The Guarantee has over a century of experience in helping business and personal lines customers throughout Ontario to get the niche insurance coverage they need.

The Guarantee Co. of North America

HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
Employees300 – 500
Canadian Mkt. Share*0.64% (2017)
ProductsSurety, Corporate, Transportation, and Personal Insurance
*Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

The offerings from The Guarantee have evolved over the years, but the company remains strong in areas such as transportation, credit risk protection, and surety solutions. Clients come to The Guarantee for solutions such as:

  • Stable surety bonds and contract protection
  • Commercial insurance that protects against information breaches and trade credit issues
  • Personal insurance lines conveniently bundled into packages that are ready to protect the things in your life that matter most
  • A strong local presence with a network of professional employees and brokers

The Guarantee has become known for its strength in various niche insurance markets, and its community activism. From academic scholarships to the work done through the company’s Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade, The Guarantee has show itself to be active in solving problems for its customers and making life better for the communities it serves.

The Guarantee Advantages

The Guarantee has been in business for well over a century, and it has established stability in its offerings that give clients peace of mind. The Guarantee also hires experts as claims experts to be able to understand the real needs of clients in distress. The roster of claims experts at The Guarantee includes engineers, architects, and other business professionals who know exactly how to service the company’s niche clients. The Guarantee has a long list of strengths that include:

  • Strong Niche Coverage – The Guarantee is well-known around the world for its niche coverage for industries such as transportation, municipalities, and even political risk protection. The company has spent a long time evolving all of its areas of coverage, and that means that The Guarantee can offer stable niche insurance in areas many companies cannot.
  • Progressive Coverage Monitoring – The Guarantee is known for updating its coverage offerings on a regular basis based on emerging consumer trends, and the needs of its existing customer base. As a company that built its reputation on specialty insurance, The Guarantee is constantly looking for ways to offer products that most customers find hard to get.
  • Strong In Surety – Business runs on agreements, and The Guarantee has become a leader in stable and reliable surety insurance. Contractors and other types of businesses find a great deal of value in being able to do business with an insurance company that focuses on the complex world of surety coverage and can create custom policies for a variety of situations.

The Guarantee Insurance Products

The Guarantee’s insurance offerings tend to change more often than most larger insurance companies, so it is important to check with your broker to find out how The Guarantee can help with your business or personal insurance needs. The company does maintain six categories of insurance that it uses to deliver the large majority of their products.

1. Surety

The Guarantee is strong in surety with years of experience in protecting contracts and agreement.

  • Contract surety – Commonly used in the construction industry to protect the project owner from potential financial loss.
  • Commercial surety – Protection for both parties of a contract to try and prevent breaches.
  • Developer surety – Providing mandatory protection for developers in Ontario.

2. Corporate Insurance

  • Miscellaneous errors and omissions – Used to offset the financial effects of claims made against the quality of your services.
  • Fidelity coverage – Helps recover assets after theft.
  • Directors and officers – General protection for your executives and company officers.
  • Fiduciary liability coverage – Protection from accusations of wrongful administration in the execution of a contract.
  • Office package policy – Extra protection for office property from theft and damage.
  • Private breach services – Pertains to any accusations that your company was in breach of an agreement.

3. Transportation

The Guarantee offers The Guarantee Transportation Solution (GTS), which is a suite of products designed to mitigate risk, ensure adherence to transportation laws, and offer a resource for transportation companies that need answers to questions pertaining specifically to their business operations.

4. Personal Insurance Solutions

The Guarantee has created two packages for personal insurance lines that can each be customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

  • Guarantee Gold – A bundle of home insurance, contents insurance, legal protection coverage, and personal liability insurance for those with significant financial resources.
  • Guarantee Superior – Personal insurance lines that include coverage for the home, possessions, and liability issues at very reasonable costs to the consumer.

5. Public Entity

A suite of insurance products for municipalities that cover a variety of institutions including:

  • Childrens’ aid societies
  • Senior care
  • Not-for-profit residential housing
  • Hospitals
  • Daycare centres
  • Schools

6. Guarantee Trade Credit Solutions

The Guarantee can protect your credit services, and even protect against political issues.

  • Credit insurance coverage – Protects companies that extend credit from clients that default on payments or become insolvent.
  • Political risk insurance coverage – Any company that does international business can be protected from the unexpected challenges that can occur when governments make new laws, or even when governments change hands.

The Guarantee Insurance Quotes

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Contact one of our insurance brokers to find out what The Guarantee can do for you: rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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