Lemonade Insurance Company is a New York-based property and casualty insurance provider with aims to disrupt the insurance market. Instead of using brokers or agents, Lemonade uses chatbots and artificial intelligence to deliver insurance policies and handle claims.

Lemonade Insurance Company

HeadquartersNYC, New York
Insurance ProductsHomeowners, Tenant, Condo
Provinces LicensedSoon to be licensed in Canada

Company Overview

Lemonade was founded in 2016 when two experienced tech entrepreneurs decided to try their hand in the insurance market. Lemonade began as a way to use fintech to make insurance simpler for customers. The company has gained some popularity and media attention from its use of AI and chatbots used to deliver insurance, rather than brokers. While not yet reviewed by the gold standard in insurance company ratings, A.M. Best, Lemonade has been given a financial stability grade of A (exceptional) from Demotech Inc. and is financed and reinsured by some very large firms, including London-based insurance giant Lloyd’s.

The company specializes in making it extremely simple to insure home and property. Customers of Lemonade Insurance have come to expect the following benefits from their insurance provider:

  • Simplicity in the process of getting insurance for their homes or places that they rent using technology
  • Low-cost plans that cover their valuable assets without costing a lot
  • A company with a commitment to giving back

Lemonade’s finances as they pertain to their customer’s policies are broken down as follows:

  • The company keeps 20% of every premium to use towards running the company
  • The other 80% is used to pay claims and purchase reinsurance
  • At the end of the fiscal year, any unused money is given to nonprofits as part of the company’s annual Giveback

Lemonade Insurance Strengths

Started in New York City, Lemonade Insurance is loosely geared towards city dwellers and makes its plans most advantageous for people who fit a certain model:

For example, people who move often from apartment to apartment tend to have trouble with insurance coverage; it’s difficult to get a new plan every time you move. Lemonade promises that you can get a near-instant, new policy with a flat premium that goes solely towards covering your stuff, meaning that according to the company, more of your money will be available for any potential claims.

Here are some other advantages available with a home insurance or renter’s policy through Lemonade Insurance:

  • The company promises to make everything as easy as possible. From start to finish, the company claims that you can get your home or rental residence covered in as little as 90 seconds and that claims are paid out in 3 minutes. This offers a level of convenience that the founders of Lemonade think customers are demanding from their insurance provider. The company even advertises that if they already have insurance, Lemonade will handle the steps it takes to switch policies.
  • Lemonade boasts their status as a “public benefit corporation”. The company highlights its commitment to contributing to causes that their customers value, evidenced by their annual “Giveback” program. According to Lemonade, policyholders pay a flat rate to cover their stuff. What doesn’t go to claims gets contributed to charities and nonprofits of the customer’s choice, in an operation called “Giveback”.
  • The company offers an alternative business model, which provides unique benefits. Many insurance companies use technology to accompany their products. Lemonade takes its commitment to tech a step further, electing to use bots and AI in lieu of actual agents. This allows the company to offer rock bottom rates for what amounts to basic renter’s and homeowner’s insurance. We’ll talk more about the unique aspects of Lemonade Insurance’s business model in the coming section.

Lemonade Products

Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Lemonade offers home insurance policies for homes, condos, apartments, and other residential properties. Here’s how the process of getting insurance works:

  • You’ll download the app and be connected to bot via live chat
  • You’ll provide your address, specify whether you rent or own, and answer a few questions about fire safety and security systems present in your home
  • The AI will run an analysis of other risk factors of your specific living space
  • You’ll be given a quote and be asked if you’d like to add on any additional coverages
  • Once you agree to the price through an e-signature, you’ll input your credit card information and then choose a cause to support with any potential Giveback funds

Policy Add-Ons

Lemonade offers extra coverage for some possessions in your residence, even in cases of loss (which basic policies typically don’t cover):

  • Jewelry (the base plan covers jewelry up to $1,500. If jewelry is more valuable, extra coverage is recommended.)
  • Fine art
  • Cameras
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments

The company states that policyholders can update their coverage at any time, meaning a slight change in their premium as their coverage needs change.

The Claims Process

Customers that use Lemonade for their insurance have good reviews of the claims process. Simply open the app, navigate to the claims section, and then you’ll have the opportunity to connect to another chat where you’re able to record a video describing the details of the claim. In only a few minutes, your claim will be paid out.

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