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Zenith Insurance is a small insurance company that offers personal home and auto coverage to customers across Canada.

Zenith Insurance

HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
Insurance ProductsHome Insurance, Auto Insurance
*As Lombard Canada Ltd.

Company Overview

Zenith is a Canadian insurance provider with a proven record with personal home and auto insurance customers. The company traces its roots back to a provider called Lombard Canada Limited, founded in 1804. Today, Zenith Insurance is held by a parent company — the larger, more established Northbridge Financial Corporation.

Northbridge is also a Canadian company, with three main insurance companies as its primary subsidiaries in Canada. They are Northbridge Insurance, which offers a full range of commercial and personal coverage options, Federated Insurance, which specializes in larger business solutions, and TruShield Insurance, a company that offers a range of coverage options, mainly for small business owners but also a selection of other products including personal auto insurance. While Zenith isn’t one of the leading names in the Northbridge portfolio, the company benefits from being under the Northbridge umbrella.

In 2010, Northbridge was purchased by Fairfax Financial Holdings, a Canadian company that acquires insurance and reinsurance companies, among other, related businesses. It’s important to note that while Zenith Insurance also operates in the United States, the stateside version of the company specializes in workers’ compensation, while Zenith Insurance in Canada solely provides customers access to personal home and auto coverage.

Customers of Zenith Insurance can generally expect the following from their insurance provider:

  • A 24/7 claims center available by phone, as well as dedicated email addresses for the primary regions of Canada
  • Reliable home and auto coverage
  • Access to a broad network brokers nationwide

Zenith Insurance has agents on staff to work with prospective policyholders, but also benefits from a nationwide network of insurance brokers that come from Northbridge brands, as well as other, established Canadian insurance companies.

Zenith Insurance Advantages

Policyholders of Zenith Insurance enjoy the following benefits of their coverage:

Trust that comes with being part of Northbridge Financial Corporation: Despite being a smaller insurer, Zenith Insurance’s more well-established parent companies ensure that the company has the resources and the experienced oversight to succeed. An example of this is the fact that Zenith Insurance products are sold through a network of brokers working for larger companies like TruShield, another Northbridge company, and The McLennan Group Insurance company, another Ontario-based insurance provider.

Simple, easy to navigate coverage options: Zenith offers only two different types of insurance products, which may be a relief for anyone looking for coverage that’s clear and easy to understand. Some people have more complex needs and risk areas, and others don’t. The latter are likely better fits for Zenith Insurance coverage. The company takes pride in being easy to work with, from simple coverage options to an accessible at all hours claims hotline.

Zenith Insurance Products

Zenith doesn’t advertise details about its risk coverage areas or available discounts, but according to the company’s website, prospective customers can purchase personal home protection, auto coverage, or both.

Home Insurance

Zenith builds home policies based on a variety of factors including the location of home, flood risk, security, and other factors.

Auto Insurance

Zenith bases auto premiums on a driver’s accident record, claims history, number of tickets, and more.

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2.8/5 (2 Reviewers)
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Zenith Insurance Company
Head Office:
105 Adelaide Street West, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M5H 1P9, Canada
Phone Number: 1-888-440-4876
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Disgrace of an Insurance Co.

I was struck highspeed in the driver door at an intersection by a speeding car, who didn’t, even on impact take their foot off the accelerator. I had a 47 yr good drivers record, and this is the last I would have been expecting to come at me. The speed was such, I thought it was my last minutes on earth, but air bags cocooned and protected me whilst my car was totalled. I was outside myself in shock- shaking and not understanding what just happened. The other driver went into overdrive aggressively pinning it on me to the officer stating the light was red, when I had in fact entered on Green. They said they were driving at 10km, and I must have been drinking when I hit them. I am a non-drinker and it was all a cover-up but managed to convince the young officer to write me a ticket. Zenith Ins- quickly arranged a rental and a payout for the full value of my new car. I said- Be sure that this is not laid on me- I was hit by a speeding car. But they went according to the police ticket, and did not attempt a rebuttal. The case, naturally was taken to court, and the prosecutor, looking at the evidence, spotted 3 lies that occurred, in the photos themselves and it cast a high probability that it also followed the 4th accusation, of my going thru a red light was also false- SO the prosecutor said- this case has no merit, I am dismissing it, and I was free to go, not guilty, not charged. My lawyer said- get a transcript to that effect, to get your insurance back where it should be.- Zenith refused to re- visit my status and fix the verdict. I was denied car insurance altogether, without warning and my replacement car was unable to be insurable unless I paid 600 a month in insurance from a high risk broker. I phoned previous insurance companies Id been with and told them the circumstances – that due to the entire case being thrown out by the prosecutor PRIOR to going to court- the transcript of evidence submitted and conclusions drawn were not recorded- just the final summation that the court dismissed my case. Zenith asked me to go to the officer that made the hasty judgement and sided with the speeder, to fudge his report and change it- which is illegal- and further an officer no longer has any input following the scene- once it goes to court. So long story short, the police informed me- Zenith could be arrested for asking me to ask police to compromise a police report, and it was not up to the officer, but the court after, so the transcript was what was needed for the insurance company to reverse my insurance. I contacted my previous insurance companies to ask their policy on re-instating insurance status after a court judgement. They both said- once they have a transcript- it was automatic. I fought with Zenith for justice for ages, going in circles, being accused to cover their own incompetence and failure to listen to my side of the story- both prior to settlement and after court ruled. I NOW stand accused of a crime for a charge that was dropped. My record has zero charges and yet I am unable to get insurance under 600. So I have been unable to drive, Unable to work, or visit my family that live in the country- for 6 yrs, waiting for insurance to pass 6 years of HELL. Further the representatives insulted ME, defended their position to defend the speeding car, without ever, themselves, checking their own photos to see the damage was created by a car far exceeding the speed limit which directly contradicted the driver statement that he was travelling at 10km when he caused me to catapult out of my seatbelt, hit the roof and go flying- He was lucky he didnt kill me – but if she had – they would not have been subjected to the truth in court. So I won, but I lost because ZENITTH defends the OTHER driver, its far easier to pay out and charge you than it is to investigate a collision. I may have saved money on my policy but am truly sorry I did not stay with my previous well regarded insurance company, who cheerly would have reinstated upon presentation of a transcript of the court. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS INSURANCE CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I give it less than 0 rating

Brad Bjorndahl
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Nothing but a great experience

Absolutely zero complaints…friendly, easy to deal with and saved money too. I recommend them always to my friends and family.