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When personal vehicle drivers find themselves put into a special risk pool for auto insurance, the results can be frustrating and expensive. Jevco Insurance has been delivering non-standard auto insurance solutions for decades in Ontario, and the company can help high risk drivers to stay on the road without paying too much.

Jevco Insurance

HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
Insurance ProductsNon-standard automobile insurance.
Provinces LicensedOntario

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Company Overview

In 2012, Jevco Insurance became part of the Intact Group, which significantly increased Jevco’s access to premium-lowering resources. Jevco Insurance can help if:

  • You are a driver with a history of filing a lot of auto insurance claims
  • You need non-standard auto insurance needs for any reason
  • You are looking for a company that helps high risk drivers but still offers excellent customer service

Jevco Insurance can help just about any driver with any type of violation or insurance issue. It is important that Ontario drivers investigate all of their high risk auto insurance needs to avoid breaking the law and driving without insurance. The brokers who represent Jevco Insurance are able to put together policies that will make it possible for drivers with bad driving records to legally drive on the roads of Ontario.

Jevco’s Strengths

To drivers with bad records, the advantages to working with Jevco Insurance can be extremely obvious. But Jevco Insurance is a solid company that has created a strong network of brokers and utilises a strong underwriting foundation to write quality auto policies for personal lines clients involved in a variety of situations. The many advantages of working with Jevco Insurance include:

  • Financial Stability – Since joining the Intact Group in 2012, Jevco Insurance has been given access to a team of underwriters that has years of experience in all types of auto insurance. Intact also provides Jevco Insurance with a solid financial foundation that allows the company to reach out to more high risk drivers and make sure that every Ontario resident who is qualified to have auto insurance gets the coverage they deserve.
  • Underwriting Versatility – The range of offenses that Jevco Insurance is able to work with is extremely long and includes accidents, moving violations, premium payments missed, DUI convictions, and driver’s license suspension. Any Ontario driver who is having problems getting auto insurance should contact a Jevco Insurance broker to see what kinds of solutions Jevco can provide.
  • A Focus On Service – With many non-standard auto insurance companies, high premiums are accompanied by a drop-off in customer service. Jevco Insurance makes it a point to keep the focus on customer service and make sure that high risk drivers get the attention and help they deserve and need.

Jevco’s Insurance Products

Jevco Insurance only sells non-standard auto insurance for personal auto.

Non-standard Car Insurance

Prior to 2012, Jevco offered coverage for a wider range of non-standard vehicles, such as motorcycles and commercial vehicles, as well as commercial property and surety; however, since becoming a part of Intact family, specializes purely in high-risk auto insurance.

Why You Might Need Jevco Insurance

Motorists who have issues with their driving records often feel like they have no place to look for good auto insurance. Jevco Insurance has developed a successful history helping drivers with a variety of driving problems. While Jevco Insurance can help almost any high risk driver to get insurance, the company is especially effective at helping people with:

  • A long history of auto insurance claims
  • Several recent at-fault accidents
  • A suspended driver’s license
  • A history of moving and parking violations
  • DUI convictions
  • An inability to get quality coverage from other insurers

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Speak with one of our brokers about Jevco Insurance products in Ontario. rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Jevco Insurance Reviews

1.9/5 (8 Reviewers)
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Jevco Insurance
Head Office:
4 Robert Speck Pkwy, Suite 100, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1S1, Canada
Phone Number: 1-866-864-1112
Jabran Butt
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Poor insurance service, dishonest

Jevco cancelled my auto policy which I needed it to go to my cancer appointments regularly, jobless and in search of work to find job to have stable income. No payments were missed at all. Without informing me specifically about the change, the underwriting department made changes and cancelled my policy. When I requested to speak to the department, JEVCO forgot the customers satisfaction, rights and respect. They denied it.

Jevco needs to improve customer satisfaction guarantee service and Jevco brokers don’t even provide the claim adjusters of the insurer.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst Insurance Company

I’m a full-time student with no income, a high-risk driver and these guys make it so stressful to drive a car. First of all i have to say these guys are nothing but scammers. They charge you an overpriced rate for no reason and then they withdraw the payments whenever they want. They have done this to me 3 times and its so freaking frustrating. I recently called my broker to put my policy on hold as i will be travelling away and will be parking the car in my private garage for 3 months instead they tell my broker its not possible to put the policy on hold as its the companies policy that cant put it on hold if its only 1 car insured. This makes no sense at all!! These guys are scammers!! Now they’re gonna charge my account with an NSF and i cannot afford to pay these scammers anymore. In a pandemic like this instead of helping you they’re concerned about their money and scamming hard working innocent people. Shame on you Jevco! I am extremely dissatisfied and do not recommend their company to anyone! Do yourself a favor and save your time and money instead of insuring with Jevco.

Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Great company. Great service ! Thanks abunch !!

Fast and easy service !

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Should be illegal

I could have gone with Facility for 7k a year. This terrible company stepped in and said “we’ll insure her! for only $11k!!” Now I cannot go with Facility because this crook of a company was “willing to take my file”. All over a few tickets. I am a single working mother making minimum wage. Now I will lose my lease, no insurance, can’t afford it, and ultimately lose my job. Now, I am terrified of losing my home and my children. Shame on you guys!!!

Daniel Bowers
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Stay away from Jevco Insurance Co.

Absolutely terrible experience: I had a policy for 31 days: I moved to another province and found a better cheaper policy: Jevco had written confirmation of my cancellation and my broker confirmed this as well: 2 weeks later Jevco tried to take another payment out of my bank account: I contacted my broker: she said it was canceled but they were behind in processing things: I had paid $719.74 up front: was insured by Jevco for 31 days: I’ve been waiting for my refund from them: instead now 6 weeks later Jevco tries once again to take more money out of my bank account: extremely dishonest company who I’m writing to the General Insurance OmbudService about!

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

not my fault

Why do I have to pay more because other drivers aren’t honest? Not fair. I said it wasn’t my fault but the police don’t listen. Only listen to the other driver. It wasn’t even a big accident where people went to hospital. Now my old company cancelled me and I am stuck with this over priced insurance.

Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

awesome for bad drivers

my old company cancelled me because I had to many tickets. Jevco was half the price of the other companies that were willing to insure me. Way more expensive than before I got tickets, but at least it wasn’t $10k per year.

Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars

Not happy

My mother has a policy with Jevco. Their clerical office support is horrible. They cancelled our policy and sent us a cheque and no one knew anything about it, not even our broker. Then we call the broker, and jevco reinstated our policy. The following month, Jevco failed to take out our monthly payment, then charged us a double payment the next month, didn’t take the payment out on the day they agreed on, so when they went to take out the double payment, the payment bounced (due to something else coming through mom’s account). Now they are charging us a 50$ NSF fee with the double payment which is demanded to be paid by april 23rd, or they cancel the policy. My broker tried asking them to revoke the 50$ NSF fee but refuse to do so, although this never would of happened if they wouldn’t of messed around with our account or had taken out the money when they said they would. 100% will never recommend them to any friends or family and WILL NOT be resigning with them when my policy expires. Absolutely disgusted by the way they have treated us.