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A member of the RSA Group since 1997, Johnson Insurance is one of the country’s fastest growing leaders in providing a wide variety of personal and group insurance options. 130 years of excellence in affordable coverage offered with above and beyond service that puts people first.

Johnson Insurance

HeadquartersSt John’s, Newfoundland
Insurance Products*Auto, Home, & Travel Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Insurance coverage and availability may vary by province. Speak with your broker for details.

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Company Overview

Johnson Insurance offers customer-first service across a wide range of personal insurance products, including auto and home insurance, travel insurance, as well as group insurance rates and benefit packages.

Johnson can insure your home, vehicle, vacation trailer, rental property, or condo with coverage that meets your budget with:

  • 24/7 award-winning customer service puts customers in touch with Johnson’s claims department whenever they need.
  • A commitment to the safety and well-being of Johnson clients rewards customers for good driving and accident history records, as well as makes sure policy holders have access to all the information and advice they need to keep their property, homes, and families safe.
  • Budget-friendly discounts for safe drivers, experienced drivers, new homeowners, and loyal customers.

Along with great group advantages, including additional savings for affinity groups, Johnson also rewards customers for trusting it with multiple policies, offering special discounts and other bonuses. It has an AIR MILES reward program for home and auto policies in some provinces, allowing you to earn 1 reward mile for every $20 paid, including taxes. Johnson is proud to invest in Canada’s future: it has sponsored students in over $1 million in scholarships and grants. This is how Johnson distinguishes itself with a human-first ethos also visible in their policy options, commitment to customers, loyalty to their employees, and focus on safety & education.

Personal lines P&C policies distributed by Johnson are mostly underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company.

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Johnson Insurance’s Advantages

Johnson Insurance makes sure its customers know that your advantage comes not just from a strong suite of basic and advanced options for all the policies it offers, but from offering them with the support and assistance you need. Both to protect yourself when the worst happens and to guard against preventable risks that can keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.

  • Comprehensive Home & Vehicle Insurance – Johnson offers a full range of insurance products for your home, rental property, RV, condo, or car, all of which come with their guarantee of customer-service excellence, 24/7 Claims hotline, and safety-first policies that put their customers property, family, and well-being first.
  • Benefit & Budget-friendly group options – Johnson is making a reputation for itself with over 500 different group package suites, each tailored to the specific needs of the employer or group sponsoring its insurees, so they can offer the coverage that will make their benefits package irresistible.
  • Compounded Savings & Loyalty Rewards – Johnson tries to find options at every turn to help customers protect themselves safely and offer them cost-effective, competitively priced policies. These include safe-driving, low accident record, and long-term driver discounts for auto-insurance, first-time homeowner insurance benefits and customer loyalty programs including discounts for long-term policy holders. Customers are encouraged to shop with Johnson Insurance for a variety of your home and auto coverage needs via discounts applied to multiple-policy holders.

Johnson Insurance Products

Home & Other Property Insurance

Insurance for your house, condo property, rented living space, your vacation trailer: Johnson Insurance has policy options for each kind of customer and encourages you to shop with them for any need through discounts and policy features.

  • Basic home insurance covers your whole property and its contents with optional additions including water/sewer damage, umbrella coverage, as well as your watercraft and home business.
  • Condo insurance that meets the needs of condo living, including repair & replacement of condo upgrades, coverage that can protect you if the building insurance fails to meet your needs.
  • Customizable tenant’s insurance that protects your rented home or apartment’s property for $1-2 million.
  • Extras in every home & personal policy include $30,000 in identity theft, protection for high-value items, loyalty discounts for long-term customers, increased savings for each policy you have, as well as extras for customers over the age of 50 such as nursing, repair/maintenance referrals, and housekeeping services
  • Coverage for your vacation trailer, protecting both your RV and its contents, with options to guarantee replacement, roadside assistance, and personal liability with Johnson’s usual commitment to savings through half a dozen discounts including supervised parks, long-term customers, and a claims-free record.

Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Insurance

  • A host of Johnson Insurance customer friendly discounts
  • Bundling of home and auto policies
  • Discounts for multiple vehicles
  • Rewards for experienced and safe drivers

Group Benefits

  • A full range of products for group members, including home & auto policies, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, health and dental, disability, critical illness protection
  • Health and Wellness spending accounts and programs
  • MEDOC® Emergency travel insurance available to group members
  • Consultation with group members on benefits, pensions, investments, and health & wellness
  • Administration and Advisory Services so your group members get access to and information on their package directly from Johnson.

