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Western Assurance, a member of the RSA Group, is a home and auto insurance provider that works through trusted, local Ontario insurance brokers.

Western Assurance

HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
Insurance ProductsAuto, Homeowners, Condo, Tenant, & Boat Insurance

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Company Overview

With roots going back to 1710, Western Assurance has a history of providing customers with home and auto insurance packages they need through a network of independent brokers.

With a simple set of coverage options for auto insurance and home insurance, savings for combined plans, and an AIR MILES reward program Western Assurance makes sure that the brokers they work with offer great savings and protection for your vehicle, home, condo, rental property, mobile home, apartment, or boat with the freedom of adding the extra coverage you feel most secure about.

Western Assurance has built its business on providing its network of brokers straight-forward, competitively priced insurance products that can put everyday Canadians at ease without breaking their budget.

Western Assurance Advantages

Aside from being a member of an award-winning multinational insurance giant like RSA, Western Assurance uses its independent brokers to make sure any potential client has access to their insurance products for the home and vehicle. Whether insurance for your own home, in the form of your house or condominium, or your property being rented to others as a vacation home, rental income investment, or protection for your vacation trailer, mobile home, or watercraft there is a personal property insurance plan to match many coverage needs. For your vehicle, Western Assurance starts you with a basic policy that can be added to. These insurance opportunities can be compounded by customers taking advantage of discounted savings when they buy a combined policy to cover both vehicle and home, and through Western Assurance’s AIR MILES reward program.

  • Auto Insurance Policies Crafted to Match Your Budget – Customizable auto protection including flexible payment plans
  • Protection for a variety of Property – Home and Personal Property Insurance across a variety of products
  • Policy Inclusions and Competitive Prices – Market-leading policy features at prices set to attract your business
  • Combine & Save – Discounts, single deductible for two-policy claims, enhanced product offerings for combined auto and home insurance
  • Backed by and operating under RSA means guaranteed protection from a world leader
  • Insurance with Rewards – Air Miles Rewards program and the backing of insurance giant RSA Group

The advantages of Western Assurance for any home, auto or joint policy arein the competitive pricing and a dedication to bringing you the policy options and coverage that you feel best suits your property and your need for protection.

Western Assurance Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

Western starts every auto insurance customer off with the mandatory driver’s insurance needed to protect your vehicle, and lets you expand from there with the options you choose. A broker can help you find the right mix of inclusions for your vehicle’s protection, including a claims guarantee, rental vehicle coverage, and replacement or repair costs. Some auto insurance policy additions include:

  • Claims protection endorsement to keep your premiums low
  • Repair or replacement cost of your vehicle refunded
  • Coverage for rental vehicle after an accident
  • Flexibility in choosing a payment plan
  • Guarantee your claim will be honoured

Home & Other Personal Property Insurance

Western Assurance has a variety of policy products to cover both your home and rental properties, as well as your recreational vehicles like vacation trailers and watercraft. These specialized products are each matched to your ownership, whether it is your own home, a rental or vacation property, a condominium, or a space you rent as a tenant.

  • Homeowners Insurance – market-priced, feature-competitive home insurance plans
  • Condominium Owners Insurance – protection for your condo home or property investment
  • Tenants Insurance – coverage that keeps your property safe when renting an apartment
  • Cottage, Seasonal, Vacation & Other Rental Property Insurance – unique policies that match the specifics of your rental properties and how your guests use them
  • Mobile Homeowners Insurance – Keeping your RV or other mobile home property, its passengers, and its driver insured in any instance
  • Boat Owners Insurance – custom-crafted policy to match your personal watercraft of any kind

Combined Insurance Packages

Customers who use Western assurance to protect both their home, automobile, and other personal property, that would normally be under multiple policies, have the benefit of a single plan with one common expiry date, payment option, and a single deductible in the case of claims involving multiple coverages in a single incident. These Combined Insurance coverages also entitle customers to enhanced product offerings and special discounts.

  • Include Home, Auto, or other Policies in a single plan
  • Get discounts for your multi-policy coverage
  • Keep you and your family protected while reducing your time spent shopping, organizing, and handling paperwork

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Western Assurance
Head Office:
18 York St, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0B2, Canada
Phone Number: (416) 366-7511
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western assurance

Very disappointed that this company did not offer any discounts in auto insurance during Covid.. At least others stepped up to the plate.Just keep ripping us off.Always going up each year . Time it went on peoples driving habits not where they live.Really sock to you in Brampton.

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars


How many times do I have to call before I can actually get my agent on the phone again after being given an actually decent quote. Oh let me guess, you get commission for giving me a quote and never speak to me again or something??