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Peel Mutual is an insurer owned and operated only for residents of Ontario, and is a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (OMIA), and specializes in coverage for a range of different areas: farm; commercial; life; and residential.

Peel Mutual Insurance Company

HeadquartersBrampton, Ontario
Insurance ProductsAuto, Property, Farm, and Commercial Insurance
Provinces LicensedOntario

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Company Overview

Peel Mutual is a good fit for Ontario residents seeking coverage in several different areas from the same provider, especially if one of those areas is protection for risks that accompany operating a farm.

The Company’s commitment to insurance for farmers comes from their roots. Founded in 1876, Peel Mutual started as a company that insured farms to protect against fire damage to crops and grew from there into one of the province’s largest mutual companies.

Customers rely on Peel Mutual Insurance for:

  • Access to discounts on standard home and auto policies
  • A range of options for business owners to protect different types of commercial businesses from risk
  • An affordable way for farmers to protect their business against crop loss, weather damage and more

With the company’s long history supporting individuals and business owners in Ontario, Peel Mutual has built up a reputation for itself as a reliable provider of affordable options, even in some insurance areas that are underserved — i.e. family farms. The company also maintains a positive relationship with local, Ontario brokers. Actually, Peel Mutual takes pride in using Ontario brokers because local brokers are more likely to have intimate knowledge of communities in the region.

Peel Mutual Insurance Advantages

As one of the largest mutual insurance groups in Ontario, Peel Mutual is accountable to its policyholders throughout the province, which provides peace of mind to the company’s customers. Here are some of the other advantages that customers get from a personal or commercial policy with Peel Mutual Insurance:

  • A versatile range of coverage options for all risk areas – Peel Mutual makes a point to avoid “one size fits all” policy options and instead focus on providing customers with various different options under each of their coverage areas. For example, Peel offers commercial insurance separately for different types of business, and the same goes for different types of farms.
  • A wider range of discounts on home and auto policies than some of the company’s competitors – Peel Mutual Insurance offers many of the same discounts as other companies, but also has some that aren’t seen as commonly. For example, aside from offering standard multi-line and third-party liability discounts for auto policies, Peel offers Elite Driver Discounts, which rewards drivers over the age of 50 and “short commute to work” perks, discounts for drivers who work close to home.
  • A simple, user-friendly platform to report and settle claims – A simple claims resolution platform is practically expected from insurance companies these days, but it’s still worth noting when a company makes it easy and clear to report and resolve claims on their policies.

Peel Mutual Insurance Products

Peel Mutual Insurance offers policy options in 4 major coverage areas: residential, auto, business, and farm.

Home Insurance

Peel Mutual’s policies for residential insurance include coverage for:

  • Standard homeowners
  • Tenants in rental properties
  • Owners of rental properties
  • Condo unit owners
  • Seasonal homeowners
  • Boats

Peel Mutual offers discounts up to 70% for the following conditions:

  • A specified amount of time without a claim
  • A home built in the last 10 years
  • Customer loyalty over a specified number of years
  • Non-smoking homeowner’s discount
  • A home without a mortgage
  • Mature homeowners (50+ years of age)
  • Auto Insurance discount (bundle)
  • Burglar alarms and security system

Auto Insurance

Peel Mutual Insurance offers coverage for cars and trucks, as well as ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Pleasurecraft, with the following available discounts:

  • Elite Driver rates (lower rates for drivers over 50)
  • Farm vehicle discounts
  • Multi-vehicle and bundled discounts
  • Retiree discounts
  • GenNow! discount (offered when the child of a policyholder owns their own car)

Farm Insurance

Peel Mutual was founded on being a provider of coverage for farms against fire damage and crop loss, and today, they make this a priority. Available policies for farm insurance are offered under the following:

  • General farm insurance is an umbrella policy covering farms as a broad definition
  • Insurance (FarmInsure) is also, more specifically, offered for dairy, beef, horse, vegetable, fruit, cash crops and mixed farming.
  • Crop loss and farm loss insurance is offered

Peel Mutual also offers a sort of home/farm hybrid insurance called a PEGASUS POLICY, which covers rural estates with qualities similar to farms and risks not typically covered by residential insurance.

Commercial Insurance

There are 4 major business areas that Peel Mutual focuses on when the company offers business insurance:

  • Churches
  • Contractor’s Operations
  • Retail Stores
  • Offices

Peel Mutual views each of these commercial scenarios as having different risk profiles, and thus plans for each tends to cover different occupational hazards.

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Peel Mutual Insurance Company
Head Office:
103 Queen Street West, Ontario, Brampton L6Y 1M3, Canada
Phone Number: 1-800-268-3069
Nora Wallace
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Terrible unscrupulous

After filing a claim, I was denied any financial support. Damage was 100,000 dollars from a burst pipe. They didn’t cover water damage. That was never advised or suggested.

The agent who signed us on was very sneaky about the contract. Presented a basic contract for our business and we came away feeling we were well covered.

They didn’t even pay for the boiler which had exploded. Explosion was one thing that was covered but “not that kind”. All our life savings drowned in that water damage that day. The payments made to them over the years gone.

We were broke.