine, however I disputed my 50$ nsf fee. Because I had the funds in my account and it was their mistake to not inform me that they don’t accept Visa Debit when I started the account. So he said he’d wave the 50$ fee.

So in September I called to give them to give them a change of address and give them my bank info. The agent informed me that my that my policy would be an extra 500$, which is ridiculous to begin with but I agreed. As far as I’m concerned thats a verbal contract. I get my new policy today and it’s a 546$ increase. That’s an extra 46$ more than I agreed to. Continuing with that 2nd agent, at the end of the call she told me my amount owing for September was 50$ more than usual. Without getting a chance to respond, she hung up.

So I called back immediately, realizing the mistake. Fyi, the first 2 calls I got through to an agent in less than 20 min. I waited an hour before I could speak to the next agent. So, they’ve obviously flagged my number now. Anyways, I finally talk to an agent and informs me that I still have the nsf fee from August. She tells me they can only way to wave the nsf fee if I show the bank documents. She didn’t give me an email address or anything to send the bank documents. Something the first representative should have said to me in August and it would have been delt with. Being very frustrated now, I asked to speak to a manager to straighten this out. She informs me that she doesn’t have a manager available. I said to her I pay good money for your services and it’s unprofessional not to have someone to deal with this. She said the only thing she could do is make a note and have her manager call me back. Being a Friday Monday was the soonest I could get a call back. Monday was when my insurance was due. So I ended up paying the 50$ fee.

Waited all week for a call back. I had one voicemail that I couldn’t understand, which must have been them. So today I got my new policy in the mail with the extra 46$ added to my policy and still having paid the extra 50$ last month.

So, I called today to deal with it again. Another one hour wait on hold. As soon as I get an agent, I insisted that I speak to a manager. Apparently the manager isn’t available again. The agent I was speaking to was one of the most condescending people I’ve ever spoken to. Spoke to him for about 30min. By the end of our conversation he was literally mocking me. I worked in customer service and sales for a couple of year. I know my rights as a consumer. If it was anyone else besides the insurance company I would be compensated with free services. Which I’ve done several times in the past! Not to mention I would have been fired on the spot if I talked to anyone like that.

If someone knows a good place where I can post this I would really appreciate it. This kind of customers service should not be tolerated.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

after being a member for 15 years the renewal process was impossible. I went else where.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Worst company

Worst garbage company .believe me u will never get ur claim when needed.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Terrible Company

Extremely disappointed with the service level in relation to our 100% not-at-fault claim. Have been with Aviva for years. We were lied to, mislead, low-balled and generally mistreated when we needed assistance the most. Stay clear of this company.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars


Absolute garbage company. Got my notification in the mail for my renewal. Come to find out they INCREASED my premiums for home and auto insurance. After 6 years with them, this is how they treat my husband and I. He had 1 MINOR traffic ticket and they tried to blame it on that. Normal insurance companies DECREASE your rates over time. Not RBC Aviva… Not a chance. The representative then informs me that they applied to whomever to be able to INCREASE everyone’s premiums.. they increased it alright.. They got approved to increase their premiums by 20%!! This is absolutely absurd. My car insurance increased by almost $100 and my tenant insurance increased by $20! Unreal. It’s almost criminal how they’re allowed to get away with this. Ever since they partnered up with Aviva everything has gone to crap. Stay away from them. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars


I had been a loyal customer for over 15 years. They informed me this year that in order to be renewed by them I would have to re submit an application and if my application was approved they would no longer take monthly payments (I have never missed a payment in 15 years) and I would have to pay my premium up front. So I went out and got some quotes from other insurance companies and they were all substantially lower than the premium I was paying at Aviva. I feel ripped off and disrespected by Aviva so never again will I go to them for my insurance needs.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Aviva a horror story

