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The Personal offers group insurance to over 700 member organizations and professions, such as the Canadian military, engineers, firefighters, accountants, healthcare professionals, police forces, and many others.

The Personal Insurance Company

HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
Employees4,000+ (2018)
Insurance Products*Auto, Homeowners, Condo, Tenant, RV, Business (Quebec), & Pet Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Insurance coverage and availability may vary by province. Speak with your broker for details.

Company Overview

The Personal offers group insurance coverage for auto, home, recreational vehicle, pet, and travel insurance to all of its Ontario members. As a provider of group insurance, The Personal is able to offer the same kind of insurance other companies offer, but at significantly discounted prices. Rates will vary from company to company because The Personal negotiates its insurance rates directly with each member organization.

The Personal deals directly with major businesses, unions, and associations to ensure that its members have access to exceptional auto and home insurance coverage.

Members can rely on The Personal for:

  • Excellent coverage at rates that are generally lower than other providers
  • A focus on customer service, including 24-hour claims
  • A fully interactive website and mobile app that allows customers to manage accounts activity
  • Inexpensive insurance that can be customized to meet a the needs of its customers

The Personal’s Advantages

The group insurance business model helps The Personal to leverage the buying power of an organization’s membership to offer lower insurance rates to its members. What makes this company special is that the services it offers are the same high grade that its customers would get from any other insurance company. Some of the advantages of doing business with The Personal include:

  • Excellent Customer Service – The Personal puts an emphasis on creating services that benefits its customers, and on offering the best possible customer service. The company does not allow the fact that each customer is one part of a larger group to affect the ability to deliver high quality service and products to each individual person.
  • Customized Solutions at Discount Prices – While the idea of using group insurance to offer discounted coverage is popular, The Personal works to make sure that the ability to customize coverage needs is still part of their offering. Insurance is most helpful when it can be tailored to fit the needs of each client. The Personal can help develop custom solutions with its group coverage, which enhances the value customers get with their coverage.
  • Accountability – Each customer The Personal helps is part of a member organization that has a specially-negotiated deal with the company. Customers who are not happy with the coverage or service offered by the company can complain directly to the member organization. That organization will hold The Personal accountable for those complaints. Instead of having a direct relationship with each customer that only creates one layer of accountability, The Personal has a second layer to be responsible for.

The Personal’s Insurance Products

The Personal’s main products are home and auto insurance, but it offers even more coverage to its Ontario customers.

Home Insurance

The Personal has homeowners, condo, and tenants insurance, with a variety of discounts such as:

  • Bundling home insurance with other coverage
  • Up to 20 percent off home insurance for homeowners who have gone several years claim-free
  • Discounts for installing water leak prevention and detection devices in your home
  • Discounts for fire or theft alarm systems
  • Up to 10 percent off home insurance premiums for home that meet the LEED green home criteria

Auto Insurance

The Personal’s auto insurance discounts include:

  • A 15 percent discount for no convictions on your driving record for the past three years
  • Coverage for more than one vehicle
  • Home and auto insurance bundles
  • Hybrid or electric vehicles

RV Insurance

Owners of recreational vehicles can enjoy low group rates when they get their insurance through The Personal. Types of insurable RVs include:

  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATVs
  • Motorhomes
  • Trailers
  • Scooters
  • Campers

Pet Insurance

The Personal offers three pet insurance packages for customized coverage to suit your pet’s needs.

Travel Insurance

The Personal offers numerous travel insurance options and packages, including:

  • Emergency health care
  • Lost baggage protection
  • Trip interruption or cancellation coverage
  • Expenses covered for an emergency return trip
  • Accident liability coverage

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1.3/5 (22 Reviewers)
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The Personal Insurance Reviews and Company Profile
Head Office:
3 Robert Speck Pkwy, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3Z9, Canada
Phone Number: 1-888-785-5502
Katelyn Corbiere
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Not worth it

You may get the cheapest quote from the personal insurance, but don't go with them. In the end they will take money any chance they get, and wont communicate when they will withdraw the money so you end up getting hundreds in NSF fees. They're great on the month to month when nothing happens and your rate is set, but terrible whenever something actually happens and you need help. Get insurance with ANY other company.

Grant Ormberg
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Completely Useless

Complete waste of time to deal with. Unless it is cookie cutter insurance (which other companies are better to deal with) the Personal is not able to accommodate. They ask you to insurance more of your properties with them but when you try say they cannot do it. Waste of time.

