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Founded in 1898, Hamilton Township Mutual (HTM) Insurance provides provides Ontario with home, auto, farm and business insurance.

HTM Insurance Company

HeadquartersCobourg, Ontario
Insurance ProductsHome, Auto, Farm, & Commercial Insurance
Provinces LicensedOntario

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Company Overview

Hamilton Township Mutual (HTM) Insurance was founded in 1898 as a company that provided risk protection against fires at Ontario farms. From the company’s founding, HTM Insurance has become a major mutual insurance company in Ontario, and serves customers across the province, specializing in home, auto, farm and business insurance products.

HTM Insurance products are a good fit for customers who want a more familiar feel out of their insurance provider, as well as those who desire a company with a history of experience providing protection against the risks associated with owning and operating a farmstead.

Here are some of the features HTM customers have come to expect.

  • Simple, easy-to-understand policies for homeowners, renters and the owners of farms and other commercial businesses
  • Tailored commercial risk protection
  • A simple online quote system for brokers, agents, stakeholders, and policyholders

Because the company’s business model makes it so easy for brokers and clients to interact, HTM is seen as one of the more user-friendly options in the Ontario insurance market.

The Advantages of HTM Insurance

Hamilton Township Mutual creates the opportunity for a more personal insurance experience for small family farms, small to medium-sized businesses and even individuals who desire a more customized insurance buying experience. Because HTM Insurance isn’t a very large company in comparison to some of its competitors in Ontario, it relies frequently on brokers who are likely to be more familiar with clients in their region, as well as the needs of unique communities around the province.

Here are some the advantages that come with a policy from HTM Insurance:

  • Customizable business insurance policies – HTM makes a point to list out the types of business it covers, but not the protections it includes with its policies. This is because the company aims to customize coverage to the unique needs of different types of businesses, taking into account size, formation, and operational demands, even within the same industries.
  • Big discounts on home and auto coverage – HTM also offers plenty of perks for safe drivers and homeowners who either bundle their home and auto coverage or minimize their risk in various ways, earning discounts as they do.
  • A simple quoting platform – Because HTM isn’t the largest company in the market, it’s had to innovate more to reach customers. The result is a simple online platform, implemented in 2015, that gives brokers and clients fast quotes on insurance products and coverage options.

HTM Insurance Products

Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance offers coverage products in 4 main areas: residential, business, farm and auto policies.

Home Insurance

HTM claims to be able to build a package that suits a unique homeowner’s coverage requirements. The company offers the following coverage options.

  • Condo insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Cottage insurance
  • Basic home insurance
  • Personal liability coverage

With a combination of these policies, a homeowner with HTM as their insurer can choose from the minimum coverage (property and liability) to more extensive plans (insurance for a home’s contents as well as additional properties).

Discounts are available for:

  • Being claims free
  • Being over 50 years of age
  • Having a functional security system and/or fire alarms
  • Having a newer home
  • Having a backup generator

Auto Insurance

HTM Insurance covers all standard vehicles, with the following discounts available for various conditions:

  • Owning and operating a farm vehicle
  • Insuring multiple vehicles under the same policy
  • Multi-line discount for bundling auto coverage with residential coverage
  • Remaining on the same policy for an extended period of time
  • Being Retired
  • Being an experienced driver
  • The option for emergency road service coverage

Plus, policyholders are given the option to purchase additional coverage to protect their good driving record in the event of an accident that they caused. Basically, a driver with a previous safe driving history pays a little more on their policy to ensure that their rates won’t go up after an at-fault accident.

Farm Insurance

This is another area where HTM strives to customize its coverage options to fit specific farmers’ needs, offering coverage for:

  • Beef farms
  • Dairy farms
  • Cash crops
  • Horses and livestock
  • Poultry farms
  • Country home estates

The last one includes rural estates that don’t operate a commercial farm but share many of the same needs as one.

Commercial Insurance

Again here, HTM claims that when a business owner comes to the company with a need for risk protection, their brokers and agents will help find a coverage combination that best meets their unique business needs. Here are some of the industries that HTM Insurance covers:

  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Apartments (property owners and managers)
  • Contractors
  • Churches
  • Home businesses
  • Retail stores
  • Offices

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Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance
Head Office:
1185 Elgin Street West, Box 201, Cobourg, ON K9A 4K5, Canada
Phone Number: 905-372-0186
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Dropped after one claim

In hindsight, I found the claims expert to be sneaky and trying to put words into my mouth. Very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After making my first and only claim, I was dropped almost immediately for reasons that I was honest about from the get go. Now I have a claim on my record with very little cash out AND I have been dropped. It’s going to be a nightmare to find someone else with these strikes against me. I now regret contacting them at all. It would not been easier to pay for the damage out of pocket. It’s been nearly 2 months and when I am still waiting for the settlement check.