For anyone that has auto insurance from Aviva Canada I strongly suggest you find a new provider and for anyone who is contemplating using them for insurance to stay well clear of them.
They are a horror story and only want your money and will find any excuse to avoid payouts.
Here is my horror story.
I have had them for over 10 years as my auto insurance provider and dutifully paid the premiums on time, every time, even when I heard others had cheaper premiums with other companies.
Stupid me.
On July 2018 I was involved in an auto collision. The other driver was at fault and was charged with careless driving by the police officer. It was my bad luck that he also had Aviva insurance. I reported the accident in same day. Aviva quickly wrote off the vehicle, even though the damage did not seem that extensive, and low balled me on the payout. Less than half of what I paid 2 years prior. I argued that I had done some major repair work on it 6 months prior and should be at least partially compensated for that as well. According to Aviva that is apparently where I committed a sin. It seems we cannot question been ripped off by them. After 1 months of no definitive answers from them, in frustration I cancelled my multiple auto and property policies with Aviva. They lost a total of $6,600 annual premiums because of their unprofessional approach. And really for a mere $12,000 claim. That appeared to have been my second mistake. I believe that they thought it was now payback for cancelling my policies.
They took over 6 months to make a case that the work was not done as detailed in the receipts I provided. They put me through a phone and an in-person interrogation (the gestapo could not have done a better job). The end result was that they declined my claim including the car rental I used for 1 week after the accident. While it may be true that the auto shop cheated me on the work done in the bills they should have simply declined the receipts and maintained their original offer, low as it was. Talk about adding salt to a wound.
I have now retained a lawyer and proceeding with legal action against Aviva.
Stay away from this scam of a company.

Stanley Seecoomar
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Aviva Cheaters

This is a RIP off the way these people do business.
Terrible encounter after taking my money then cheated me.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

FRAUDULENT F***S!!!!!!!!!!!


Frank Emili
Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars


Worst company to deal with when you submit a claim.

2 months since a car accident where the other driver was at fault and charged and I still have not received a penny for my vehicle which Aviva wrote off.

On July 27, 2018 I was involved in a car accident where the other driver came out of a side street and side swiped my vehicle. Police was called, and the other driver charged since he was clearly at fault. Police filed a report, and, in turn, I submitted a claim with Aviva Insurance same day. Found out other driver has same insurance company. Aviva wrote off my vehicle though damage did not seem extensive to me. They low balled the value of my vehicle ($8,000 CDN). I made an argument that it should be more ($11,000 CDN) and submitted repair/upgrade bills to make my case. They responded that they will investigate but also pressured me into giving up my rental car within 5 days after the accident though rental cost were way below what I was entitled to. I was subjected to 2 lengthy interviews by Aviva that were more like interrogations questioning the accident and costs. Asked for a detailed written report from me and asked for a witness signature, Commissioner for Oaths, which resulted in lawyer fees. Before I obtained the signature, I sent a filled-out form (that had no instructions) to Aviva requesting a review to ensure it was completed correctly so it would not be rejected. Review came back good. I got the signature and submitted the form. It was rejected within 3 days by Aviva. Reason: “said loss was caused by” should have said “Collision” while I wrote in “Improper left turn by other driver”. I refilled it out and got a new signature which resulted in more lawyer fees. 2 weeks since I submitted and still no response. I phoned the Aviva representative several times. No response and left voicemails. It is now Sep 19 and almost 2 months since accident and no compensation from Aviva.

Next stage is to get a lawyer and start litigation.

I have had insurance from Aviva for just over 10 years and paid them over $60,000 CDN in fees and this is how they treat you when you make a claim, and not a large one at that.

I have since cancelled my cars insurance, house insurance and cottage insurance with Aviva.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

The worst stay away

First off they hate motorcycles!

The woman literally is telling me what bike I should be riding ?

I had a dual sport insured with them for a year with no claims no changes to my address or my license etc. and then the next year I had to reapply and they want double now ?

They won’t even insure my super sport at all?

I’m 54 with perfect driving record and get this I’ve been insured with these guys for 30 years !!!

Serious crappy management and what always happens when a company is bought out it turns to total **** !

When are insurance company is going to start facing their premiums on an individual not a number ?

Just because some jerk off rides down the 400 on super sport raising hell doesn’t mean that I’m going to?

I have a car or van house and a boat all insured with these guys ….and that’s gonna change …Statefarm is way way better !!

Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars

Bunch of d***s

Been with them for years. Got a letter saying that they won’t renew me unless I do a new application and send it back to them. No claims or tickets. I don’t understand. Never had a company ask me to re-apply.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

Dishonest and unethical

It’s been over a year since the fire, my parents have been without a home and work has not been started yet. The preferred vendor gave up after chasing them for payment to begin work. Now I’m told I have to look for another contractor to provide a quote and start the process all over again. Meanwhile, my parents are on the verge of losing their home because they haven’t received any compensation. What is the point of insurance if this is how they treat people when they need it. This can’t be legal.

Bobby Andrews
Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

Save a bunch of dough on my tenants insurance. Stoked!