Tara L
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Do Not Use The Personal Car Insurance

We were loyal customers for more than 10 years and are a military family. I had an accident and was not at fault. I was treated like a criminal when they actually answered/returned messages. They gave me a hard time about replacing the carseat. They put 10,000 into repairs and gave me back a vehicle that was not complete and would not pass safety. They then sent me a letter saying I had to get a safety to keep my insurance. Their complaint process is ********. They will not transfer your call when asked and keep referring you back to your adjuster. They do not return calls. They do not give a **** about the customers well being. They cost me a vehicle. The other guy was charged on the spot, but I’m the one that’s now out $50,000.

Golriz B
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Unbelievably Terrible

They assigned an insurance advisor to my case who never got back to me over weeks that my claim was ongoing (no reply to emails, call goes straight to voice mail) so I had to keep calling the support line and being put on hold until I get connected every time. They didn’t even know why the assigned insurance advisor is gone like that’s how bad they are within their own organization. They were supposed to send an authorization to the rental company for the duration I need the car for which was about 2 weeks but the rental company said they have only sent the authorization for 1 day, not sure what they were thinking I can accomplish with 1 day of rental car while just fixing my car at the auto body was going to take 1 week. When eventually after many times of back and forth I arranged myself a rental car for pick up Enterprise told me they don’t have a car with winter tires and so I called The Personal back to tell them Im taking taxi and they should reimburse the entire amount because I don’t feel safe driving a car in winter and icy road without winter tires they said the max they can reimburse is half of what I actually needed to pay for taxi. I am definitely changing my insurance company ASAP, They have just been painful, disorganized and unprofessional to deal with to a point that they don’t even know what they are doing.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Stay away

Stay away from this insurance. Their workers are memorizing one sentence and keep repeating it. Their Workers are always making mistakes and waiting for you to pay it.

k C
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Not recommended

I was with Personal for 25+ years and there where regular increases to my monthly payments with no notice. I never had any claims made in the all the years I was with them. My monthly payment then doubled in price and I found another insurance company that was half the price and I finally moved. this company is so cheap they made me pay the balance of my premiums to leave. I would never recommend this company to anyone!

veronique nadeau
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

nightmare so far

I’ve contacted them 12 days ago when my dishwasher had leaked all over my kitchen and living room floor. I had to pulled out all the flooring because the water had leaked under the laminate and under the vapor barrier.
It took 36 hours to have a first contact with the agent in charge of my file. To be able to give my any further info he needed the documentation about my condo board which I provided 3 hours later on October 24th 2021. In the meantime, Paul asked me to put fans in the room to help drying.
7 Days later, no news from him. I’ve called the claim services to ask why I had no new for a complete week. They couldn’t provide me any answer but they could see that he was “out of office” in the system. Never Paul told me that my claim would be on “pause” for a week because he would be absent. Not impressed, I’ve asked to have my file transferred to an another agent because the tiny amount of trust that I had in Paul was now gone. They told me that they will put a note to my file to have someone contacting me ASAP. Did not happened.
The next Monday Paul sent me an email requesting the documentation from my condo board because without them, he couldn’t move forward with my claim. I’ve replied that I’ve send them to him on September 24th PM, but nope, he doesn’t have them even though he accused reception of them on the 24th.
So here I am, 12 days after the incident, Still no floor covering, no quote and feelings I would have never imagine I could feel for someone. And these aren’t good feelings.
I never thought it would be frustrating to this point to go through a claim process.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

The Personal Insurance, AVOID AT ANY COST

I’ve been with (The Personal Insurance) for the last 12 years (not a single claim- they were just happy collecting my money) and I needed help with my claim for the first time after last hail storm, and was very shocked by the way they take advantage of their customers, it is not far fetched to call them crooks and thieves. Not recommended at all.
Avoid their business at any cost.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

too much expensive

i am with the company for the last 3 years.they never missed to increase premium every year without reason.i am planning to logout this year.small negligible relief in pandemic period, although car usage decreased 80%.i don’t recommend.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

They say it’s important to have people that care of you during difficult times. NOT TRUE!!
Had hail damage to our home, the siding is discontinued and no color match. We now have to pay out of pocket to do the rest of the siding. Other insurance companies are paying to do a full wrap. Ask lots of questions if you are thinking about going with the personal.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Bad insurance company

Recently I had a claim due to the hail damage done on my house this insurance company is only covering a small amount of the damage done. The customer service is very poor would definitely not recommend this company for any of your insurance needs.

barry Norman
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst insurance company ever!