Johnson Brands

Johnson’s personal property and casualty lines are primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company. In some locations Johnson Inc. operates under trade names, including:

  • Batty & Associated Insurance: Offering home, auto, RV, and business insurance, Est. 1949 and joined the Johnson Group in 2011
  • Bradley’s Insurance: Offering commercial coverage in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario
  • Flewwelling Insurance: Offering home, auto, and RV insurance, Est. 1964
  • Haber Blain Insurance: Offering home, auto, and RV insurance, Est. 1945
  • Hunt Insurance: Serving Cornwall Ontario with home, auto, and RV insurance – Est. 1956
  • Marshall & Woodwark Insurance: Serving Etobicoke Ontario, and offering home, auto, and RV insurance – Est. 1929 and joined the Johnson Group in 2011
  • Morgex Insurance: Serving teachers in Alberta with home and auto insurance for over 30 years – joined the Johnson Group in 2005
  • Servus Insurance Services: Offering home and auto insurance from multiple locations in Alberta
  • Thomson Jemmitt Vogelzang: Serving Southern Ontario since 1909, offers auto, home, and RV insurance

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Johnson Insurance Reviews

1.3/5 (16 Reviewers)
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Johnson Insurance
Head Office:
Fort William Building, 10 Factory Lane, P.O. Box 12049, St John's, NL A1C 2B9, Canada
Phone Number: 1-844-895-0784
Emy Lou
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Save your money

BE WARNED Medoc policy cannot be cancelled mid way.

Johnson’s service is expensive. SHOP AROUND.

You’re better off buying insurance with your travel.

Check provincial and employee benefits

If I could give 0 stars I would

Wendy Tremblay
Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars

Global Excel won’t pay my claim

I have been fighting with Global Excel about paying for medical expenses while we were out of the country. Pay a yearly fee for coverage and Global Excel have been fighting to pay the claim now for a year. I have submitted the receipts and filled out all the forms but they keep asking for them again and say they didn’t receive them etc. It is getting really tiresome and stressful trying to deal with them. I have asked Medoc/Jonson to get involved and settle the claim but so far they have not done anything. We are paying $285 per month for coverage and are not being treated fairly.

Cindy Paquette
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Cancelled my policy without cause and minimal notice

Worst experience with Johnson. I’d been a client for more than two years (never missed a payment, never made a claim) when I called several months ago to ask about any additional coverage I might require to temporarily rent my home for four months (starting in November) while I travelled out of the country. They told me that while additional coverage would definitely be required, they didn’t carry that kind and I’d have to find a different insurance company.

Fair enough, but I had plenty of time and hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Last week (September 1), I received a registered letter from Johnson notifying me they’d be suspending my policy in 15 days. The reason provided: short term rental. I hadn’t rented my home yet and wouldn’t be for another two months, but rather than letting me arrange new coverage and then cancel the current policy myself, they just cancelled it. No warning, no explanation.

To make matters worse, they start the 15-day clock on the day the letter reaches the post office, not the day I pick it up and sign for it, so that left me 12 days (including the Labour Day long weekend) to arrange alternate coverage. I found a new insurance company and they’re scrambling to get the necessary quotes, but there’s a very real possibility that my home will be left uninsured for one or more days.

When I called Johnson (at first to protest and then again to plead for the tiniest bit of flexibility to allow me to fix the problem they’d created by cancelling my policy without cause), they were completely unresponsive. Not interested in being the least bit helpful or even apologetic. If they treat a client in good standing this way, I can’t imagine how they’d behave if I ever needed to make a claim. I used to recommend Johnson all the time because they had friendly helpful staff and great rates, but it’s just not worth it.

Pamela Johnson
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Don’t use this insurance big company but Bad! Bad!

Don’t use this insurance. They’ve problem paying out. Bad experience after over 15 years with RTO. Being with them…get a lawyer to work for you.

M-P Joanis
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Johnson Insurance such a disappointment with customer services!

