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Created when Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Glengarry Mutual Insurance Company, and Lanark Mutual Insurance Company merged, The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group provides residential, commercial, farm, auto, and watercraft coverage in Ontario.

The Commonwell’s status as a member-owned organization makes it sensitive to the needs and opinions of all of its customers.

The Commonwell has come to excel in:

  • Custom auto and home insurance for a variety of needs
  • Carefully monitoring costs to keep premiums down
  • Strong commercial offerings for Ontario businesses
  • A variety of coverage options that include farm and watercraft insurance

The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group

HeadquartersLindsay, Ontario
Employees51 – 200
Canadian Mkt. Share*0.33% (2022)
ProductsAuto, Home, Boat, Tenant, Condo, Business, & Farm Insurance
*Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

Commonwell Mutual has strong offerings in residential, commercial, farm, auto, and watercraft coverage, and it is also known for its generous discounts. Commonwell Mutual also has special programs such as its Create A Ripple Effect (C.A.R.E.) initiative that helps funds community organizations that provide valuable services in health care, child development, and safety. Because Commonwell is a mutual company, members have a say in business processes through shareholder voting. Commonwell Mutual takes great pride in its accountability to its members, and the communities it serves.

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Commonwell’s Strengths

Potential customers are interested in becoming members of Commonwell Mutual because of the company’s insistence that the members make the rules. Each year, members have a strong say in important processes such as premium pricing development, coverage options, and the company’s community involvement. The company offers many benefits, but the most prominent ones include:

  • Direct Member Input – The ability of members to put premium costs in check and have a say in the types of coverage offered cannot be understated. Customers who want to feel like their voice matters and their outrage counts for something find the member-owned element of Commonwell to be empowering. By giving members the ability to be part of the business decision making process, Commonwell has created a bond with its customers that is stronger than other insurance companies.
  • Versatility In Coverage – Since it was created, Commonwell Mutual has focused on offering the precise type of coverage options its members need. In Ontario, farming is an important part of life, and boating is extremely popular throughout the summer. Commonwell brokers are able to customize coverage to make its products extremely relevant to each individual customer.
  • Combined Strength – Commonwell Mutual was created when three mutual insurance companies based in Ontario came together to create a larger and stronger entity. The strength of combining multiple mutual companies creates a stable financial foundation that members can rely on, and members also benefit from years of experience in servicing Ontario insurance needs. Commonwell Mutual also offers resources such as hand-picked auto repair shops, a larger network of professional brokers, and the underwriting experience necessary to exceed customer expectations.

Commonwell Mutual Insurance Products

Commonwell Mutual focuses on the real life needs of its personal and commercial lines clients. The company also works to develop discounts that help bring down the cost of insurance for its members even more.

Residential Insurance

Commonwell Mutual offers Ontario property owners coverage such as guaranteed rebuilding costs and $1 million in liability protection in the form of:

  • Home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Tenant insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commonwell has strong lines of commercial insurance coverage for a wide variety of businesses ranging from apartment buildings to retail stores. Coverage options include:

  • Home-based business coverage
  • Equipment protection
  • Builder’s risk
  • General liability
  • Stock-on-hand coverage

Farm Insurance

The farming industry is very prevalent throughout the province of Ontario, and Commonwell Mutual has the kind of coverage farmers need. The range of protection offered through Commonwell includes:

  • Farm dwellings coverage
  • Livestock and produce protection
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Builders’ risk
  • Coverage for bordered livestock
  • Limited pollution liability coverage

Automobile Insurance

Commonwell Mutual offers comprehensive auto insurance with a wide range of discount options. The company’s vast array of discounts includes:

  • Seniors and retirees
  • Vehicles with winter tires that meet company safety guidelines
  • New driver discounts
  • Multi-vehicle and product bundling
  • Out-of-town students
  • Customers with short commutes to and from work

Watercraft Insurance

Ontario’s waterways are busy all summer long with people who love to relax on the open waters during the hot summer months. Commonwell Mutual can help to preserve your summer memories and protect your investment with watercraft insurance that includes:

  • Land transportation within a 500–mile radius of your home port
  • $1 million in liability coverage
  • Full cash value repairs and replacement with a waiver for value depreciation on watercraft less than 10 years in age

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The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group
Head Office:
336 Angeline Street South, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R2, Canada
Phone Number: 1-855-436-5883
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GUYS MOST OF THEIR REPS, BROKERS ARE QUITTING. WHY? Let’s see bad customer service. I had SAVI SINGH yell at me, but hey i yelled back. Cecile was the good apple, but not sure if he was a claim adjustor. Lazy bunch that reply to emails late, send a phony contractor with a 20 year old that knows more stuff than the actual contractor ( who also brags about his mba as if it’s a physics Phd). Last i remembered, don’t need much for an MBA, just ok average with money.This guy states a certain price that is completely off. Ofcourse i understand insurance pricing is different than regular b2c. However, he was WAY off. They literally came for 5 minutes, said ” hey we have had over 300 cases” apologizing about the delay. I knew there would be alot of denials and we would be part of it. Again still being friendly yet suspicious as he should be. However, he sat down and wrote an appeal letter?!! Why ?! For what? He should not even be there if i decide i have to write an appeal letter. Which in turn states that im in the wrong here, where i’m not. I understand seapage and leakage is not part of the policy, however water damage is. What the contractor said is that to fix the issue, it would cost 50k! Yes 50,000! He already lost any credibility with me then. Guess what, i got three DIFFERENT contractors check the issue. Yes paying them 100 everytime they came to confirm my doubts. I ended up choosing one that fixed the WHOLE issue for 5k!!! I even sent them the bill, to SAVI. She thanked me and asked if there is anything else she could do. I demanded to have the ombudsman call me. She did call me, but still nothing. They are condencending with no empathy (or at least fake it like others do). Absolute trash company that doesn’t have anything to do with the insurance business. Its worth paying the 20-40$ more a month at another insurance with peace of mind at least

Kulwant Prewal
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Dont't bother calling..its a bad attitude and they put you on hold for a long time.

They seem to think that we owe them our business. Not friendly.