The Empire Life Insurance Company has been a Canadian provider of life insurance products, wealth management, and group benefits for almost a hundred years. In that time it has become a national provider in life insurance, and a financial services firm that seeks to make insurance and investment simple, painless, and speedy for its customers.

The Empire Life Insurance Company

HeadquartersKingston, Ontario
Employees~860 (2023)
Insurance Products*Term Life, Permanent Life, Critical Illness, and Group Life and Health insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Insurance coverage and availability may vary by province. Speak with your broker for details.

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Company Overview

Going into its 95th year providing life insurance to Canadians, Empire Life started as a local Toronto insurance firm. Expanding into group benefits over the last half-century, then into wealth management & advice as the company has grown into one of Canada’s top-10 life insurance providers, Empire Life has built itself a household name for life insurance.

  • Empire Life offers life insurance policies across several unique products that are easy to understand and claim
  • A variety of employee inclusions for benefit programs, that can be managed by Empire Life
  • Investment opportunities and products, from the usual retirement savings plans, tax-free savings accounts, annuities and funds to specialized portfolios and guaranteed interest accounts

Based in Kingston, Ontario for over 80 years, Empire Life has established itself as a sponsor of the local community, investing in education, community well-being, local arts, and medical health research.

Empire Life Advantages

Wealth management and planning for your future go hand-in-hand with Empire Life, so its greatest advantage comes from services and products across both investment opportunities and insurance protection – a research and selection process that Empire assists with. Empire Life’s focus on designing trustworthy products that customers are satisfied with and can easily understand has widely expanded into helping small and mid-sized companies with research on, administration of, and programming for a full range of employee benefits./p>

  • Trusted Risk Management – Offering the tools, calculators, forms and questionnaires to determine your own needs for life insurance and other coverage, Empire Life matches those needs with a policy that you can count on and a good track record of protecting their customers.
  • 10 Investment Products and 20 different funds – Investment opportunities along side life insurance protection means as a client of Empire Life you can both protect yourself and invest your earnings.
  • Benefit Management – Empire Life’s group benefits products are designed to give you the full picture of what you are getting in exchange for your hard work and how you are protected by your employer. Empire ensures you can access its range of products and have every question answered about your coverage.

Empire Life Insurance Products

Whether you are selecting a policy to protect against the unforeseen, managing your estate to leave substantial gains to loved ones after you are gone, or seeking to cover yourself or your business in the event of an accident or illness, Empire Life offers policies to match the needs of many customers.

Life & Critical Injury Insurance

  • Term Insurance – Often purchased by first-time homeowners, young families, small & medium companies taking start-up risks, and customers seeking flexibility in their insurance plans. Life insurance for a term of your choosing, customized over four payment solutions that let you choose if premiums stay locked after a certain age, or auto-renew every 10 or 20 years, all of which become fully paid up for life-long coverage at age 100.
  • Permanent Life Insurance – Participating & non-participating policies means you can choose for yourself between three products across a variety of payment plans, offering options for older clients and clients seeking long-term value for their families, protection of their estates, and safeguards against your investments’ exposure due to market instability.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Two different critical illness protection plans that cover two tiers of common critical conditions likely to impact you through medical costs, loss of work, financial issues, and other causes of family stress, each package including benefits with an option for a Return of Premium rider.

Investment Services

Through its line of 10 different investment products and a thorough selection of different funds, Empire Life offers to help you manage your wealth.

  • RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, Leveraged Loans and Annuity products for your assets
  • Over 20 different mutual funds, guaranteed investment funds, and guaranteed interest contracts
  • Personally selected Emblem GIF portfolios based on your needs through questionnaires and financial advice

Group Employee Benefits

Offering group benefits for companies with anywhere from 2 to 2000 employees all over Canada, Empire Life makes employers choice of benefits for their employees easy through insurance and other coverage options, concierge benefits for critical illness sufferers, Employee Assistance programs, and benefits for expatriated workers moving from abroad.

  • Over 10 different benefit programs
  • Options for Administrative Service of employer’s 3rd party benefit plans
  • Special programs for small (2-19 employees) Canadian businesses seeking competitive benefits
  • Extra coverage for employers to cover employee health costs not included in their regular insurance plan

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Empire Life Insurance Company
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