I am 72 have had mc insurance with the personal for about 10 yrs.-no claims. The 1st 3 mths of 2020 they increased my premium, I called & enquired lf there was any reduction due to the covid 19 as most other companies are doing. They said No! & rudely decided to just hang up on me. I have never in my life been treated in this way before. I subsequently cancelled my coverage with this disgusting company. Hopefully others will benefit from the reviews by many about this company & purchase insurance elsewhere.

Bill Curry
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Online Quotes Are a Scam

Used The Personal’s site to get an online quote. The quote was among the least expensive, so I followed up with a Personal Agent. After going through the same questions (and answers), my quote from the agent jumped over $600. When I said that the online quote was so much cheaper, the agent acknowledged that it’s not very accurate (i.e., they use the online quote and then try the bait and switch). In my book, that’s called fraud.

Ian Whitecross
Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Never a decrease

Have had the Personal for years as a Military member and accident free and claim free. Never has our rate reduced and after checking another provider we cut our rates in half for our house and our vehicles. I tried insuring our series 1 tractor and they wouldn’t insure it outside the yard .

Andrew W
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Honourable Insurance Company

Dealt with The Personal for close to 30 years and have numerous auto and home claims. I feel that I am receiving good service for the premiums charged and have never had reason to feel that I haven’t been treated fairly

Roger Crowder
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Have used The Personal for over 30 years

Looks like over half the reviews on here are fake I have dealt with The Personal for over 30 years have had several claims and always had fast and satisfactory service.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst Insurance Company

Very difficult dealing with the employees. They couldn’t find my address on their system so hang up on me. I had to call back four times to get a quote but since my car was older than 2008 and couldn’t find my address, a quote couldn’t be obtained. Employees very rude. I would give a zero star to this company.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t Buy to AVIVA Ins. Company

We were in an accident others drivers fault. It took us 4 yrs.to settle with them. They are fast in taking your money but when it comes to settling they will drag it out until you give up or wind up dead yourself. They are horrible to deal with even for Home Ins.- you already have all the evidence of a flooded basement, they still won’t pay you a single cent. GREEDY! And their people are mostly rude to deal with. If I will rate this company, they don’t even deserve a 0 star. Stay away from this Company!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

They Don't Care

long story short…
Involved in a collision I was not at fault for to the tune of over $16,000 in damage to a truck I had purchased new barely 6 months prior.
Rather than doing the right thing and writing the vehicle off, they are screwing me big-time with the seriously diminished value of my vehicle… which again, happened due to a collision for which I was not at fault.
Don’t do business with these guys and if you do… run as fast as you can to another company before they screw you too.

John Fallon
Rating: 3 3 /5 stars

If you dont carry collision & have an auto accident don’t count on any support from this provider

Not that it is likely any different with other auto insurers but I can only speak to my recent experience.

I live in Alberta and have home & auto (1 car full coverage + a Motor Cycle + another auto with no collision. My daughter is listed as an occasional driver on the 2nd limited coverage auto.

Recently my daughter was in an accident, no witnesses, no camera’s no dash comes= He says versus she says as an outcome. Meaning both parties claim the other was at fault but there is no independent proof to determine fault for either party. As there is no collision on the auto it is up to us to try and resolve this issue with the other parties insurance provider. Of course the other company is supporting their client and therefore, unless we choose to take the other party to court we are out of pocket for the car (value to repair or replace $9K).

The issue I have is that the Personal offered very little assistance nor any specific guidance on options to try and get some comfort in this incident/ The best outcome would have been a 50/50 settlement but since no party believes they are at fault this will not happen. We had to call the insurance ombudsman & a lawyer to determine what options were possible.

So moral to the story, don’t have an accident, buy collision and get a dash camera. These options would be 100% more helpful then the service I was provided as an existing customer.

They were very competitive on cost generally speaking but I don’t think I got more than what I am paying for. BUYER BE WARNED

krupaker mamidi
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst insurance

Don’t go for it, charged $600 to cancel policy

J Biseau
Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars


This company is one of the shadiest we have ever dealt with….They took over a year to settle a life insurance, and still dragging their feet..They are fast at taking the payment but when it comes to settling the policy they will drag it out until you give up or wind up dead yourself….Go to a real insurance company…These people are scabs.