Sorry to say that with my last NOT so good experience in the last month again with Johnson Ins. I regret to say that the situation is not improving and even getting worst. I had to be clarified on one major point as I could not access my registered file with them as they changed their system again lately and it was NOT properly set up so you could not go by yourself to check your Johnson’s file to access t them and all about your insurance info. So I called, and was impossible to get service in my language of choice which is French even if they say that they do offer that service in both official languages. Then, I finally talked to someone who told someone specific will call you back in next 48 or 72 hrs as we are buzy now with the changes. After a week NOBODY had called back so I started to call daily requesting to speak to the person who was suppose t help me but even like responses, she will call you back in next hour or you will be first on her list tomorrow to be called back and after another 5 days, NOT even an effort trying to reach me. SO, I had enough an I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and then made an official complaint about their NON response to clients which is NOT acceptable. They do take you money but they don’t really deliver the goods in assisting their clientele, unbelievable and so deceiving as we don’t seem to be 1ST on their LIST. I have cancelled my dental care ins. with them last month and have cancelled my car insurance with them 3 years ago and REASON is LACK of good customer service actually so poor that it gets really frustrating to deal with a company of that size which does not do much to improve either! Awful in many ways! Finally spoke to a supervisor yesterday and all she could say was we are sorry and things will improve but after 18 years, things are NOT Improving, Sadly ! 🙁

Terri Jensen
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t use this company!

After 25+ years with this company they refused to renew after 2 documented not at fault claims on our house.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

don’t go with johnson

so far i am lucky enough since have not any claim since i am with johnson but one thing i noticed that every time you speak with agent there is some different statement. they try to pay you more and keep changing their statement, their website is garbage, since i am their customer they have not created my online account when i asked it created just simple account which have only my basic policy details that’s all. very cheap company. their system still in old era since if they sent us email which comes after 10 to 15 minute What a Joke. not sure which planet they are sending email from. thanks god i have not any claim with them i can not recommend to anyone since so cheap company

m steers
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Johnson admin/RTO group benefits

Every time we try to submit a claim using the online tool, there is a hassle. Every time, no exceptions.
We pay plenty for this insurance, why the hassle to submit a claim?

Gail Ramoska
Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Look elsewhere for insurance!

I am a retired teacher and pay a lot of money monthly for insurance. The coverage for dental care is awful. I often have to pay out of pocket. I am looking to change insurance companies.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Very bad experience..

I had a very bad experience with them. They keep raising my monthly payments despite the fact that i had no accident or a claim. Upon termination they overcharged me with last month plus termination fee. There is no supervisors on their call center and agents that answer their phones are amateurs and unprofessional. Walk away save your money and buy peace of mind.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Do not use this insurance company!

Do not use this insurance company! Premium went up with NO reasons, personnel are not knowledgeable. Last thing that they mentioned was that due to COVID-19 their corporate email shut down. What???? They have grit to raise premium and charge extra money from me, but do not have opportunity to fix they own corporate email. Such a bizarre and foolish people!!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

$254 just to process the cancellation

I just cancelled my house insurance at Johnsons / Unifund insurance and they charged me $254 just to process the cancellation – this really is Gouging !

Robert Tyre
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Try collecting on a claim

Had travel insurance with Medoc Johnson until April 13/20. They sent an email saying insurance is cancelled effective Mar 23. Had to come home. Now they refuse to refund the unused portion of the medical insurance THEY CANCELLED. But now they say they did not “cancel” (but I have the email). Apparently I am “requesting” they “downgrade” my coverage to end Mar 23. Further, they now claim that since I put in a claim for trip interruption they cannot “downgrade” my medical coverage. The agent also said there is no appeal, she is the appeal. Will not pass me to supervisor, legal department or give any info on a possible next step. Also, the agent claimed their policies meet all prov guidelines, despite the fact there is an addendum attached to their policy for my province. Will be pursuing through the insurance regulators.

shirley canty
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Medoc Travel Insurance is first rate

I have Medoc Travel Insurance as a member of the Federal Accociation of Retirees. I have recently had occasion to file a claim due to trip interruption caused by the airlines. The response was fantastic. Staff were very helpful and the claim proceeded without any problems and cheque issued.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Bad experience

They are not a very good company. I had a bad experience where I was dropped after two “at faults” in five years. I use the term “at faults” liberally, because they define it very liberally, and without evidence. My second “at fault” had no police report and no one to state that I was wrong. The only feedback they had was from me, who told them the truth. They dropped me anyways, even though I had been with them for more than twelve years. When I tried to appeal it to them, and the third party they dealt with (ClaimsPro) my calls, emails and letters were not returned or I would be strung-along. They did not treat me like a real human being or a valued customer. They strung me along and set me up to fail. Basically, they have bad customer service. They also outsource a lot and it’s hard to reach people when you need them.

Rating: 2 2 /5 stars


After first 40 days they farm coverage out to Global Excel, who in my experience do their very best to weasel their way out of paying.